Friday, January 18, 2008

Lunchtime at La Vida

I like to post to my blog while eating my lunch.

Occasionally I share a picture of what 's for lunch. Today it's the avocado sandwich.

I took pictures. It was supposed to be a progressive set of pictures that started with mustard on the bread.

They all turned out blurry. So you only get the cucumber smiley face, and the finished project.

Honestly, I was in a hurry, sometimes a grumbling stomach overrides a good picture. Plus, I was in a thoughtful mood. Not very deep thoughts, but thoughts all the same.

Have you ever thought about how much we could get done in a day if we didn't have to eat? There wouldn't be any grocery shopping or food prep, it would be glorious.

You know, when my kids were little and at home it was easy to break for lunch since I had to feed them too. But now, lunch sometimes feels like such a chore.

I like to eat, but when I am in the middle of things like cleaning, reading, running errands, sewing, and doing stuff, I often think about how much time (not to mention money) that we could save if we didn't have to eat.

Back to my lunch. When I finished making my sandwich I pulled an orange from the fridge. I peeled it, and the inside looked like grapefruit. I tasted it, and it tasted orangey and grapefruity. It was quite refreshing. I was thinking that some orange tree must of been standing too close to the grapefruit tree.

Thinking about cross pollination of fruit trees made me feel weird. So I thought I better hurry up and eat, and blog, and get back to work.

Happy Friday!


mer said...

I do not like lunch for all the reasons you mentioned. I'm not usually a fan of sandwiches either, but yours looks really good...what do you put on it???

Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to grapefruit, which is a shame because I love it. Yuor peeled gropefuit (see? I added an "o" because it was also part ornage) looks so good. So does that sandwich.

I would be sad if I didn't get to eat in this life. No mashed potatoes? No pork chops? Go on with ya.

Anonymous said...

I made two typos in that comment. Nice proofreading career.

meh said...

The answer lies in having a personal chef, I believe. The job description would include creative, yet healthy, yet tasty menu prep, shopping within a strict budget, unloading of groceries, and of course the cooking and clean up of the meals. Is it really too much to ask? Some people in my family seem to think I am the personal chef and I haven't been able to convince them that the position is still open and waiting to be filled.

dcrmom said...

I cannot IMAGINE wishing that we didn't have to eat. Lunch a chore? BAH! I will go to great lengths to have something nummy to eat.

And how much do I love that June "byebyepie" made TWO typos. YEEHAW!

Kellie said...


Whole wheat bread, mustard, sliced cukes, tomato, avocado, salt and pepper, lettuce. It's very delicious. Make sure that you put the avocado against the bread. It slips around if its sandwiched between tomato and cucumber!

My Dad puts a dash of Lawrys seasoning in lieu of the Salt and Pepper, I like this too, but was out .

I wondered about your grapefruit issues. I actually had originally posted about how I was thinking about you while I peeled that "gropefruit". But then I cut that part.

Also, welcome to my typo'd life. Not only did I think you spelled Ornage on purpose, I had to read your comment twice to see what else you mis-spelled. This is why I ALWAYS have typos on my blog. Even after spell checks and proofs.

Thank you for totally seeing my side. This is why I love you so.

I have to admit, I was inwardly happy to know that the Proof-readers makes mistakes, now I can blog with ease! Also, I love your new little profile picture!

Anonymous said...

At first I was a little disturbed that you were eating a sandwich with only mustard and three slices of cucumber (and calling it an avocado). Your completed lunch looked much tastier.

The words "gropefruit" and "cukes" make me feel a little weird. Maybe I better get back to work, too. :)