Sunday, January 27, 2008

Easy Bake Blues

Good Sunday Morning!

It is a drizzly early morning, and I have already had a couple cups of coffee and am thinking about what's on the agenda for the day.

I have about 5 banana's that are begging to be made into some bread. After church I plan to come home and bake...and get ready for the great bloggy giveaway that starts tomorrow! I am pretty sure I will be giving away something in the pink palette, and probably not an apron as I first thought....but sewing this afternoon will be very exciting and fun for me!

Before we come home from church I will be heading to the Target to pick up a new Easy Bake for my soon-to-be-eight Baker, because I destroyed the one she had. It's probably better this way, because the one she had was actually re-called last year, but I decided that she was old enough to handle not sticking her hand in the oven and getting it stuck. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for her 35 year old mother.

I didn't stick my hand in there, but I did stick the little purple plastic 'cake pusher' into the oven to try to clean up some cake batter that had overflowed it's cake pan. I was interested in scraping it up before it started to burn, and spew smoke all over my kitchen. I stuck the scraper in and it got caught in that trap that does not allow you to pull things (like fingers and plastic spatulas) out, and instead of burning, smoking, cake, we had burning, smoking, plastic. I quickly unplugged the oven and carried it out the back door.

The real problem came when I walked back in the house and said, "Well, Girl, I just killed your Easy Bake." Which was not a good way to break the news to The Girl, who burst out crying (she loves her Easy Bake as much as I love my Kitchen Aide Mixer.)

So today, I will be replacing her oven. I tried to tell her that she could use my oven just as easily to bake her little cakes and cookies, but that went over like a lead balloon...

OK...I now have only an hour to get ready for church and I haven't decided what I am going to wear, which always adds about 30 minutes to the "getting ready" routine, so I better go.

Happy Sunday!