Thursday, March 01, 2007



I have just tucked the kids into bed. Or I should say, I have made them a nest of blankets and pillows on the floor of my bedroom. They are currently watching a movie on the portable DVD while The Mister studies and I try to get in some blogging before the internet is cut off.

Today was a tough day as my tender hearted children said goodbye to their teachers and friends at school. I want to write volumes about the teachers and the fine educators at our little school, but nothing I can write describes exactly how I feel, so for now I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

I am tired. Although I have not done much in the last 48 hours but watch strangers open up my cupboards and closets and, yes, the drawers i keep my "drawers" in...which is totally weird, no matter how many times you have experienced it.

It's always very strange to live and sleep in a house that is filled with boxes. Boxes that make up your life. I always get pensive at this we really need all this stuff?

Of course this morning when I went to blow dry my hair the answer was a resounding "Yes"!

I spent all of today wanting to expose my hair insecurities by telling everyone the reason my hair looked so bad was because the movers packed my dryer. I managed to have some self control and only told one person. I told her partially because her hair looked so good, and I was feeling envious, but mostly because I am certain she understands the necessity of good hair.

Not only did i have to air dry (I ended up pulling it back into a "style" for the next week) but my roots are completely out of control. It just isn't right. I did however manage to "tame the brows" with a good waxing. So at least I will be able to see while I drive across the country.

On to things less hair related.

The update on Kona is that she and the White Haired Terrier have now become friends. Mom was a bit worried and I have to say I was worried about her. She called me last night to tell me that if the dogs (a.k.a. Kona) couldn't be nice to each other then she knew someone (who knew someone) who knows a specialist, that could teach the dogs to give the world a Coke and sing in har-mo-ny. But then when my Mom called this morning all was right in the world and the "kids" were wrestling and playing as if they had been long lost litter mates.

Seriously I am grateful for my Mom's care (and concern) for our pet and I am glad that my (sometimes not so) sweet, needy, dog is getting along just fine now with her new doggy friend...or would that be her doggy uncle? Oh y'all! it's getting late...and I am starting to scare myself.

Moving on....

This may be my last post for a couple days as we make our journey west. I hope to update and possibly get some pictures posted if we can get internet access as we travel.

Until then...
La Vida Dulce!


Blue Skies said...

I'm praying for your family as you trek across country again. Praise God you are not traveling during the bad storm this week! YOu are in good company as my father-in-law is retiring today and leaves tomorrow to head back to their retirement abode in Texas. As I log my second 26.2 miles on Sunday I'll be thinking of your marathon of driving!

Anonymous said...

Jen said...
Happy Travelling! The closing of the North Carolina chapter in your family's life, and opening of the Arizona chapter....who would've imagined either of those stops in your journey?!!!!! Missing you in Texas! Happy trails.....