Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Power of Green

For almost 14 years now, when The Mister and I share m&m candies, he always encourages me to eat the green ones. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw the  all green m&ms on sale in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. I knew I would buy some for him.

Meaning, I would be a sacrificial wife, and eat them for The Mister...cuz y'all know the story behind the green m&m's, right? They are known around the world for their   "Special Powers"

Of course in high school that's not exactly how they said it- but this is a family friendly blog.

I quickly ran into T@rget yesterday for a few asunder items, so I moseyed to the Valentines section and picked up a bag of Greens.

On the front of the package is a picture of Ms. Green with her sultry eyes and sassy way. Her tag line reads: Sweetie, it's all true...

I thought it was so funny I was laughing out loud, and for half a second felt a tad self-conscious with a bunch of college girls standing around contemplating what candy they should get for the sorority Valentines Mixer. I'm sure they thought I was a fry short of a happy meal. But someday, when they are married to a man they've adored for fourteen years, they'll understand.

Sweetie, it's all true...still makes me smile just thinking about it.

I picked up a package and brought them home.

The kids were helping me unload groceries out of the car (I had been to Sam's Club too) and the questions started to form: Why are they all green? What's all true? I thought Valentine's Day was about red and pink? Why is green a new color for Valentine's Day?  Is it because they are trying to be green for the environment? Why won't you let us open them? Why are they just for Daddy? 

Oh for goodness sake! You spend all their infancy looking forward to the day when they will be able to talk, and read, and be inquisitive about the world around them...and when they can, you wish they'd mind their own business!

(I told them it was because lots of people really like the greens ones....although I am partial to yellow.)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Oh bloggy peeps!  I have questions.

Yes, questions.

I know you have answers. 

First, I have a couple of iTune cards that I need to spend. I want to buy a few upbeat songs that are motivating for my work out, and a few worship songs that are motivating for my spirit.

...What songs is your fave work-out song? (I am open to non-christian tunes in this genre, although runnin' and praising is always good.)

...What worship song are you hitting the repeat button on lately?

All-righty, switching gears...

Let's talk macaroni and cheese. 

I need a delicious homemade macaroni and cheese recipe. My kids LOVE the blue kind from a box, and I just have the worst time making it for them. I let them have it for a treat (my mother is rolling her eyes right now) but it kills me to think of all that fake cheese and processed ickiness that I am letting them shovel into their faces. The only thing good that I can say about it is that its cheap.

I know the kids are wanting hot lunches right now because it is so cold. I am thinking if I could just make a big ol'e batch of mac and cheese, and then freeze it in single serving sizes, it would save time and make me feel more inclined to serve it to them. 

I tried a recipe out of an old Cooking Light Recipe and it was called for Worchestshire, and the kids ate it, but said they didn't think they'd want it again.  I agreed with them. So, if you have a good recipe (and it doesn't have to be "light") send it my way. 

So, here is a chance to freely give two-cents, without hurting your wallet. Talk to me.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

(Thursday) Things I Love

(its been awhile since I shared Things I here you go)

...I loved finding the Sugarland Bakery by accident on Tuesday. I split this Creme Brulee cupcake with The Mister. It was absolutely worth $3.95. And y'all know I am a fussy cake eater.

...I love that when The Mister takes the camera he gets real pictures like this:

...I love that cute wool hat I am wearing, but it make me itch. 

(after seeing these picture of me wearing his Air Force issue jacket...
...I love that The Mister didn't mention once how "bulky" that jacket makes me look. Nor did he mention the down coat he found on clearance in AZ three days before moved (when it was 102 degrees) or how we had a huge discussion about my ridiculous reason for not wanting him to buy it. It was a good deal, but I didn't like it because it made feel (and look) "bulky", if you know what I mean. He was right. Its been a cold winter. I should have let him buy it for me, because this jacket is ten times worse. 

...I love dinner time conversations. Like the one two nights ago when we were talking about weddings. The Boy said he wanted his wedding colors to be bright green, with purple polka-dots. He was trying to make us laugh. It worked.

...I love that The Girl will have a birthday next week. Our last year in the single digits. I love that what she is most excited about is getting to have lunch and an afternoon of shopping...just me and her.

...I love when I teasingly ask The Mister what he is making for dinner. His answer is usually, "A knuckle sandwich."

