Monday, May 31, 2010

Poolside Post: Memorial Day

I couldn't think of a better day for my first poolside post of the summer season.

Before I continue, I want to sincerely thank those servicemen and women who have fought for our freedom, forsaking their own lives. And while we're here, a big thank to those who continue to fight for freedom.

We live in the greatest country in the world, but it doesn't come cheap.

Today, the LaVida family is enjoying a day of R & R. We are sitting by the pool, reading, and generally enjoying a day without to-do lists and agendas. Later we are going to enjoy things that always feel like a holiday to us: meat cooked over flame, potato chips, and quite possibly ice cream sundaes.

We are also eating copious amounts of Skittles and Cowtales candies, because tomorrow is the day when my little "brace face" will be getting serious in her orthodontia journey. After today, there will be at least 24 months without chewy, sticky, and hard foods.

(My kids of course think they have hit the mother-load because the only time we ever have free-for-all candy feasts is Easter and Christmas.)

I plan to enjoy this R&R day to its fullest. This week will be full as I tie up loose ends, and prepare for next year. I have one more week of personal/homeschool organization, several meetings, and a few embroidery orders to fulfill, and then I will be able to officially call it summer!!!!!

Well, it looks like a storm may be brewing. I better get some pool time before they kick us out for storms! I hope you have a fun and restful holiday!

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's come.

The day I have been waiting for since late February: Fruit.

(Or veggies.)

Of course hard work is still required, but seeing the fruit makes ease of toil.

One of the things that was hard for me as a gardener this week was pruning.

The tomato branches had grown too heavy for their stakes and were slumping under their own weight.

My tomatoes and zucchini had grown so full and thick that the sun wasn't able to shine through, causing the under-leaves and young fruit to wither and rot.

This was especially true for the zucchini.

You see, growth is a good thing, but pruning makes the plant healthier-- more fruitful.

It was painful for me to cut out the limbs and leaves, and yet, I know that the benefits of such discipline will yield a greater crop.

I'm learning so much from my time in the garden. The fruit I gather this summer will not be limited to what I can pick and put on a plate.

I am harvesting fruit that no one will see, but will sustain me through the year. It will carry me through those cold, wintery months when the smell of the earth and the warm humid air will be a memory...and a longing.

I will remember to prune the branches of my days and weeks, so the Sun will shine clear down to the dirt and keep my roots from rotting.

I will remember that it's OK to cut out branches that look and seem life-giving, but are really weighing things down, causing the whole plant to bend with the weight...

Yes, the fruit of the garden has come...But my crop is far greater than the eye can see.

"So neither he who plants
nor he who waters is anything,
but only God who gives the growth."

1 Cor. 3:7 - ESV

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sit Right Back and Hear a Tale

I am back from my first camping trip with the Girl Scouts.

There was rain, and thunder, and out-houses, and wet clothes, and all the things that make a great camp-out.

There were many adventures.

Take, for instance, this picture:

This would be me, in the Bogue Sound off of Emerald Isle, in murky water where real-live creatures live.

As in creatures of the scary kind: shrimp, pipe fish, and crabs as big as my face. Oh, I forgot to mention sting rays, and sometimes sharks...but only "little" sharks that don't eat suburban soccer moms who drive white mini-vans.

I made that last one up. Sharks actually can eat suburban soccer moms, but only when provoked by a big green net hungry.

Anyway, this picture was taken as I was fretting about what would happen if I fell in the water, rendering myself fish food, or worse, getting completely soaked. Seconds before, my eyebrows were furrowed in consternation. When I realized my photo was being taken I quickly gave my best I'm-not-worried-at-all-about-falling-in-crab-invested-waters smile.

But you know what?

I would do it all again. In a heart beat because....

The kids had a blast...

Playing in the surf...

And catching wildlife....

We all loved learning about marine life and the coast of this great state we have the privilege to call home.

It was a great way to start our summer vacation.

The only way this trip could be better is if I had a way to make the large mound of sea-smelling laundry disappear. Maybe next time.

***In the interest of due credit, all  photos in this post were taken by our troop leader, M. Lewis.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Island Adventure

I'm about to set out on a beach-camping trip (as in sleeping-in-tent camping) with the Girl Scouts.

It's raining as I type.

It's supposed to rain on and off for the next 48 hours.

