Sunday, July 01, 2007

If I Wrote the 11th Commandment

*Thou shall not go to the Costco on a Saturday.*
(Especially on the Saturday before a holiday.)

Seriously, I think I lost my mind. I asked (begged) my sister-in-law to go to Costco with me because I had company coming and only four rolls of toilet paper left in the house. Not a good thing when you are looking at 5 days with 9 people in one house!

I think my temporary lack in shopping judgment was because The Mister had been on a business trip to Denver all week. I hate it when he is out of town. It just isn't right. It's no fun when The Mister is gone. I miss him because there is no one for me to pick on and tease. Plus, he is so dang-nab cute.

Costco is a zoo here because we have a million people and only two Costco stores. When we lived in Texas there was practically a Costco on every corner. When I lived in NC the Costco was never crowded. But the Costco here is ALWAYS jam-packed. And these little old ladies run you down and act like there isn't a zillion package of jumbo size toilet paper. Seriously, I am in pretty good shape, but I don't doubt that some of these old ladies would take me out over a 12 pound bag of frozen chicken.

But I got my TP, and the paper towels, and the most beautiful fruit for a fruit salad made for my friends.

It's gonna be a great week!


Musings of a Housewife said...

The one and only time I went to Costco was the Friday before Memorial Day. BIG. MISTAKE. My husband has since joined, but I'm a little frightened to go back. Everyone says that as long as I avoid a holiday, I should be okay. I'm still skeptical. :-)