Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Full Moon

Y'all, I got up this morning to walk with a friend. It was very early and should have been very dark, but the light being cast by the full moon made it very bright outside.

Then later, around 7:20ish, I looked outside our kitchen window and saw the moon hanging so close to our home that I thought I might be able to touch it. It was amazing. I had to try to take a picture. Although I have to confess, since I now have two amazing, real-life, photographers (Lisa and Megan) reading the blog, I am a little nervous with my amateur-auto-focus ways.

Anyway, I wanted to share.

I hope you are having a fine Tuesday. We had a great three day weekend, and now I will be trying to remember what day it is all week long. I'll need next weekend to recover for sure.


mer said...

beautiful! i love the moon.

i'm feeling off this week too. my kids were out of school friday AND monday, and i had a very hard time getting going this morning. is it too early to start counting down to summer??

meh said...

Very cool pics, your auto focus did great!!!

Lisa said...

You do a fine job with auto-focus!! The moon looks gorgeous.

Megan said...

I think your photos are beautiful! And your aprons at your new etsy shop are adorable!!

C D said...

I stepped outside around midnight-ish last night and couldn't believe how bright it was... I could see the Catalina's -- and the thingamajigie that makes a big circle in the sky around the moon -- it was bright too!!