I'm not worried about that though.

What I was worried about was how I was going to get my coffee fix in the mornings.

As luck would have it, I am not the only one who needs a java jolt to function each day, and rumor is that we will have electricity at our camp site.

So I'm bringing my Keurig.

Yup, I am.

I mentioned to another mom that I could bring it and her eyes lit up like a Christmas morning. I don't know her too well yet, but I am pretty sure we're gonna get along. You know what Girl Scouts and coffee have in common? They both are a catalyst to "make new friends!"

So when you see on the news that the coast is full of stormy weather, don't fret. We've coffee! We'll be OK!

It's all about survival my friends.

If you were going camping on an island with 10 preteen girls, what would you take to survive?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloggy Business

I'm trying to set my new computer up so that I can blog from office, the deck, or poolside.

Don't let that last one fool you. My life is not glamourous. Its just that swimming season started this week and I know I will be by the pool. A lot.

This post will be my first official post with my new BlogPress app. Which means I can draft to the blog without copy/pasting from the notepad, which proved to be very difficult in the last two posts.

While we are talking of boring topics such as my typing skills, or lack thereof, let's also talk about blog readers - the ones that help organize the blogs you read such a Google Reader or Bloglines, not you the actual reader.

I had recently been convinced to switch my blog settings so that if you read posts in a reader, or on Facebook (hello Facebook friends!) you wouldn't have to click over to read the full post; you could just read it in its entirety right on your reader.

Although I was skeptical, I tried it for two weeks.

If you were happy about my switch, I have bad news, I'm switching back.

I'm doing this for two reasons, one is that I have a Sitemeter that tells me who is visiting, and second, I like to "hear" from those who read (in the comments section.)

I was hesitant to switch because what I had predicted would happen, happened: my visitors and comments went down exponentially.

When readers read from feed-readers (say that ten times fast) I don't get a record of who is really visiting my blog. If you talk to bloggers they will tell you that the numbers aren't important, but lets be honest, bloggers write so people will read.

I don't put faith in numbers, but when the comments are low, it helps to know people still visited.

Do I hear an amen?

I will confess that if you have a blog that can be fully read in the reader, I am less apt to click over to your site, and consequently les apt to comment. Or sometimes it's because I get sidetracked by a bright shiny object. However if I am forced to go to your site to read the full post, I'm probably going to comment, since I am already there.

On a side note, and since we are talking about commenting, it's not that I don't want to comment on your blog, it's just that sometimes, if I don't feel that my comment will add anything of value, or if your are reviewing a product, I probably won't leave a comment.

Not that I mind if you review products, its just that you can find a blogger reviewing product under every URL, so its hard to come up with something original to put in the comment box. I'm just sayin'.

On to the next thing on the agenda....

You may be asking yourself why I don't advertise, or do product reviews? (I have an email box full of companies that want to send me everything from jewelry to luggage to review on my blog)

It's actually a matter of personal conviction. I don't often do reviews, or have advertisements in my side bar, or solicit sponsors. I have always chosen to keep my blog free of these kinds of things.

I can see the value of blogger product reviews (not to mention the great swag that I could gain), but I have always kept an arms distance because when I have opportunities to write to about things that are important to me and to ministry, for example TrueCampaign, you know that I am sharing my heart.

These opportunities may never come (again), and I'm OK with that, I would rather have a very few opportunities when I my voice can be distinct, than to speak in a time when I have to shout to be heard.

On the flip side, you may not care one iota why I don't review, blah, blah, blah...but now you know.

In the meantime, I blog because I enjoy it, and I've met some amazing people along the way.

So that is the bloggy business. Meeting adjourned.

But before you go, tell me: do your prefer reading blogs in the reader, or going to the blog? What makes you comment more? What makes you want to run screaming, taking your comments with you?

I know this post may have hit below the bloggy belt, and you might unsubscribe. Before you do, at least say goodbye!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

People Who Need People

My heart has been full over the past few weeks and its been hard to put words to the feelings...but I'm going to try.

I have been keenly aware of the impact of "people" in my life. People that I feel so grateful to know.

Many of them would never even know the impact they have, or have had, upon my heart. They would have no clue as to the profound ways they have encouraged me to persevere, to think differently, or to try new things. They don't know how they have been a catalyst in the molding and shaping of the woman I am, and the woman I am becoming.

