Friday, January 04, 2008

Pink & Blue

I wanted to get some sewing in before all of life goes back to our normally scheduled program. I always make room in the schedule to do the creative things I enjoy, but the large chunks of time to sew and glitter are definitely drawing to a close until summer.

There are a couple of friends of our who had babies before Christmas and so I have been working on a couple of blankets. I am making two of these blankets: one in pink, one in blue. I have made several blankets like this in the past but this time I thought I would try my hand at blanket binding. Since this is a friendly blog I won't type what I have thought and said out loud while trying to make a mitered corner, but I will tell you that it isn't anywhere near as innocent as this blanket looks.

Sometime this weekend I want to show you another project I have been working on this week. But since it is the prize for this contest I don't want to post until I can get a decent picture (like when The Mister is home to help take it). In the interest of getting you to come back, I'll leave a teaser...

Happy Weekend!


meh said...

Hey chick,

I like your new look on the blog! I have been meaning to tell you and just hadn't yet.

Lara said...

Does your sewing machine do the hearts and the letters?

Kellie said...


The heart is part of an purchased embroidered towel and the letters I embroidered by hand.

mer said...

You make me wanna pull out my sewing machine and make something.

Lovely stuff! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

OOh, love the blankets! Kudos to our mexican martha stewart :) I am quite excited about my surprise! Talk to you soon! K2