Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Fun!

Happy New Year!

The Mister and I had the perfect New Years Eve last night. We dined on Italian at a small restaurant here in town, had an amazing conversation about goals for the coming year, and then hung out with some dear friends, playing games and laughing. Then I convinced him to take me to the grocery store at 11:00pm to buy Chex Mix ingredients and the toilet paper that was on sale.

We were tucked into our cozy bed, underneath the heating blanket, as the neighbors honked horns, set off fire works and made some happy noise at midnight. The kids were safely tucked in at Grannie and Paw's house.

All was right as we entered 2008.

I saw this great idea for today's post over at Musings of a Housewife, so I thought I would steal it. I have taken the first line of the first post of every month last year and linked it to the original post. I then have a favorite picture from that month (which sometimes doesn't match the post and it was VERY HARD to pick just one).

It was incredible to put this post together because in the last year my children have been to three different schools, we have moved across the country, changed jobs, made new friends, and heartachingly missed the old ones. In the stress evaluation test there are only three things we have not experienced this year: A new baby, divorce, or death (although we have done our share of grieving the loss that comes from moving).

And yet, life here in the desert is sweet. I wouldn't trade anything for where I sit right now. Sharing life with family and friends, and typing at the computer, on January 1, 2008, in a tank top. I LOVE this winter weather!

Without further ado...New Year Fun!

I've got my big hair and blue jeans and the captain has just come over the intercom announcing that our flight will arrive in just over an hour.

Snow in the Carolina's

Yesterday was a day that started with me seeing things through glasses that were selfishly colored, but the day quickly changed my view.

Saying goodbye to my amazing co-workers.


Trek across the country: Memphis on the Mississippi

Last Saturday my mom and I took The Girl to a local nursery to buy some seeds and flowers for The Girl to plant.

J and I complete the Komen Race for the Cure 5k
So it seems I am now a once a week blogger.

Celebrating Paw's birthday.

The movers have dropped everything off and we officially have our stuff in the new house.

All our stuff packed in crates.

*Thou shall not go to the Costco on a Saturday.*
(Especially on the Saturday before a holiday.)

My dear friend, Jen-with-One-N stops by with her family while on vacation.

"I know you have just been chomping at the bit to hear this news.

The Lemonade Stand

Yes, I caved.

Moofish Cousins (minus the baby!)

I was exhausted as we pulled out of our driveway for our trip to Northern Arizona; to cooler weather and beautiful views.

The Sisters I Had To Wait 30 Years For
(Are they beautiful or what?)

It is really hard to post a blog one handed, but I refuse to put down this fun size Snickers Bar.


All righty!My biggest little guitar groupie.
I love him.


C D said...

Love this post! That last photo is absolutely priceless!!!!!

meh said...

Happy New Year! It has been fun catching up with you this morning with my cup of tea in hand! Have a good day!