I spent time tonight going back through the archives of the blog, and I realized that many of the posts I've written have been influenced by those who walk(ed) through life beside me.

Then I read some of the comments you and others have written in response to these posts. Those comments have encouraged me, enabled me, and gave me something to laugh about when I needed it. You have shared your struggles and your joy. You have commiserated and cheered, and I am just so glad to know you through this crazy community we call the "net".

I am not certain why I felt like I needed to write this except that often times we don't get the opportunity to say thank you to people who influence us.

It's been said that it takes a village to raise a child. I am so grateful that while I was growing up, and now as I raise children of my own, I have had my fair share of strong, brave, smart and beautiful women who have, and still do, influence my life (both in this community and in my "real-life" community), and I am exceedingly grateful.


I'd love to hear about someone who has influenced you. Was it a teacher, a neighbor, a friend in college?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I had no intention to take a week off from blogging.

But I did.

Last week was so tightly packed with all things wonderful that I really didn't
have time to think.

First I took in a show with The Carpoolqueen and The Girl. We went to see Wicked: The Musical and I've been singing the music ever since (humming it in my head as I type.) It was truly amazing- as good as anyone said it would be.

Then I celebrated 15 years of marriage to that wonderful man whom I am privileged to share life with - the good, the bad, and all things in between. We celebrated with an Italian dinner. A far cry from that Italian meal I made for him 17 years ago that involved take-out lasagna from Olive Garden and a bottle of Boone's Farm I "borrowed" from my Dad's bar. (The wine had been a gag gift to my dad for his birthday. I didn't know it was cheap wine. Apparently The Mister didn't either, we drank it with ease. Young love is tasteless.)

On Friday I hopped on what was to be a "quick" flight to Tucson for the weekend. A dear friend was to be married at sunset on Sunday. I wasn't going to miss it! But a gully washer that passed over Dallas threatened my journey, which included a four hour trip to Houston and a slumber party in Dallas.

I am grateful for that impromptu night.

I have a friend who has a history of bailing me out of tough spots. Becky, the "Ant Ranchers Wife" (as she has been known around here) has seen me through many tight-spots, so she was the natural one to call in a moment of need. When I realized I was stuck for the night in Dallas I called her and said, "I'm getting a hotel near the airport, do you feel like a slumber party?"

She didn't take time to say "yes!"

She through essentials in the car, stopped at my favorite store for tortillas and chocolate cookies, and made it to the airport in 53 minutes, although she lives over an hour away.

She then proceeded to treat me to a night in Dallas as if I were the Queen of England. She got a room at the Gaylord (i had planned to stay at Comfort Inn) and then paid for room-service dinner while I sat on the bed in a jet-lagged stupor.

It was such a fun evening and I am so grateful to the Ant Rancher and his Wife for giving up their Friday night so I didn't have to spend a night alone.

Becky, you are dear to me and I love you much. Thank you for everything. For loving my lavishly, and being a friend through thick and thin. Next time dinner (and chocolate!) is on me.

It goes without saying that my arrival to the desert was one of gratitude. I don't think I have ever been so grateful to see the mountains, to feel the dry air on my skin.

I had less than 48 hours to visit my parents, my brothers, and their families. I also had to go shopping with my mom, eat Mexican food, drink a PiƱa Colada eegee, shop for a dress with my sister-in-love, celebrate my Dad's birthday, and drop-by a graduation party.

All before the big event: The Wedding - more on that tomorrow.

It was truly a whirlwind weekend. So fun, but too fast.

Meanwhile, back at the La Vida house, The Mister was able to get his hands on my combined Mother's Day/Anniversary gift (which had been on back order). I am typing on it right now, which is why this post has taken approximately way-to-long to type. I am almost embarrassed to tell you that he got me an iPad. Which is why there are typos all over the place. Well, at least I can blame them on the computer now.

To say I am spoiled rotten would be an understatement.

So I just won't say it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday after Mothers Day!

I know I am two days late, but Happy Mothers Day!

This week is chock-full o'activity and I have 15 minutes to type at I go!

My mother's day was wonderful.

I got up, had coffee, watered my plants and generally enjoyed quiet all morning.

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I do not go to church on Mom's Day.


