Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Sleepy Thoughts

Last night The Mister and I watched a documentary about the Badwater Ultra Marathon. The course is 135 miles from Death Valley to Mt Whitney, CA, in July, where the temperatures can be up to 130 (F) degrees. That's like running six marathons, all at once, in the oven.

I am not sure if these people are a picture of perseverance or craziness. Probably a little of both.

The documentary was fascinating, but when I tucked myself into bed, I felt uneasy. It's weird to see people push themselves past the point of well being. I kept thinking about how hard that would be on the body. Not mention dangerous.

Strangely, it also made me really miss running. I am trying my best to rehab my knee from the 10 miler in October. It's still not great, but it's getting better. I am hoping to have my knee back in shape by the time it warms up and the sun rises earlier. Right now it is still dark until almost 7am. I don't like to run in the dark by myself.

Anyway, my thoughts were on running when I went to bed last night and I didn't really sleep well. The Girl woke me up 4 am this morning with a bad dream and I never went back to bed.

I see much coffee in my future.

Today I will be doing my own extreme sport:An Ultra Clean-athon. I am thankful to have a full day to finish things around here and get ready for the weekend. Hurray for long weekends!

I better run...I need to drink another large cup of coffee, before tackling the bathrooms, but before I go I wanted to tell you that I found this link on Martha Stewart and it may save my sanity! Here is a great tutorial on making recycled notebooks. They are super easy and use all the supplies you probably already have. I have made two for each of my children already because they love to draw and write little stories. Their creativity is great, except we end up having papers ALL OVER MY HOUSE! Which drives me a little crazy.

These notebooks are really great for keeping things organized, and my kids love them. (they are also learning about reusable resources in school right now, so the timing was perfect for a little recycling lesson at home). The link also includes a video, which I think is a lot more clear than the written instructions!

Have Fun!


mer said...

I haven't seen that documentary, but I read a huge article in the Denver Post last summer about that same ultramarathon (they followed 4-5 runners) and I just about wanted to collapse in empathy for them. Some parts of it were so hard to read because they endured some pretty bad physical stuff...BUT KEPT GOING?! I'm so not there!

I'm in cleaning mode too! And we have a long weekend as well. So thrilled about that!

byebyepie said...

Say, Miss Runner. How do you get faster, anyway? Any tips?

Molasses Legs

DebD said...

That hot-desert-marathon sounds like our Ididarod in reverse, sort of.

Hope you're able to get back to running again when it is warmer.

I had to laugh -- it's dark until 7 am? Sunrise here was at 10:20 AM today and it set at 3:39 pm. And we're EXCITED because the days are getting longer!!! AND it warmed up to above zero (that is 32 degrees below freezing) and SNOWED, so we're all happy and giddy. (LOL)

Spring fever will hit here soon enough though.

Take care and it is nice to "meet" you!