... I love this picture of me looking jacket-fat-in-my-scratchy-hat.  Although I am cold, and make-up less, and giving The Mister that "are you crazy?" look, I am so very happy.

La Vida Dulce!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Tour: "Parting the Waters" by Jeanne Damoff

Five days ago I received in the mail Jeanne Damoff's book, Parting the Waters: Finding the Beauty in Brokenness .

I don't often find myself reading a book all at once, but within 24 hours I turned the last page, feeling privileged to peek into the life-changing story of the Damoff Family.

Jeanne's story starts as a typical day in the life of a loving christian family unaware that a phone call would change their life, and test their faith.

Parting the Waters is the amazing account of a tragic drowning that took all the hopes and dreams of a loving mother, sinking them in the depths of a lake.  

Its a story of answered prayer, of lavish love, and hope. 

Jeanne Damoff writes of her dependance upon God in a very real way, acknowledging the Lord's tremendous blessings, even when she could not see them clearly.  She gives a transparent glimpse of the realities of being a mom, wife, friend and child of God, when faced with tragic circumstances.

In short, I enjoyed this book because Jeanne doesn't give a quick-fix solution to the real pain of grief; she doesn't give pithy answers to the hard questions; and her transparency is refreshing. 

I have spent the better part of five days mulling around what it is I want to say about this book, and I got my answer this morning while reading Psalm 30. 

Psalm 30 is written by David and is a call to thanksgiving. 

In twelve short verses he praises God for the work He has done throughout David's entire life. He eludes to times that were difficult; to moments that tempted him to dwell in a pit. He cries out to the Lord, and rejoices that God hears him. 

David encourages those who read his words to do the same...he acknowledges that tears are certain to come, but joy will come in the morning. 

Psalm 30 reveals the reality that life doesn't always play out the way we want it to, but encourages us to keep our eyes on the Lord

Parting the Waters: Finding the Beauty in Brokenness is much the same.

Go read it. You won't be sorry.

For more information on Jeanne Damoff, you'll find her website here.

For more info on Blog Tours, go to the Blog Tour Spot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carnival: What I've Learned This Week

I am going to participate in Jo-Lynne's (of Musings of a Housewife) carnival this week.

If you haven't heard about it, its not too late to join.

So what have I learned this week?

I have learned that there are many places in which I live my life through insecurity.

Deep huh? 

Well, it is deep. Almost deep enough that I am not sure I can write about it without typing on forever. But I am going to give it a try.

In fifth grade I was in Mr. Pollard's class. 

He didn't like me.

At all.

At this point in my young life as a  student I had already decided I was terrible in math.

I just didn't get it. 

In fifth-grade I had an experience that would start a life-long issue that I am going to spend this year purposefully battling.

In fifth grade Mr. Pollard called me to the board and made me stand there for a very long time, while he belittled me for not knowing what 8x7 was. 

After standing there being yelled at in front of my peers, and not being able to think, much less write 56 on the board, he proceeded to tell me that I had wasted his time, and the entire fifth grade class time. Now, he would waste  my time; I would spend both recess and lunch writing 8 x 7 = 56 on a piece of paper over and over again. 

I do believe that that day, at the age of 10 I decided I would never again waste anybody's time with my incompetence in math. I managed to get through enough math to pass high school and college. How I did it, I do not know.

Currently I am homeschooling a 5th grade boy who is in the trenches with long division. He's getting it, and doing well. But my attitude toward teaching math has been less than desirable. I get irritated (and irritable) because it takes me almost as much time as it takes him to do the math. I have had to break down problems with a pencil and a paper more often than he does. I have had to say, "Sorry Boy, I did that problem wrong. Your answer is correct" so  many times it's embarrassing.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with what I have learned, so I will just get to it: I have learned that I been teaching from an attitude of pride and insecurity, rather than teaching from a willing spirit.

I have learned that this attitude toward math doesn't just happen during the school hours either. 

I have avoided doing math (without a calculator) in almost every aspect of my life: from eating out with friends at lunch (I make them figure out how to split the bill), to coupon-ing (if it's too complicated I won't sit down and figure it out), to buying a home or car (I make The Mister handle all financial stuff)...I have avoided doing math that I could not do quickly. And I cannot do most math quickly.

