Monday, March 09, 2009

A Little Help From My Friends

I have about 2354 things swirling in my head. 

Between the Sally Clarkson conference and the beautiful weekend, I could write volumes. 

I want to share one small thing with you and would like your opinion...

I wish I could explain all of this more clearly, but this is just an idea in my head I am not sure I have clarity anyway, so excuse the vagueness...

I received not one but two different emails this week asking for this: 

I'd love any ideas you have on party planning and hospitality.  I'd love any pointers you have on traditions, family time, children. . the things on which you don't compromise when it comes to parties, events, coffee time with friends.

I'd love your input on not only hospitality and the like--but on raising children, walking with the Lord, decorating my home, sewing--you get the idea
First let me tell you that I am very flattered that my table settings and stories of life are encouraging you, but I feel I am highly unqualified for giving advice on homemaking and hospitality!  Especially since you will probably just die laughing at some of the things I have done. When the gal who wrote the email above to me, I wanted to point her to people who have real blogs about those subjects...bloggers who actually have degrees in those types of things. 

I realized that I do this a lot in all areas of my life:

I am creative, but I am not inventive. if you see me doing something it is almost always something I have seen someone else do. 

I am relational, but I also struggle a great deal with impatience, often turned on by those I love the most!

I am intentional, but I have great insecurities that hinder me in big, big ways. I don't do half the things I want to do!

However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that that juxtaposition between what I can do and what I want to do, is what makes me unique (and yet not unique at all! As I am sure you are all nodding your head!)

These talents, or abilities, are all things I didn't know I had, and figured i'd never learn.

You may be surprised to know that I haven't always been hospitable; or at least what i thought defined being hospitable. I haven't always been intentional. I have always been creative, but the creativeness in me now is vastly different than what it was fifteen years ago, before I was married and had a family. It doesn't come as easily and carefree anymore, I have to work at it. I have to chase it! Sometimes I'm too tired to chase it but...

If I can do it, so can you.

So I am thinking about picking one day a week to Call Back; to write about the things in my life that I have learned to do with the help of mentors, books, friends, tears, scripture, sweat, joy, and the complete grace of God.

I have always hesitated to do this because I don't want to sound preachy, or as if I have all things together all the time. Hearing that from others doesn't motivate me one iota. And it is isn't reality. People who tell you they have it all together all the time either have help or they are lying to you.

So here is where you come in...would you be interested in taking a weekly look into my sometimes-not-so-pretty life and the way I see  and do things (and they often change as soon as I figure them out)? 

If so, what would you want to know? Where do you need encouragement? 

I'm guessing these posts wouldn't be too different than what I already do around here, but I would be more intentional on a weekly basis.

If not, that's Ok too. I can (and happily will) dialogue with these gals individually, but I thought that if the interest was high enough I would share with y'all!

Let me know what you think...


Megan O. said...

I would love it if you did something regularly like that. I'm not sure what to ask you to write on specifically but I'd just love to see how you make your house a home and what hospitality means to you. I love your humble, sweet spirit.

jen said...

I love this idea! :)

And could you start today with how to make a good pot of coffee...oh, no! I can't believe that I just admitted that I don't know how to make coffee out loud!

Really, I don't, but I'd also like you to share about what you have learned about hospitality. It is not an area where I am gifted, yet I work really hard at it.

Unknown said...

I am all for "keeping it real" - sounds great.

My husband commented recently that my blog has beautiful pics of our cute kids, bedroom makeovers etc, and it would appear that we have this "got it all together lifestyle". While obviously we want to present the cutest pics, I definitely still want to keep it real and be an encourager not a discourager.

As Christians I think it is important we don't portray life as "easy" - tough stuff still happens, but we don't go through it alone.

Enough of my rambling - GO FOR IT!

Jackie said...

Yes! I love this idea. I know you can encourage a lot of us in the hospitality area - I just love the posts that you do that show your creative side. And don't worry about sounding "preachy" - you're not! :)

Carpool Queen said...

I'm a new reader and still haven't caught up on all the bloggy goodness, but I love the "this is how I did it" aspect, if for no other reason than to tell me that I can do it, too. You can start with how you get coffee stains out of your carpet. (I don't spill a precious drop, but others are careless with the elixir of the gods at my house.)

Beth said...

YES! :-) I love this idea--and girl, whatever you write about is what I would want to read!

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to see you turn your Susie Homemaker skills into a regular post.

Some topic ideas might include: recipes for the cozy lunches you host, how-to's (that beautiful fondant baby shower cake comes to mind). I think lots of pictures would be key.

Come to think of it I can name about a dozen posts of yours that fall right in line with this idea (homemade mint ice cream, the fabric swag thing for the girl's room, etc.). Can't wait to see you make it a more regular thing!

Anonymous said...

I would totally love reading these types of posts. I would love to hear about whatever you want to share :-)... I guess maybe somethings you wish you knew early on in motherhood?

Jewel said...

I have to say I'm really intrigued by your streamlined, clean and uncluttered motto. I used to say that I was an organized person and I felt like I was very gifted with administrative type qualities but since children and a husband they got lost somewhere in the overwhelming laundry pile. Any wisdom in that area would be much appreciated.

I like your realness. Those professionals who have blogs on the "right" way to do things are just way too boring. I have always liked Martha Stewart...but she's actually kind of real. Well, I guess I only started liking her after she had served her prison sentence:)

There's so much more to hospitality than the presentation, which is what the "professionals" seem to focus on. I read this book called "Finding Your Purpose as a Mom" by Donna Otto, which pointed out the difference between hospitality and entertaining. I recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Do it! I could use the tips too!!

Lori said...

I'm totally with you on issues with being relational and intentional. I hold myself back way too often, and actually have a post pending about getting serious about doing the things I've always meant to do. Not sure when I'm going to post it, but for sure we'll be able to encourage each other! Great post! :)

The Buntens said...

Yes. Yes. YES!!!!
I love reading what you write now. You have the sweetest way about you and I always love your ideas, projects. I think you are incredible real and love that. I think you have an amazing sense of hospitality!

So, yes - I'd love to see more!

kathy said...

YES! I believe you will throw in an idea I hadn't thought of or one that is in the back of my head needing help getting out. I've followed your blog - your down to earth - real - interesting - and fun.

Go Girl!