Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Poll: Re-Occurring Dream

Its raining here. A cold, steady rain that is forcing me back and forth to the coffee pot. 

Its a burden. 

One I gladly bear.

This weather reminds me of the first time we moved here to NC. It was exactly 4 years ago, during the first weeks of March. It was raining and we were staying in a horrendous motel, waiting for the closing of our new home.

As I was reminiscing this morning about that time, I could almost feel the insecurity I felt back then.

We moved from Texas to North Carolina, right in the middle of The Boy's 1st grade year. I was leaving a group of friends that knew me well. I wasn't really thrilled with moving, but was doing so for The Mister's job. I was comfortable and happy. I had my niche and circle of influence. 

We get here, and we don't know a soul, and now I have to try to get in with "The Mom's" in a new school, in the middle of the year. This is not easy, as groups have formed, friendships are made. I was feeling insecure.

I never really knew how insecure I was feeling until I started having this re-occurring dream:

I'm driving the white mini-van to school. 
The kids are buckled in their seats. 
We approach the school and make a left into the driveway. 
I pull into the line of cars at the drop off curb. 
I bring the car to a stop to wait. 
I look down. 

I'm not wearing a shirt.

In my dream I start to panic: What will the teacher think? What if another mom sees me? How will I explain? They are going to think I'm weird! I'm boxed in by the carpool lane, how can I get out?

I always woke up before we reached our turn. Whew!

I haven't had that dream in awhile now, but it makes me laugh because I can still vividly remember my re-occurring dream as a little girl...I was walking to school, tin Holly Hobby lunch box in hand, cool desert air licking my face. I walk up to the enormous red brick wall outside the classroom to line up with the my classmates. I look down, and realize I have forgotten to put on my shirt. 

Its always the shirt. The rest of the clothes make it on, but I always forget the shirt.

What about you? What is your re-occurring dream?


Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

mine is that i am back in high school and i can't remember my schedule or locker combo. not very imaginative, huh??

Blue Skies said...

I've had similar dreams where I forgot my pants - or something for the bottom half of me at least. I keep pulling down my shirt hoping no one will notice. Aren't dreams strange things?!

Carpool Queen said...

I always dreamed about running from a monster. In sand. And. I. Could. Not. Get. Away.

I can feel the panic rise as I type.

Tiffani said...

Oh My! I've def. had dreams of not wearing clothing in places I should...

BUT, my recurring dream is always about water. Massive amounts of water. I'm not drowning or anything but it's EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I'm IN the water, or ON it or it's just around me. It's so weird. I dream about water at least once or twice a week...sometimes more. Strange.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Ha! I dreamed just a couple of nights ago that I had gone back to work after being a SAHM for years and forgot to wear pants! :)

Unknown said...

I sometimes dream that dh and I have had a huge row (we never do - honest!) and when I wake up, even though I know it was a dream, I still feel grumpy with him!

Anonymous said...

Dreams are strange, aren't they? Every now and then I dream of catching my younger sister like she is falling. That is it - just that - who knows, huh? :)
Have a great Sunday!

Gretchen said...

I didn't have a recurring dream like that, but I always ran and jumped from about 3 feet from the bed up onto the bed. To avoid monsters who would undoubtedly grab my feet.

Michele said...

This is so funny. . . I know they say we all dream, but I just very, very rarely remember mine. . . I always say I don't sleep long enough to dream Ha!Ha! I have had recurring dreams about my teeth falling out though (probably b/c I bleach mine way too much).

Anonymous said...

ooo my.. the naked nightmare.. I have had my fair share of those!

jen said...

I have two, both occur when I am too busy! One is my teeth falling out - it is horrible! The other is of me showing up for a high school or college class, and I realize that I have no idea about anything on the final that I'm about to a matter of fact I haven't even been to class all semester - Eek!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Evidently I'm the only one who doesn't have recurring dreams. I really don't, but I do dream like crazy and usually remember them long enough to tell John.

Interesting side note: we moved here in the middle of my son's first grade year. It WAS hard to break into that mom group. Really hard.