Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Update

Sometimes I feel like I write about stuff on this blog with the intention of coming back and giving you an update. Then time marches on, or I get distracted by a bright shiny object, and I forget.

So here is an update, and a few random things I wanted to tell you:

  • My mom made it through her surgery on Wednesday with flying colors. You could still pray for her if you think of it because now she will have to go through the process of trying to figure out how to live without her thyroid. People do it every day, but finding just the right amount of medication that she needs will be a process.  She is ready to feel better. 

  • Her surgery day proved to be a very difficult day for me. I have often missed being home on a holiday or special day. But not being able to be there when she went in for surgery was tough. My mom and I have had a close mother/daughter relationship. There have been times, here and there, when we have had our moments, you know, back in that days before I had children and thought she didn’t really know much. Somehow, after I had children all the stupid things she did when I was a kid, suddenly seemed amazingly smart…Who knew! (obviously not me) What I am saying is that my mom and I talk on a daily basis. Having a 24 hour period in which I couldn’t communicate with her (whether it was to tell her that I found a cute pair of shoes, or that one of her precious grandchildren just brought a wild reptile in the house) made me remember that when God was passing out Mothers on the day I was born, He gave me a good one. 

  • I forgot to tell you that The Girl was at a horse riding lesson two weeks ago and had a little mishap. The horse she was riding stepped into a hornets nest and proceeded to go wild as the hornets stung her (the horse's) face and rump. The Girl managed to hold on for dear life, but it was definitely a “learning experience.”

  • Speaking of learning experiences, I have decided that I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets white. The Mister has also told me that I can purchase the sink and faucet I want (I am nothing if not s-p-o-i-l-e-d), so that project will be started the first day of summer vacation. Anyone wanna help?

  • Why is it that when it isn’t convenient to me I can think of a hundred thing I want to post, but when I am here, sitting quietly in The Nest, my mind suddenly goes blank?

  • I get to meet the Carpoolqueen this week! I am very excited and wondering what I should wear? This really is an important decision, because before we dive into a cup of coffee and talk about the perils of life beyond the computer, I want her to know I do actually wear things other than my pajama’s.

  • Although wouldn’t it be funny if I met her in my PJ’s?

OK  I should wrap this up. 

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

oo glad the girl was okay! That says something amazing about the nest that you are that relaxed when there :-).. I bet the cabinets will look amazing when they are done :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! for meeting CarpoolQueen this week! And if you wear your pajamas, I can promise you she wouldn't even flinch. You guys are going to have so much fun! I'm sure she'll have Moses with her so hopefully we'll get some good pictures of the historic event!

I missed my mom's surgery last fall. It was an outpatient surgery on her feet and there was just no way I could get there, but I felt horrible just the same. I am thankful daily for my friendship/relationship with her and I'm always glad to hear when others have the same kind of connection with their moms. We are blessed.

Tiffani said...

I just can't imagine being away from my Mom..she lives about 5 minutes from me and I love it. I will definitely pray for her. Glad you both made it through the day!!

I would absolutely help paint cabinets...

I am soo excited for you to meet CPQ!! She is a riot!! However, go in PJ's b/c guess what? If we get to have our "date" in April...we'll be in THAT'S crazy. We won't even need make-up..and I could potentially have a greasy ponytail...are you in?! ;)

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the girl for that whole wild reptile thing...she was probably just getting in touch with her Arizona side. :)

Anonymous said...

I missed your previous random thoughts post (where you linked to the red cabinets) 'cause my mom was here that week for Ellie's b-day. So today I got a double dose La Vida Dolce! :) My cabinets are all white and I LOVE them. My husband does not because they refuse to hide any dirt; he constantly cleaning the kickplates and wiping down the fronts. But I think they're great. They open up the room and make it so bright! I liked the red cabinets too, but my tastes change too frequently for such a distinct color. (I say that while sitting next to my very red walls which butt up to my very white cabinets. Have you seen pics of my kitchen?) You could also try going for black. It sounds crazy, but it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! And would loo so very cool with your countertops.

I'll tell you what: I'll help you paint your countertops, if you help me paint my walls. My hunky man said I need to neutralize either the "wild wasabi" living room or the "candy apple red" kitchen. So, you know ... whenever you feel like taking a day trip up to NYC, give me a call! ;)

Carpool Queen said...

DON'T BE CUTE!!!! That's rule one. I will most likely have VERY bad hair unless I can get in somewhere this week. And I just cut my hair three weeks ago and today my beloved said "When are you getting your hair cut?"


We can talk about my hair. And your pj's. They'll love us. Or give us a LOT of space at the coffee shop.

Gretchen said...

I feel the exact way about writing stuff on my blog. I am so with you on the shiny object distraction. Or forgetfulness.

Glad your mom is on the mend. Sorry you've not been able to be with her. I know that's hard. I, too, have noticed that I'm becoming dumber and way more embarrassing than I ever was. I shall probably lose all intelligent worth within the next 3-5 years. I do hope to gain it back, however, in about 15 years. Too bad I won't be quite as cute then, but them's the breaks.

I'm so excited for your kitchen. Pictures, please.

Have fun with CPQ!!!! You might want to dig out your better lingerie. Just sayin'.

Carrie and Jim said...

I painted my kitchen cabinets and loved the new look. It is a really tough job so good luck with that. Glad your mom is doing o.k.

Anonymous said...

I would totally meet her in my pj's - get the first and last laugh. :)
Your mom is in my prayers. Thank goodness the young 'un didn't get hurt - how scary
I do that blank page thing a lot as well but think of things while I'm cooking and have messy hands and no time

Jackie said...

So glad your mom is doing alright - I had a friend that went through the exact same thing and they are still tweaking her meds trying to get it just right.

How fun that you get to meet another bloggy friend! You'll have to post some pics - I know you both will look fantastic!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm glad to hear about your mom. I understand the distance thing is SO hard.

Have fun with Carpoolqueen. You don't know how much I'd love to join you. Take my pic and put it between you so I can be present as well??!!

I get to have a MIRL of my own this week and I'm terribly excited!

Kristin said...

My girls ride horses, too. A year ago, my 7 year old's horse decided to go flying back to the barn, and she hung on with all her might until she went flying off. That was one of the scariest mommy moments of my entire life! I'm so glad your daughter is ok!