Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Gonna Be A Great Year!

I think that this year is gonna be a good one.

I'll tell you why.

Before Christmas, on December 30th, 2007 to be exact. My hunk of a man, (you might want to be seated for this one) went shoe shopping with me. I needed something high heeled and, maybe opened toed, and in black to wear with my dress to a wedding. As you can see I had a plan. Of course, I didn't exactly put the plan into action until about 2 hours before this wedding because I was not looking forward to shopping at shoe warehouse the week after Christmas.

Normally, I do not take The Mister shoe shopping because his profession jades him.

I am going to tell you a secret that is just between the Internet and myself:

The Mister doesn't believe in high heel shoes.

He says, "they're too hard on a women's body. Specifically the feet, knees, hips and back".

He doesn't believe in the oh-so-popular-and-cute ballet flats because "if you have jacked-up feet (like mine) or you pronate, a flat shoe has no support."

That leaves tennis shoes and a lot of other shoes that are functional, supportive, and good for me, but not really very cute.

To quote our friend (and former graduate studies classmate), R.G:

When I see women wearing high heeled shoes, I see job security.

The Mister feels the same way. So when it comes to shoe shopping, I leave him at home. Plus, I am married to him, so I figure that if I get all messed up then he can fix me.

Anyway, we went to my favorite shoe store in town to find a pair of black pumps and while I was there I found the cutest maroon, patent, leather moccasins. I really wanted to get them but I decided to wait and see how I felt about those shoes in 48 hours. Sometimes shiny things make me feel all needy inside. I don't like to buy things when I'm feeling needy, because 9 times out of 10 I will have remorse. Maybe not while I'm wearing them, but definitely when I see the bank statement at the end of the month.

Well, I thought about those shoes all weekend long and I decided that I would go visit them today. You know, make a call. See if they needed anything, or

It turns out that 'anyone' wasn't me.

The store was having a huge sale. For heavens sake! they were practically giving shoes away. The maroon moccasins were, of course, not on sale, but I immediately went to them, picked up a pair in my size, and walked back to the sale racks.

This is where the happy part comes in...

I lost my lust for those shiny maroon moccasins because...I found something better. Two somethings better.

Here's the deal. I really did need black shoes. I had shoes to wear with everything in my closet, except black shoes that would go with things that were more casual. While I was carrying around those moccasins I was feeling that same funny feeling I had had all week about spending a big chunk of change on shoes, that I really couldn't wear with the majority of my wardrobe...but then again, shouldn't every girl have a pair of shiny shoes?

Pictured above is what I found.

Not only could I get a black pair, but a red pair too! For just a few dollars more than the pair not on sale!

I put the moccasins back and left with the "on-sale" items.

Let me introduce you to the little black loafers:

They were 40% off and are the most comfortable shoes I think I have owned. They are like butter, I tell you! Butter! Personally, I have never worn butter on my feet, but if I had I am sure that this is what it would feel like.

Just when you think there could not possibly be one more reason to like these shoes, there is! These are certain to win the The Mister's professional Seal of Approval! Glory!

The red ones were 70% off and they make me feel the same emotion I felt as an 8 year old when I got a beautiful, pleated, Sky Blue skirt, that twirled up perfectly when I spun around. If you are a girl, I know you know what I mean.

When I got home I couldn't bear to have those beautiful red shoes just sitting in my dark closet, all lonely and forlorn, so I am wearing them now as I type.

So here it is the, only the 2nd day in the New Year, and I already have one fantastic shoe shopping experience under my belt.

2008. It's gonna be good. I can feel it!

PS: I want to know what you received as a girl that made your heart swoon. What was your Sky Blue Pleated skirt (or patent leather shoes!)?


Lara said...

The boxed set of the Chronicles of Narnia (I know big shocker, books!)

C D said...

When I was a youngin' I wore ugly, hideous "good for your feet" shoes becuase I pronated horribly and tended toward flat feet. I have very very vague memories of having to have my feet strapped to a wooden thingey at night -- with leg braces, it seems.

I never got to have pretty shoes that "made noise" when you walked... you know, that had a hard heel, that weren't rubber on the bottom. All the shoes I was allowed to wear looked like saddle shoes. (For this reason I despise saddle shoes) And we always had to go to Buster Brown shoe store.


One year (I think it was 1st grade) my mom bought me shiny red shoes that had a ribbon bow that tied the two sides together over the top of my foot. AND they made NOISE when I WALKED. Pure heaven. And you wouldn't know it now, but I was a girly girly girly girl!!!

dcrmom said...

LOL!! I can totally relate to your excitement. Good deal! :-)

Blue Skies said...

I am frugally minded the same way - so glad you were able to find TWO pairs you liked as much as the first ones.

Just call me - I'll be at home after the 5th (I'm on the lake in Texas!!) or on my cell before that. We'll talk Mom talk.

I'll need to get your Webkinz screen name. My girls also got one this year and they'd love to chat. We're hitting the new American girl store in Dallas tomorrow to see what their dolls might "need". Wish y'all were here to join us!

meh said... was always shoes for me too!! I remember a beautiful cream shoe (with the clicky heel) and with sweet little grosgrain ribbon bows on the top. They looked like creamy butter, whether they felt like it or not! They were perfect for approximately 2 weeks. Then they got dirty, perhaps due to the fact I wore them everywhere, all the time. But oh how I loved them! Thanks for spurring that memory, Kellie dear!

mer said...

Ooohh, my white leather roller skates with sparkly blue wheels and matching stoppers and laces made my heart swoon as a girl. I thought I was really somethin' when I'd cruise around the rink with those babies on my feet!

LOVE your shoes. By chance were you shopping at DSW? 'Cause I was there last week and they had some fab shoes at some fab prices! Way to grab a bargain (or two)!

Anonymous said...

Dang girl they actually had two pair of shoes in your size and on sale now that is a God wink! You know I agree with you.. shoes gotta be cute and I alone can keep the mister in a job. You know know one around here makes rigid orthotics....may need a trip out west :) sure would beat the chiropracter I have been visiting. My girl has so many shoes she can start her own blog on shoes I must tell you she was very excited about the clear converse she received for Christmas... It is like a new pair of shoes everytime she changes her socks :) You should try that..Miss ya Mrs. Ant Rancher