Well, I get up at a very early hour every single morning.  Even on Saturdays because there is always a game, or project, or something going on.

Plus, I'm no spring-chick, so sleeping-in tends to be elusive.

Anyway, I am ALWAYS going, going, going.

For the most part I don't mind, but on Mother's Day, I take a day of rest. I don't have to be preened over or served or coddled. I just don't want to have to rush.

The kids slept in till after nine, so I enjoyed three solid hours on the deck in the chilly morning. I read and then I painted my toenails pink. The Mister offered to make me breakfast, but not being ready for anything more solid than my pot of french roast, I declined.

My generous and fun neighbor, Helen, was puttering in her exquisite flower garden so I meandered over (still in my pajama's) to give her a Mother's Day hug. As we chatted she was cutting blooms from the bush that were bigger than life, making a bouquet.

I didn't realize it was for me.

Sometime later that handsome groom of mine left to teach his Sunday school class. Eventually I made myself an egg with a side of toast and blackberry jam. Oh, and hot coffee. There must always be fresh hot coffee.

I enjoyed breaking my fast with the sounds of a North Carolinian morning, under the shadow of my rose and peony bouquet.


Later I opened my gifts.

This is my surprised look. The card has a picture of my gift which is on back order. Details to come.

We ate leftover pizza for lunch, and headed to the strawberry patch to pick 12 pounds of strawberries.

I specifically picked the patch that was close to a Sonic (we don't have one near our home) and we all had cream-slushes.

Then I came home, put my pj's back on, and sat myself down in my deck chair and called my mom. We talked at length about everything and nothing. We planned what we will do together next weekend. (I'll be in Tucson for 48 hours for a wedding.)

Then I crocheted while watching The Wedding Planner, my iPod propped up on my knees.

The kids played in the yard, while The Mister finished the treehouse.

Everybody made themselves their own dinner. We call it a FFY night : Fend For Yourself.

I rested, felt loved, and kept my family close.

It was a magnificent day.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Hooker of the Crochet Kind

Its been a full week here at the La Vida house, but last night I was finally able to sit for a minute.

After the kids were in bed and the dishes were done I had two options: 

      1. Log on and catch up on a weeks worth of unread blogs in my reader.

      2. Sit on the couch and catch up on two episodes of Glee while working on crochet.

I chose number 2.

Back in the day I used to babysit a little girl who had to have like 354 random things with her when she went to bed at night.

I sort of felt that way as I gathered supplies last night.

I had to have my bottle of water, my good scissors, my latest crochet book from the library, a plethora of hooks (minus the ones that were left sitting by the computer table and on my bedside table...I have a little problem with starting many projects at once), and a sampling of yarns from my office. (I had to bring what I wanted into the T.V. room because I don't have a DVR in my office.)

You might say, You know Kellie, they sell bags to carry around your yarn and supplies.

That would be true, but if it's in a bag, then I can't see it. 

I have a tendency to forget what I have if I can't see them all laid out.

Its a sickness, I know.

Today I thought I would give you a pictorial of my crafting compulsiveness when it comes to crafting and vegging all at the same time.

As a side note, the red and white roses I made on accident last weekend. The Mister and I were watching TV and I was just practicing, you know - single crochet here, double crochet, there - when all of a sudden I looked down and it was a rose!

I was thrilled!  I thought I might be a crochet savant! 

Unfortunately I have been unable to make it happen again.  Which is such a drag.

I'm hoping to get some more done this should be a nice easy one, before we gear up for another wild and crazy week!

What are you up to this week?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Garden Tour for Garden Friends

By the end of this summer you are going to be so sick of hearing about this garden.

If you live close enough I would bribe console reward you with fresh veggies, but the rest of you just have to persevere, you just have to listen in the name of La Vida love, and know that you are a friend of the garden.

Before we walk in the garden I did want to update on yesterdays post .

First, I did not get an iPad. They are REALLY cool, and I would love one, but they are pricey.

Just like most of you, we are in the middle of paying for orthodontics, new curriculum for next year, summer camps, and swim team (I won't mention that I am a little bitter that I bought the "new design" team-suits last year, in a slightly larger size, so as to use them two years in a row--- and they changed them again this year.) so I'm not sure if I see an iPad in my future....someday.

