Thursday, May 03, 2007


So it seems I am now a once a week blogger. Which I hate. A few weeks ago I contemplated wrapping this puppy up. Because I like me blog that is updated. But I am going to keep it going, although it's been a bit dry and boring as of late.

Speaking of dry...You can't even begin to imagine how dry I am at this very moment. It's like my skin got so used to humid weather in the last 10 years and now is crying out for mercy. From my hair to my feet I am one dry mess. I can't drink enough water, nor can I put on enough lotion or sunscreen.

This reminds me of an older lady i knew as a kid. Her name was Mrs. B. and she lived in a mobile home park in the town my Dad was raised in. I loved Mrs. B. She was always very kind and she always had some sort of old-lady candy that she would give to me.

When I would go to see Mrs. B., she would give me hug and a kiss and there would be this really dry rough patch of skin on her cheek that was like sand paper. It begged for some lotion.

I used to wonder how that happened, and now I know. She lived in the desert where the moisture is literally sucked out of you.

On different note I have to go to the library and return some books today that are overdue. I have a bad history of not returning books in this state, but since I haven't had a card here in my married name they haven't picked up on it yet. I gotta run and return the books before they realize I got married 12 years ago and skipped out of town without paying my $13.00 fine.

You didn't know I was fugitive of the law did you?


Anonymous said...

Now, I feel I need to tell you all out there that it was not quite that way....she skipped town leaving library fines that she and her Dad created on my card! Fines that I did not know about and since I had not used my card in about 10 years was really upset when I went to the library picked out several books and lined up to the check out. The nice looking grey hair behind the counter was all smiles until she swipped my card!!! At that point she ripped the books out of my hands and said I owed $98.00 in fines and interest
and showed me the door. Banning me from the library until I paid up.
KA'sweet father for my birthday last year went over to the library paid my fines and got permission for me to return.I haven't-- I'm still sacred.
Oh, by the way, the gray hair let him pay less that $10. to free me up--men are treated better even in the library-but that's another story.
Kellie's Mom

meh said...

Dear Kellie's Mom,

First of all, I wonder how many of Kellie's story's have another and perhaps even more interesting story behind it?! Secondly, have you ever considered blogging?

Kellie's MI friend

P.S. Kellie, thanks for updating the blog...I was beginning to contemplate intervention but I guess I will put it off for now.