I have compensated for a weakness by avoiding the problem instead of facing it; I have been allowing my insecurity to lead my life in this area, which makes me feel like a poser and only leads to more insecurity.

I am amazed at how I have limited myself because I have carried a lie deep within me that has hindered me for over 30 years: That I am not good at math.

The TRUTH is that I have never tried to be good at math. I'd given up long ago.

So what have I learned this week?

I have learned that it will take the power of God to get me over my Math Issues

I have learned that its OK to relearn math with your fifth grade son. 

As a matter of fact, its better this way. He is an amazing study partner. 

That is what I learned...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Awards and Random Bloggy Business

I received a couple of awards over two weeks ago that i wanted to acknowledge.

First Kathalog gave me the Butterfly Award.

Thanks Kathy!

I thought somebody had awarded me another award, but i cannot find it on any of the blogs that I am subscribed I might have imagined it.  But thank you! I did appreciate it! I did!

I am going to be a rule breaker and not pass this on to seven people because I read so many awesome blogs. Having to pick the coolest blogs I read makes me feel like I am picking for the dodge ball team in grade school P.E.  

If I read your blog then you know that I think you are cool, other wise I just wouldn't read!

...if I don't read your blog. Then you either haven't ever commented or I lost you somewhere in the switch between readers.

...if you write a blog at all, I think you are cool.

...because all bloggers are cool. Right?

...can I stop now?

On to other things....

...Do you know how hard it is for me to NOT participate in this quarters Bloggy-Giveaway???

It's KILLING me. 

But I have absolutely nothing handmade to give away. And not a whole lot of time in which to make something. (I have two "baby" projects in the works that must be finished before I start anything else!)

I have participated in almost every Giveaway for the last 18 months!!!!!

Deep breath.

Next time, I will participate. And it will be BIG!  

...I woke up this morning thinking about chocolate chip cookies. 

...I cannot stop thinking about them. I guess I will have to go make a batch.

Oh, one last piece of useless information. I have decided to use the time between 2:30-4:30 as scheduled computer time.

Meaning that I cannot under any circumstance check blogs or email (or respond to them) unless all other things have been done. Unless, its between the time of 2:30-4:30. 

Scheduling things in my day has always helped me to be more efficient, but I have never (consistently) tried to use self-control scheduling with regard to the computer. I am hoping that this will help me to maximize my time on the computer and keep me focused.  

We'll see. 

All righty then, Happy Monday!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Last week, at the baby shower I met a woman that I cannot stop thinking about.

When I walked up to her and said, "Hello. My name is Kellie", her formal reply surprised me: 

"I am Mrs. Delansky**, nice to meet you."

I thought it was funny that she introduced herself by her last name. 

Now, I would never embarrass myself by trying to guess what this beautiful woman's age was, but since she will be the great-grandmother to the baby about to be born, its safe to say that she's far more wise than my thirty (and six) years. 

To start the shower I found an ice breaker that would help us to get to know each other a little better. 

I asked each guest to take a small scoop of M&M's, and then explained that they had to give as many facts about themselves as they had candies in their hand.

After most of the women in the room had talked about themselves it was Mrs. Delansky's turn. 
She said something that went like this, "I am Mrs. Sally Delansky. I had the pleasure of being married to Mr. Delansky for 53 years, 4 months, 3 days, and 6 hours. The Lord brought us through the very best of times, and he brought us through the very worst of times. God is so very faithful. And that is what I want you to know."

Her words were so sincere that I had could not keep from weeping.  I quickly wiped my leaky eyes and tried to move on. After all we had a party to run...

But I have not stopped thinking about her words. 

Mrs. Delansky did not introduced herself to me by her last name to be formal

She did it because she loves to honor her husband. Even after death.

She did it because she loves to honor God. She knows that He is in control. 

She did it because she knows God's love is real. And tangible. And more than enough.

I was so grateful for Mrs. Delansky because there is so much going on the the world today that could make us feel forgotten, or bitter, or lonely, or frightened...but her words remind me to hold on to Truth, and to express gratitude for all in life that's good. Even when the good is hard to see.

Mrs. Delansky most likely has no idea how her forty-five second introduction revealed such true and profound wisdom, but it makes me want to spend the rest of my life loving my God, and loving my man, because life will be made richer for it. Not just for me, but for those who live around me.