Second, apparently Fuddruckers declared bankruptcy , and all the corporate-owned franchises were closed. Which means we may still stumble across an independant FR franchise here and there, but the picking may be slim.

Third, and please don't unsubscribe if this offends, but I've had the Five Guys Burger and Fries. I was unimpressed. I just thought that the hamburger wasn't any different than say a Wendy's. It was maybe a step up from Burger King (although, in the interest of full disclosure I haven't eaten at either of those establishments, or any other fast food burger, for a very long time. So what do I know?)

And can I just say, that if all establishments would serve french fries like the Chick-fil-A waffle fries, or the crinkle-cut they serve at eegee's in Tucson, then I would be content.

The truth of the matter is this: I am not a burger aficionado, but I haven't met a potato I didn't like.

Ok, how in the world did we get on this topic? Let's move on....

This is my garden this morning:

It's growing well. I lost a bell pepper plant yesterday but I have several others, so I think its OK.

Tomatoes and tomato seedlings (so I always have a rotation of growing toms to keep my salads happy.)

Beefsteak tomatoes in the back, cucumbers in the middle, bell peppers in the front, Marigold along the side to attract good bugs and repel the bad.

Speaking of bugs....last weekend I was feeding my plants when I was confronted by a big bug that looked like this:

I bravely screamed in horror, and made The Boy come collect it and take it elsewhere.

The next day, there was another one. I sprayed it with Cayenne spray and it went away.

Turns out my fear overzealousness should have been glee, because apparently this monster beetle eats the bugs that eat gardens.

Unfortunately, he took his peppery self and went and told all his little Black Caterpillar Hunter friends, and they've blacklisted my garden as a safe place to dine.


(I'm really resisting the urge to go into a diatribe on how the worst part of gardening are the critters and creatures that crawl, so let's look at another picture.)

Those big ol'e leaves are zucchini. Here is a look at the underside:

Never in my life did I think I would be writing about the underside of zucchini. 

Early this morning I finally got my watermelon and cantaloupe bed finished, filled, and planted. That white thing in the middle is my ant killer concoction: equal parts sugar and borax.

If you are a friend to the ants, I'm sorry. Ants are not friends of the garden.

There are other pictures of my herbs, sweet peas, broccoli, lettuce and jalepenos, but this post is beginning to feel a lot like a slide show shown by an old aunt that nobody really wants to see.

So my friends, I hope you enjoyed your tour today.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Where's the Beef?

We had a "tragic" event in the La Vida house last night.

It wasn't so tragic for me, but I'm not sure my husband will get over it.

You see, my Mister is a loyal man. Not just in marriage, but in friendship, at work, at play.

He knows what he likes, and he sticks with it.

This is true with restaurants as well.

And his favorite place to get a burger?


Now, let me tell you that his love for Fuddruckers runs deep. He has loved a 1/2 pound burger-medium well- with-lettuce-tomato on toasted bun for more years than he's loved me.

However, his love grew to even greater heights one Saturday afternoon thirteen years ago. We lived in San Antonio. I was five months pregnant with my first-born, The Boy.

Back then I wasn't a meat eater. As a matter of fact I hadn't eaten meat for over a decade (with exception of that one time I was at a Sunday afternoon BBQ with my church choir friends. That's the infamous day I had three sips of a margarita and FORGOT I was a vegetarian... but that's a story for another time)

Anyway, The Mister will tell you that living with a new bride that refused to put meat in spaghetti sauce or cook tacos with ground beef, was a little trying for a meat and potatoes man.

The things you put up with for love.

He was long-suffering (for 18 months at least), until that wonderful moment when I thought I had the stomach flu, but was actually pregnant. Oops.

One morning, after months of morning all-day sickness, I woke up hungry.

Very hungry.

I was certain that the only thing that would satisfy my hunger was beef. So at 6am in the morning I rolled my burgeoning belly over, looked at The Mister and said with a seriousness I'd never known, "I need beef. Today."

And we sat and watched the clock until it read 11:00a.m.... cuz he knew that the Fuddruckers down the road would be open for business.

That day he heard the angel's singing, and I've been carnivorous ever since.

As a result, we have dined in Fuddrucker's establishments across the country: Los Angeles, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Tucson, Washington D.C., and a several places in between.

