Friday, January 11, 2008

Random Friday Thoughts from Kellie's Brain

Just for the record, yesterday morning was pretty darn fun.

I loved the facial. Probably too much.So very relaxing.

Today has been just as much fun. Despite my best laid plans, I got absolutely nothing done around the house. I had planned to sew from the late morning until early afternoon, but better things kept popping up. On most days I like to keep to The Plan, but every once in awhile it's fun to live spontaneously.

On a whim, I hitched a ride to the gym this morning with one of the girls I work out with. Our kids go to the same school and we were headed the same direction, so it was fun to ride into town together. After the BodyPump class we decided that we should re-fuel by having some breakfast. I decided some girl-y bonding time would be way better than 40 more minutes on the elliptical, and since I didn't have wheels of my own, I was forced to go.

She dropped me off at home with just enough time to get cleaned up and then run out to get the kids from school. I was so surprised when that same friend stopped back by the house and asked if the kids and I wanted to go to The Dairy Queen for a treat. Again, I was forced to take my kids for a delicious chocolate dipped cone.

It's been such a tough day. You know, pumping iron, and socializing with girlfriends, and eating ice cream, is really tough. I 'm exhausted.

The Girl is having her first (non-related) friend spend the night tonight. As I type, I can hear High School Musical 2 and copious laughter in the background. I'm giggling a little bit myself just listening to them.

I hope we aren't all giggling too much past 10pm. Cuz' although I was totally being sarcastic in the paragraphs above, I do turn into a pumpkin way before that....

I hope you had a great Friday too.

La Vida Dulce!