**Name has been changed since I didn't exactly ask Mrs. D if I could write about her!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Listen, I am about to drop off The Girl at a friends house. Then I am going to come home, brew a pot of coffee, curl up under a fuzzy blanket and read blogs for the first time in over a week. (I miss you guys!)

I am going to see if just sitting and reading will help me to feel better. I seem to have this lingering start to a head cold that won't move just lingers enough to make me feel grouchy, but not enough to make me appear sick.  I've been feeling this way for over two weeks and its making me crazy!

Anyway, if you need a REALLY good laugh go read meh's post from yesterday. 

It's funny, y'all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!!

The kids and I prayed for a white Christmas since the day we drove into the North Carolinian border.

Imagine my surprise when the snow fell in Arizona over the holiday. 

Had I not known better, I would've thought that maybe the Lord hadn't received our forwarding address...

No, there wasn't a white Christmas in this neck of the woods. 

Still, I didn't stop praying.

This morning I got my answer. A glorious, resounding (although magnificently peaceful)

We already have about two inches, with more falling as I type. 

I am sipping piping hot coffee. The kids have come in for some hot chocolate. The Mister is upstairs tucked warmly in bed.  

Later we will all sit and watch history unfold, and pray for our new President. We will give thanks for the privilege of living in a country that is free. 
Its going to be a great day.

I just know it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Shower Fun

I have been a delinquent blog writer (and reader) this week. I have been hard at work preparing for a baby shower for a sweet gal at church. I love parties! And I am especially grateful for the ladies at my church...

As people around town heard about the shower, the guest list grew. Which is really fun, but required the shower to be moved to a different that could accommodate more than 30 people. 

NC Mama gladly offered her home.

Which turns out to be am even BIGGER blessing, as the people in this house are dropping like flies with a nasty head cold.

Then, the ladies at church began to ask what food they could bring. So I showed them my menu, and six ladies took the list and are bringing the food!

Which completely opened up time for me to play with the cake! My inspiration was the pink/brown polka dot invitation that was sent out. Here is a picture of my first try with marshmallow fondant:
Listen, if you have thought about using fondant but haven't because it looks scary, forget it! I used this recipe and tutorial, and it was as easy as pie cake!  I also used this video on how to make bows. 

The roses were made to cover up an accident. Remember last year when I decided to make paper flowers...well, you can use that same technique when making fondant roses. Only when it doesn't turn out just like you want it, you just roll the fondant up, and out, and start all over again!

I cannot wait for The Girls birthday party in February. She is having a Tropical Paradise theme and I am certain I will be making another fondant cake!

La Vida Dulce!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uh, It's Actually Thursday?

In my last post I closed with a Happy Wednesday.

When I posted this morning, I did in fact believe it was Wednesday.

But now, after a sweet friend informed me of the correct day and, also, consulting a calendar, I do believe I have entered Thursday.

Whew! This is a relief to me. Cuz my Wednesday was shaping up to be a little wacky...but two minutes into my's like a clean slate.

Happy Thursday!

A Lesson in Spinning

Remember the post I wrote last year about drying my washed lettuce on the spin cycle of my washing machine?

And do you remember how that post led Mrs. Moofish to gift me with this?

Well, spinning your lettuce on the Spin Cycle is all well and fine, but let me be the first to tell you that the reverse is NOT true.

When your ten-year-old washing machine goes out mid-wash, and refuses to Spin and Drain; and you are trying to figure out how to unload a full load of clothes that are swimming in soapy water, the answer is NOT to use the salad spinner.

It just. Won't. Work.

Not for lack of trying. One piece of clothing at a time.

So it looks like I will be getting a new washing machine. Which is kind of a bummer, because I was just telling The Mister that I thought we "needed" to get a Wii with Wii Fit (for our P.E. Curriculum, you know? It's for educational purposes.)

When I showed him the washer he said, "Well doing the laundry by hand is probably more exercise than a Wii Fit anyway!"

I didn't find the humor in that. 

At all.

But I digress...

So the La Vida Lesson for today?

Salad Spinner-- An awesome invention!

Spinning laundry in that spinner?  

Not so much.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had a happy post ready to submit. But the wind has just been stolen from my sails...

