Friday, March 27, 2009


Dear Bloggy buddies,

It has just occurred to me that I have been returning emails to many of you that you are not receiving.

Normally I do not respond to all comments by email, however, when you ask a specific question I desire to answer. However, I have been replying to No Reply Comments without realizing it. 

Which means I have sent you emails, to specific questions, and have been wondering why on earth I haven't heard back from you. All the while you are thinking I am a totally rude blogger!

There is a way to make sure that when you comment I can see you email address, but nobody else can...but I am not sure how you do it. Will one of my techie friends help a sister out (to quote the Carpoolqueen) and tell my good readers how to make it so I can talk back to them....because I never like to miss the chance to back talk.  

With much bloggy love,

PS: Happy Friday! If you don't know anything about the problem above, that's OK. But please, tell me what your favorite rainy day activity is...I'm running out of ideas.


Mary said...

Rainy day activities?
board games
sleep some more
eat something/everything
eat whatever is left
top it all off with a nap

Carpool Queen said...

Eek - not technical here. I still don't know how to put my own header on my blog. Because I really live in Downtown San Francisco and drink coffee on a sidewalk cafe under an umbrella.

But on rainy days I bake bread, make soup, feel melancholy, open the back door so I can hear the rain, think up excuses so my husband doesn't know I did it (Why did the carpet get wet?), clean out my magazine stash, and catch up on General Hospital.

Oh, and I fold clothes I washed yesterday (sorry about that - couldn't resist.)

Lori said...

Hi! Here's how I learned to banish my no-reply status. It would be a nicer bloggy world if everyone else did it too!

Have a great weekend! :)

Tiffani said...

wish I could give you more help in the tech dept....

I like baking, watching movies, board games and snuggling.

Anonymous said...

okay here are the steps :-) 1. Go to and login 2. Click on Edit profile (next to your profile picture) 3. Check the check box Show my Email address (3rd box from the top) 4. Save profile 5. receive nice emails from Kellie like I do :-)

Gretchen said...

Sadly, it rains so much here that we have to pony up and just do regular things. Bummer.

But I like a good nap. Or some time on the telly or 'puter. Also, we dug out Uno Attack the other night, and that was fun.

In terms of the techy thing, I think the person (if they have Blogger) can go into her profile and edit it. This would include adding/deleting the email option. But I'm not sure about other providers.

Anonymous said...

Why when I read some of these comments on this post do I have the sudden urge to hear the Pina Colada song? Tiffani's especially sounds like a personal ad.

Or it could just be me.

Jackie said...

Sounds like you got some good responses to the email thing - I've sent emails to the no-reply thing too before I realized what was going on. It always makes me feel bad when there is not a way to track down my commenters!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Amen and amen to the non-reply comment stuff. Makes me crazy to have no way to reply to questions!

Rainy day stuff? We actually don't have too many of those...our rain days are more like SNOW days, but I love to:

play games
watch movies
make dessert or soup
stay in my pjs