When we moved to North Carolina in 2005, he was happy to find that we were within 10 miles of the only Fuddruckers in the three large cities that make up this neck of the woods.

Last night he came home from work with his mind set on a burger. So we all piled in the car and headed out.

You can imagine, given this history, how he felt when we pulled into the parking lot and found it empty.

Well, actually, there was another family parked in the lot, looking at the plywood that was covering the doors. They sat in a stupor, shaking thier heads, with tears in their eyes.

The Mister was speechless.

I thought I might have to drive.

I quickly decided on another restaurant, and through the course of the evening I realized he might be going through the stages of grief :


Maybe they're renovating.


I've had meals here almost once a month for two years! I've had meetings here, and date nights with you, and shared burger's with family and friends... I guess it wasn't enough....


This is ridiculous! That wasn't just a favorite restaurant! It was the only place I could count on a decent burger!

And then, as we sat down at the new, unfamiliar, restaurant, he went into the next phase - 

Reflection, loneliness and silence: 

I was asking him questions about his day to start conversation.

He would only give one word answers.

Soon we were sipping lemonade and he entered the final phase:

The Upward Turn and Acceptance.

This is when I made my swoop.

"Hey, since we're out, how do you feel about going to the Apple store and checking out the iPad? Mother's Day is just around the corner!

{Insert cheesy grin}

Cuz nothing say's  let-me-console-your-grieving-heart more than let's-look-at-$500-gadgets i don't really need.

I know, now you can see that he married me for my sweet and compassionate ways. I've tried so long to hide it.

Monday, May 03, 2010


My sweet friend Gretchen of the West usually posts her Gladitudes at some point in the middle of week.

Since I am having a severe lack of things to say (or at least things to say in a well written manner) I am going to (for once) be ahead of the game and post a top ten list of things that make me happy in this month of May.

1. So glad for new friends, and fresh produce. My neighbor and I went to the farmers market this weekend. I got a dozen beautiful brown eggs, mixed salad greens, Bibb lettuce and fresh baked bread from the Empty Nest Baker . They all taste amazing. My goal for this summer is to buy all my eggs and produce (that I can't pick from my garden) from local farmers.

2. So glad to reconnect with an old and dear friend. Meg and I were friends in college and she has recently moved into the area. She was in my wedding, but when I moved away we lost contact. I can't even believe that she lives so close, but I am so grateful. I just love her and its fun to spend time with her.

3. So glad that this month I will get to celebrate 15 years of marriage. As well as...

4. ...Celebrate the wedding of a girl who I have watched grow up. As a matter of fact, we've watched each other grow up!

The little girl in the floral dress on the far left, will be the bride. I've loved this girl and her family for well over 20 years...before she was walking....before I had a drivers license.

She (and her sister, also in a floral dress) participated in my wedding, and fifteen years and three days later I will be watching with great joy as she and her fiance exchange vows at sunset.

So very grateful.

5. So glad that I got tickets to Wicked the Musical six months ago. The show has been sold out for weeks. The Girl doesn't know it, but I am going to take her next week to see it. She will be so. very. excited!

6. Exceedingly grateful for good books: I am reading several books right now (I can never read just one at a time) but I am finishing up a book written in the late 1800's called Stepping Heavenward  by Elizabeth Prentiss. I've read it several times, but it is a book all women should read. I'm also finishing up a book called Bruchko  by Bruce Olson about a missionary to the Motilone Indians. Lest you think that I am all business in my book reading, I finished Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me?  last week. It's fluff, but its a good story. I recommend it, but I'll warn you that Kinsella has a tendency to use a foul and famous "f" word (in all her books) when it isn't always necessary.

7. I'm glad that school is nearly over. Only three weeks left!

8. I'm glad that The Mister has made great strides on the tree-house. He's doing a great job and I can't wait to see the kids playing in it!

9. So VERY glad that Clinton the Embroidery Machine in still on warranty and will go to the doctor on Wednesday, free of charge. He hasn't been behaving in several months and I have done all I know how to do. The only bad thing is that I'll have to drive him all the way to Raleigh and leave him there for a two-week stay.  But hopefully we can get him running at his full potential again.

10. (Looking to the future....) if you are local (and not an axe murderer) and want to meet in the capitol city on Wednesday for lunch, email me and I will be glad to tell you where I will be!

Happy Monday!