The Mister just called to tell me that a friend of ours has died in Arizona in a tragic murder-suicide.  They leave behind a beautiful school-aged girl.

Please pray for this little girl. Tragically orphaned...

And please, if you are experiencing domestic violence of any kind (as the victim or the offender), please, please seek help. Your life may depend on it.
Oh Lord, I do not understand. 

But today, when I am completely at a loss for words and my heart aches in the wake of tragedy, I will put my hope in You. Be with this family. Comfort them with your power of the Holy Spirit; with the strong love of Christ; and the fullness of life that only comes from God. May you be a refuge for this family, a stronghold, during this time of serious trouble.

"May your unfailing rest be upon them, Oh Lord, even as they put their hope in you."

Monday, January 12, 2009

De-Lurking Day

I just heard (from Beth @ Total Mom Haircut) it's De-Lurking day and I thought I would play along!

How I wish that I could have been prepared to celebrate this day! I would have gotten out some party favors and put out a little food.

In lieu of a decorated table and cake and ice cream, here is the little flasher guy that makes you want to run to the comments button and say hello!

Next year, there will be cards and merchandise, I'm sure.

Happy De-Lurking Day!

What Spoiled Looks Like

This weekend I ran up to The Girl's room to remind her to take Sophie outside.  This is what I found.

La Vida Dulce!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your Burning Questions Answered

Good Morning Y'all!

This week went by so quickly!  Or is that just me?  Anyway, I didn't mean to take a blogging break but I did...

So let's get your questions answered!

Michelle at Life with Three asked: 

Would it be off limits to ask about the story behind the tattoo?

Of course not!  It's actually a fun little story.  About six years ago I began to anticipate my eighth wedding anniversary.   One of the ideas I had was to purchase these rings in a matching set for The Mister and I.  At first The Mister said he thought that would be a good idea, but later he came to me and said that he would buy one for me but that he probably wouldn't get one for himself. His excuse was valid. His profession as a Physical Therapist requires lots of work with his hands (and lots of washing) so he preferred not to wear another ring. 

Understanding his dilemma, but not wanting to wear the ring alone, I scrapped the idea.

Just as spring was beginning to bloom we began to make plans to go to Arizona for a visit. The trip landed on our anniversary date, May 13th. 

One night, laying in bed, we were discussing how nice it would be to be vacationing in AZ on our anniversary so we could take advantage of free babysitting at Grannie and Paw's house. As a joke I suggested that in lieu of the rings we should get matching tattoo's of the Song of
Solomon verse.  

To my ABSOLUTE surprise, he agreed, and was actually excited. 

So I did some research and found a tattoo guy in my hometown and on our anniversary we tattooed ourselves with: 

Song of Solomon 2:16 -
My Beloved is mine, and I am his...
(His tattoo, obviously says "I am her's")

So that is how I acquired (what my middle brother refers to as) my Tramp Stamp. For the record, The Mister would like it to be noted that he did NOT get his tattoo on the small of his back. His is on his left arm.  

(About the picture: My "baby" brother Dan, who wears a tattoo himself, stopped by while we got our tats. That is him looking on in the pic.)

The finished project.  (The Mister didn't get the flower symbol either.) 

Jen with 1 "n" (my real-life friend, and fellow shoe afficianado) asks:

Are those black patent leather dansko clogs I saw on your feet in the photo on the last blog post??!!!! 

Yes, Jen with 1 "n", they are!!!  And thank you so much for noticing!!! Although, its totally like you to notice details. Here's the story....

While Trick or Treating with the kids, a woman opened her door and had this huge bowl of all my favorite candy. However I was instantly drawn to the beautiful shiny shoes she was wearing. Of course I complemented her on them and she informed me of their make and model. 

I OBSESSED about these shoes for weeks, calling stores around town to see if they had my very large size shoes in stock. They didn't. Finally, I found them at Nordstroms.  

My mom had given me a nice chunk of change for my birthday. So essentially, they were from my mom. 

Buying these shoes brought me back thirty years to that first pair of black patent leather shoes my mom bought for me at the old department store, Diamonds. Do any of you remember that store?  

It just goes to show that a girl never outgrows her love for shiny shoes.

BTW, if you are interested Dansko is holding a contest for a free pair of shoes.

