Thursday, November 01, 2007

Weekend Starts Early

It is really hard to post a blog one handed, but I refuse to put down this Fun Size Snickers Bar I snagged from the kids Halloween loot. I don't think the candy given out when I was a kid was this good, do you?

OK, I am finished, so now I can type proper-like.

The Mister has been out of town for the last five days. I have missed him. As my reward for keeping the home stead up and running he while was away, he is going to take me out on a date tomorrow. All morning long. I am seeing a LARGE cup of coffee, a bagel, a newspaper and a trip to the bookstore in my future. Oh! (If I am really lucky) I might be seeing lunch too.

This weekend is chock full of activity so I probably won't have a lot of blogging time. This is the weekend of The Big Debut. But there is so much more!

I hadn't yet told you that my new friend c.d. over at Desert Diva asked me to sing at an actual paying gig. Yes, we will be singing together at a Retirement Community for the Friday Night Soiree.

You may officially add Retirement Singer to my long line of odd jobs that I have done over the years. When I asked c.d. what this place was like she said she didn't know anything except it was a retirement community, which could mean, "Very active older folks, or people drooling in their soup." So it should be interesting. If nothing else c.d. is a fun and talented gal and singing with her will be great.

Actually, I roped c.d. into singing with me for the The Big Debut as well. So it will be me, her and the bag pipe lady. A night to remember if there ever was one.

I also have to tell you that if c.d. hadn't agreed to sing in this thing I wouldn't be doing it. At. All. Because two days ago the piano player called and quit. The thought of having to find a piano player at the last minute gives me hives. Literally.

There is never a moment around here without some drama, let me tell ya.

c.d., the hero of crazy concerts, happened to have one of the 3 songs I was to sing on a track. I dumped the other two I had prepared, and instead will sing a duet with c.d. and call it a night.

So there is to be lots o' singing this weekend. Not to mention geriatrics and bag piping.

And no doubt a lot of laughing, and fun things to write about next week! Until then...*

La Vida Dulce

*Except, of course, I will be posting the winner of the Ballet Skirt on Saturday morning!


Lisa said...

Love your blog. I look forward to reading it more when my kiddos are napping.;-)

dcrmom said...

Have fun! Yum, snickers . . .

Kellie said...


Thank you for your kind words. More importantly, thank you for reading during nap-times, that is the true compliment!

I loved those nap-times when my not-so-little ones were actually little! That was cherished time; A little bit of sanity every afternoon!