Monday, March 02, 2009

Because I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow

 It has been the most fun morning! 

This is a picture of The Mister walking ahead of me on the next street over. This was taken before he bailed. He was saying something about having patients to see, and work to do, and work ethics...yadda, yadda, yadda.  
I love his integrity. I love his work ethic...but today I REALLY wanted him to dump all those great things in lieu of playing in the snow. ( For the record, he wouldn't have been very fun today, because he would have felt guilty about not going in.  So its best he went. But I'm always looking for ways to get his to stay at home!)

The cool things is that right after I snapped this picture I ran into some teenagers from the hood, who were heading out to the "secret hill". Secret because it is actually part of some ladies back yard.  Apparently, the teenagers have some sort of agreement regarding the use of the Secret Hill during snow events like today. They were so sweet to invite my kids to come sled, so we took them up on their offer.

 Here is The Boy sledding down the hill, which was quite steep and ended in that big pile of cold mud down there. Had I not been literally covered in mud when we got home I would have had the presence of mind to take a picture of myself. But I didn't, the thrill of sledding with youth and the wonderful feeling of cold air in the lungs sort of made me loose my mind for a minute. Or two. The picture below is when I looked out the window and saw The Boy and his dog, Kona the Wondermutt chillin' together by laying in the snow. 

 This was the Narnia-esqe look in the woods looking to our house. We had to walk through those woods to get home from Secret Hill. I wasn't walking the long way when covered in mud. Actually, I would have, but The Girl wore her pink cowboy boots because one must always choose fashion over warmth.  Her toes where so cold after a couple hours outside that she said, and I quote: "My toes are so cold, I might cry. Let's take the short cut." 

Yes, lets take the short cut, because there is no crying on snow days.
Our bird bath. No birds today!

And here is the Pièce de résistance. A video of Sophie, who LOVES the snow. While watching this video you will learn a lot about me. Namely that I have trouble finishing sentences and that I am still grossed out over Yellow Snow jokes. 

No animals were frozen during the making of this film...they were also given a bath in a heated bathroom, because I am a nut. They are now taking naps.


Anonymous said...

ooo yay glad you got a snow day! Such work ethic the mister has :-).. I am hoping to get a little snow action in this afternoon.. but we are fight the stomach funk so we will have to see how Sammy is feeling :-)

jen said...

That IS a fun morning!!! It's crazy cold here, but we don't have any of the fun, white stuff...not near as fun to play outside here today!

Lisa said...

Love the photos! We got just a brushing of the snow...enough to have a little fun in!!

Charity said...

Yay for snow days!! Looks like you had so much fun.. enjoy it today, because the snow will probably be gone by tomorrow :-)

Unknown said...

Looks like you had great fun in the snow. There has been no snow here for a couple of weeks.

Allison said...

How fun! I love all the snow sprinkled tree pictures, too!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, it looks BEA-U-TI-FUL! I'm tempted to be envious, but we were warm and spring-like today so i'll be happy for us both!

That video was sweet. I loved hearing your son laugh...and I loved hearing your voice! That was fun.

Tiffani said...

This was sooo great!! I LOVED hearing you guys! Was Kona the Wundermutt peeing behind The Boy at the beginning??!! TOO FUNNY!

JuJu also wore princess light up cowgirl boots in the snow!!

Those pics of "a boy and his dog" in the snow..were just priceless!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We are enjoying high 70's temps but your pics of snow are so beautiful. Yes, we try and get dh to stay home as well - like today since we're heading out hiking in the mountains

Anonymous said...

Warm baths for the dogs? Sheesh. Talk about a dog hotel. You've got your own little pooch spa going on there. :)