And last, but certainly not least, meh of Biding My Time asks:

 If you had to, which would you give up: blogging or coffee? Can't wait to hear...and you HAVE to choose one or the other. 

First, I must tell you that meh (and Jen with 1 "n"), are real-life friends who tend to ask me the hardest questions. They are the gals who keep me honest. But really, meh, isn't this question a little harsh? ;)

All jokes aside, of course, I would give up coffee. (Did I just type that?)

If there is one thing I have learned in my life, its that relationships are far more important than any thing. This blog has served as a means to keep up with old friends and establish new friends. I could live without coffee (although I am grateful I don't have to!), but I couldn't live without my peeps (especially those who ask ridiculous questions).

With that said, I guarantee that after a few days of blogging without java you would be throwing coffee beans at me. 

Thanks for playing guys!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Thoughts From Kellie's Brain

The kids are taking a test. I have thirty minutes to type at you. Which means this post will probably not be re-read, spell checked, or even interesting. 

It will be random, and assuredly light-weight.

- It is raining here for the bagillionth day in a row. I need some dry ground and some sunshine.

- Puppy training in the rain, day and night, is exceptionally trying.

- Speaking of puppy training, the night before last after Sophie had done her "biz-ness" at 2:30am, I sleepily trudged up the stairs.  Only I missed the second to the last step and fell down hard on my knee. However it has been my lower back that has been barking ever since.

- Oh! The sun just popped out! Hooray!

- I had mentioned here that The Mister bought me an "illegal" Christmas present after we had decided to not exchange.  I am so glad he did!  He bought me this. I have wanted it for so long now!  

- I miss Chex Mix.  OF all the cookies and candies and treats I made over the holidays I consumed Chex Mix in massive quantities. As a matter of fact, I gave more than half of my cookies and mix away, but I still have DOZENS of cookies and baked goods in the freezer. The Mix? Completely out. Rats! I use this recipe. 

- I am usually a "sweet" girl. Not a "salty" girl.

- Janel of DandylionDayz emailed me and asked how the puppy training was going? I wrote back early this morning and told her that it was going pretty well, and that we hadn't had too many accidents.  Since that email, the puppy has peed on the kitchen floor 4 times.

-The sun just left again.

- At this very moment I am completely caught up in laundry. Perhaps it is the emotional out burst I had on Sunday afternoon.  I actually cried y'all. Which is weird for me.  

- I should have emotional outbursts more often.  They are quite productive.

-For those of you who played the One Word challenge,  I am still thinking of One Word that I want to be my focus in the coming year. If I have to keep it all year, I want it to be the right one.

- I am still sending Christmas Cards....there are about 5 or 6 people who were on the list, but I didn't have updated addresses for. There are some that are going to end up with an e-card because I ordered them without consulting THE LIST. So I didn't order enough. I kept telling myself I'd "get to" the last few cards, and i haven't "gotten there" yet.  

- I have had a few people ask about True Campaign and if I will be writing anymore about it. The answer is that I hope to in the future.  We have gone through so much change in the last four months that my head is still sort of spinning. I thought about writing my thoughts between Thanksgiving and the New Year (which can be a difficult time for those with food/body issues) but the days just got filled up and I didn't take the time to sit down and write out any cohesive thoughts. If you read this blog because you found me through True, I have not forgotten about you! 

- I think my time is up. But one last thing....

- On New Years Day I posted my 800th post! Can you believe it? I am sorry I missed it! To celebrate I am going to go on a Blogger's Limb and do something I have never done before: open up the blog to questions you have wanted to ask. If there are questions you have just been DYING to know, but you are waiting for an invitation...ask away and I will try to post answers by The Weekend.

La Vida Dulce!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lunch, and Good News

In my quest to be productive in my New Year, I have failed to mention what I did on the first day of 2009.

As I have mentioned on this blog a time or two, I enjoy lunch with a friend. For the record, I like having dinner, or coffee with a friend too. It's just that lunch is kind of fun, being right in the middle of the day and all. 

I have group of friends here in NC. We like to call ourselves NC Mama and the 5K's.  Since K3 and K5 live out of state and far away, it's rare to get a picture of us together.

But this year, we were all at the same place, at the same time, eating lunch and taking pictures.

From the left: K4 (that's me!), K3, NC Mama, K1, K2, and K5

K's 1,2 and 3, are all sister, and NC Mama is their real life mom. K5 and I were adopted along the way. She's our real life NC Mama.

