Monday, June 04, 2007

Moving Day

The movers have dropped everything off and we officially have our stuff in the new house. It made us miss The-House-That-Has-Not-Sold, but we are so excited to get settled in and make this house our home.

I only got to unpack the kitchen today because carpet is being laid in all the bedrooms bright and early tomorrow. You might be asking yourself why we didn't get that done BEFORE we moved in? But since I try to keep this blog funny and family friendly I am just going to say we tried. We really, really tried. I worked very hard to make the timing go my way, and it just didn't work. The good news is that I am mostly a "glass-half-full" girl, so in this way it makes moving across the country, and owning two houses on each side of the nation, just a bit more interesting! Cuz our lives aren't nearly crazy enough.

So, as I was saying, while The Mister did the paper work of checking off each box that was brought into the house (Our stuff filled 9 gigantic crates) I unpacked the entire kitchen.

I can't tell you how happy it made me to open those boxes and unwrap the goods. I had to literally bite my lip to keep from exclaiming, "OH! Kitchen Aide Mixer! How I've missed you!" or "Big, Giant, cobalt coffee cup! I'm finally home!"

You would have been proud of me. Not once did I act melodramatic, or crazy, or embarrass The Mister, or the kids, in any way. (Actually the kids were having fun at their cousins house...but I tried to behave anyway).

Except... (click this link)

Well, I video taped a little something for you. I didn't want you to miss all the fun of opening up the most important item in the La Vida Dulce Kitchen. If you really listen you can hear the angels singing.

Until tomorrow....La Vida Dulce!


meh said...

Darril is preaching on idolatry this Sunday and wants permission to use your video clip. Just kidding, he is preaching on missions...but we are keeping it in his illustrations file for some future sermon. Congrats on getting moved in. It was fun to see you in your kitchen. I am so thrilled for you guys!!!!!

Kellie said...

He totally has my permission! ;) The Mister and I laughed out loud when we read your comment!

Lara said...

I'm surprised you didn't have ground coffee packed in it and ready to brew!...You know your coffee addiction is taking on a mythic life of its own...Someday will probably look K.A. up on urban legends and find some urban story of the mom that drank herself to death on La Vida Dulce :)

Anonymous said...

would you please get a blog you are so funny and I miss you I do have to tell you through this blog that your mister was mentioned the other day. you see I went to be with Beth Moore and 5 hours of her bible teachings, as we were sitting there we were talking about churches and a lady behind me was saying how she had visited CC several times and had only heard Pastor T once but she did hear this young tall guy that was really good (actually she named him) He would be your mister. I went into mourning all over again. we are planning a trip north this summer and if we make it your way i would love to hear his idolotry sermon :) miss you

meh said...

Bec, you are welcome anytime. Miss you too.


Blue Skies said...

Wow. I didn't know your coffee addiction would eventually make it to You Tube. Congrats on your new abode. Here's to the smell of coffee overwhelming the smell of new carpet soon. I wish we were coming over this week to hang out at your place, drink coffee, and have girl time. We're a little behind on our Mom's Group Reunion planning.....

carrie said...

That was the most enticing link; I had no choice but to click on it immediately, being red and all. Loved the Great Coffee Pot Reveal.

Congrats on the new casa! I hope they build a Starbucks by you soon. :)