Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guiltlessy Taking a Break

I closed the school down for today and tomorrow in hopes of gaining some much needed control on my home. 

If you remember, The Girls answer to 'What makes me happy?', she answered, when the house is clean.

The Girl knows her Mama. 

I have had my coffee and a big ole' bowl of Kashi Go Lean;

I have my cleaning sweatshirt on (since it is foggy, cold and rainy!) and I hope to have the downstairs, and all the bathrooms CLEAN by lunch time. 

After lunch time I hope to get a jog in, and then start getting ready for my visit with the Carpoolqueen

I am really hoping to have good hair. Have I mentioned that my hair dryer broke right before church on Sunday morning and I have had a string of bad hair days since. There is nothing can get me down quicker than when my hair isn't fixed...I am truly the most vain woman on the planet. 

Anyway, I did some BIG preparation for my meeting with CPQ, last night.

I bought a hair dryer.

Thinking about meeting CPQ made me think about what I did to prepare for my first bloggy-friend encounter. You can read about my meeting Darcie, and about her meeting  me, here. 

Its amazing how this blogging thing can bring people together.

All right, I gotta go get cleaning or I may decide to read a book until its time to go. (This weather is killing my productivity.)

Happy Thursday!


Carpool Queen said...

Do I need to warn you that I'm a hugger? I thought I might need to tell you that in case you're packing an axe.

Just sayin'....

Lisa said...

Kellie — I hope by the end of the day you have that "control" over your home!:-) I totally understand the feeling.

Go forth and CLEAN!

Happy Thursday to you, too!

Unknown said...

So glad you said that....because I tend to be demonstrative too!

Although as a hugger I tend to be keenly aware of those who aren't. I have a sixth (sick ?) sense about these things.

Tiffani said...

Girl, I feel you on the "Teacher Workday" today...ours was yesterday and all that's left today is laundry. So, we're working on school while folding...

This week is dragggiinng! It's dreary/foggy/rainy here too...That is HYSTERICAL you had an ax! I am just so excited for the two of you! It was so fun just talking to Mimi the other night so I can't meeting IRL is sure to be a super fun treat!!

Carrie and Jim said...

Good luck with your work. I will agree that when my house is clean there is more harmony in my life.

Jewel said...

Having went through middle school with a semi-fro, I really understand the importance of good hair! And that includes working hair dryers and proper styling products.

Have fun with your friend. I hope I get to meet you someday:)

Good luck with getting your house in order. I need some of that too.

Anonymous said...

Breaks for cleaning are sweeping the homeschool nation this week apparently. We may be doubling up on math tomorrow, but Mama can't think or teach when she's surrounded by piles.

Good for you for making it "guiltless." Who needs the extra weight?

Gretchen said...

Teacher work day. I likey.

I never remembered to have those when David was homeschooled last year. Perhaps that's why he attends school somewhere else now. I never got those inservice times... :)

Oh, I'm a hugger, too. I hope I don't scare Mer and John. We're meeting in just.2.hours!

Time to do my Wii fit and go get my cute on. Oh, and just so you know I"m not a total homemaking slacker (just a partial one), the laundry is whirring and slogging as we speak/read/type (?).

Anonymous said...

ooo I need to be productive.. and its rainy cold yuck here as well.. maybe my motivation is at the bottom of this cup of coffee :-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So...I am a total hairdryer snob. I packed Sarah's with me on our trip because it is lighter and easier to pack and I regretted it the entire time I was there with BAD hair. I also forgot my hair product and that only contributed to the angst. I totally relate to getting all funky when my hair isn't fixed right. Ick.