Surprisingly, we were a bit subdued on this January 1st.  We were happy to be together, but I think we were all a bit on holiday-overload. We were all plum tired.

Also joining us was two good friends from church. Very much loved as a K, only there names start with V and L.  We like being the K's, but we are far from exclusive. These ladies would make you feel at home, had you been there.

We wanted a picture of us all together. So I set the camera on the top of the car and set the timer. I had no idea that the hood was taking up half the frame...but it turned out nice anyway!

You can't even tell that our teeth were chattering.  It was a cold day!

And now, good news!

In my last post I may, or may not have, blamed my children for the loss of a certain pair of scissors. 

Amazingly enough, while typing that post I was so focused that I didn't take note of the wobbly keyboard that wasn't helping my sad typing skills.

Later on that day, I lifted up the wireless key board to set it in my lap for ease, and lo and behold, there were my scissors - kind of shoved partly under the key board, and partly under the plethora of paper goods that live around my desk. How I missed seeing them while tearing this house apart, I have no idea. I'm just glad that what was lost, has now been found! 

Happy Monday

Friday, January 02, 2009

An Open Letter to My Children

Dear  Precious, Darling, Boy and Girl,

How can I say this in the nicest possible way?

You have misplaced my favorite pair of scissors!!!!!!!

These are not just any blunt-edged, run-of-the-mill, school-girl scissors. 

These are my beautiful orange and gray, soft grip, extra sharp, scissors.

It was against my better judgement to allow you to use them for gift wrapping two weeks ago, and now it has come to bite me in the rear.

You know, this reminds me of a story. 

When I was a kid your Paw would say the strangest things to us when he was frustrated.  Like the time he was cleaning up four or five pairs of socks that had been living on the family room floor (probably for several days). One time he looked at your uncles and I, and said, "Someday, when you are grown and living in your own house, I am going to visit you and throw my dirty socks on your family room floor." And he walked out of the room.

As a kid, I thought that was a weird kind of funny. Why would he want to do a silly thing like that?

For the record, your Paw has never (not even once) come to our home and thrown his dirty socks on my floor, but today I have clarity. 

I COMPLETELY understand what he was talking about 25 years ago.

There is nothing I look forward to more than coming into your home, stealing your best scissors, cutting up toilet paper rolls and sandpaper, and then hiding them in some random place. 

And then, then, when you come to me and say, "Hey, Mom, have you seen our good, sharp scissors? You know, the ones that cut beautifully every-single-time. The ones that don't have glue, or duct tape stuck to the blades. The ones that open and close with precision and ease. The ones that make me happy because I know that they will be there for me when I am putting together 20 invitations for a baby shower in two weeks?"  

And I will look at you and say, "Welllllllll, the last time I saw them, they were on the sewing table in your office. I didn't use them. It wasn't me. Nope."

Then I will skip off as if I didn't realize that you are about to pull out all your hair and throw a hissy fit like a 3 year old.

Yes, its happened. Your mother is loosing her mind over a pair of scissors. 

I have looked high and low for my good scissors. I have torn apart my office; Dad's office; the kitchen; the schoolroom. I even looked in the van, to no avail.

Now, I am not a high maintenance person. There are precious few things that I won't share with you. But I swear, if I don't find those scissors within 24 hours its going to drive me to drink another pot of coffee and pull out the frozen Christmas cookies. 

I know you don't want that.

So please. Help me find my scissors, and then, keep your sweet little mitts off  'em.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! And the First Random Poll of 2009!!!

I tried really hard to stay up so I could post at exactly midnight. (I thought it would be cheating to try schedule a post!)

The kids have never stayed up until midnight and New Years Eve and they wanted to try.

So we ate M&M's and watched Survivor Man together. 

The Mister was dozing by 8:30 pm.

The Girl was out by 9:15.

So it was just The Boy and I, snuggled under blankets, watching Survivor Man try to survive a tropical island. 

Next thing I know, The Boy is shaking me out of a sound sleep, saying he was throwing in the towel.  It was 10:20.

Oh, we are such wimps!

Anyway, I pray that your New Year is fantastic. Full of good health and happy times!

So the Random Poll is: Did you stay up to ring in the New Year?