Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Thoughts From Kellie's Brain...(4th ed.)

OK, so its Thursday night and I have to cram because I won't be getting on the computer tomorrow. I also want to pre-schedule a post to go up for tomorrow, so i have to type fast.

1. For all you techie Friends of mine. How hard (and expensive) is it to get own and use my blog name? I am not sure if that's what its called. What I mean is how hard would it be to go from a Blogger account to I have no idea how one goes about that, or if its anything I could do on my own. But I am curious.

2. I started taking vitamins. And now I can't stop eating. I have had a fairly consistent eating pattern for many many years. Now that I am taking vitamins I want to eat again at 9am. Like seriously, famished, if I don't get a snack-snack-I-might-keel over. The last time I was this hungry I was taking prenatals.  Do you think vitamins make you hungry?

3. I am not pregnant.

4. I am so excited because I am going to a Sally Clarkson conference tomorrow night and Saturday morning.  I am looking forward to spending some time with friends and hearing a little bit of encouragement.

5. I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets. They are old and dated, but since I don't want to sell my first child to pay for new cabinets I need to keep what I've got.
Here's a picture:
So my first thought was to paint them white. But then I saw this, and I think they are so beautiful. I'm just not sure its me. Red is pretty bold for me. Remember, streamline, clean and uncluttered. Well, for some reason red feels wild to me. Red feels a little like living on the edge. What do you think?

6. We still have heard an update from our friends about Leah's status. I am going to take my mom's advice and assume that no news is good news.  Keep praying.

7. All right, while I have been typing this I have been coloring my hair. I am almost ready to rinse. I thought I would share that the last time I colored I veered away from my normal in-the-box-colors, Espresso and French Roast (brewing processing on my head as I type). Last month I chose a Medium Brown and the grey hairs refused to hold the color. Its been a long month.

The moral of that story is that you can never go wrong with coffee.



Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder about you...

I am so blaming my overeating on Vitamins. I will quit taking them tommorow.

Also, great inspiration for the kitchen cabinets. I've been considering painting mine too.

Love the red! Very bold!

Enjoy your confrence and have a great weekend.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Ooooo! I love the red cabinets. I think black would be pretty too. Can't wait to see what you decide.

Allison said...

Love the cabinet nice looking!

I did think reading it that it was ironic that you choose haircolors that reflect coffee!

Heather said...

LOVE the red, but then I would have everything red, blue and green if my husband would let me. :) He likes white.

As far as the blog name goes--are you thinking just get the domain name and use it for blogger or are you thinking do the self hosted domain. I do that for a living and it really isn't hard (though I would suggest going with someone who will host you and set you up instead of self hosting which is a pretty big learning curve.) I am not sure about blogger's prices for domains but I host Wordpress sites (self hosted on a shared server) and it is $10 a year for the domain name and I usually charge about $60 for setting up, designing the new theme or adjusting your old to suit the new software, importing the old blog site, the whole shebang.

I just did my hair for the first time in ages (I stopped when I had my first grey about 2 years ago, still only have one so figured what the heck). I usually go with some sort of dark red and whatever is on sale. :)

jen said...

So funny about the coffee hair! And the vitamins - seriously? You want to eat more when you are taking vitamins - weird. I think I need to stay away - far away - from the vitamins!

The cabinets - I say white...unless you want to paint them again in a few years. I love, love, love just about anything that is red, but in my opinion anything that is going to stick around that long needs to be a neutral color. I think Black is good too.

Anonymous said...

If you want you can buy your domain through blogger. Then it will help you get it redirected to your current blog. That way if you ever switch from blogger you can change it. However, there would be a good bit you would have to change if you did it that way.

I got mine through blogger. If you go to settings and then publishing you can buy it in there. Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you have any questions :-)

meh said...

Yes on the red. Honey, you just need to do it! I swear you aren't going to regret it. And if you do regret it, I will personally fly over to your house and help you paint them all plain jane white.

I went to a Sally Clarkson weekend once upon a time in a land far was awesome and encouraging and inspiring and she is personable and smart and friendly as all get out. You are going to be so glad you went and you will be so pumped up to be a homeschooling mama! Have a blast!

Carpool Queen said...

This is why I don't exercise or take vitamins. They just make me hungrier. I think it's a conspiracy.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


I like the red cabinets, but I think white/cream would be nice too. Even black. I've painted cabinets in other houses and been VERY pleased with the results. My advice? Use enamel paint. It's a pain to clean up while painting, but the finish makes for easy wipe downs and I think that's necessary in the kitchen. Oh, and I painted the inside of my cabinets. I think it's worth the extra work.

About the domain...I still use Blogger platform, but it's $10/year for the custom domain. Email me (on Saturday!) if you have questions. Blogger handles everything and it will re-direct everyone to your new do NOTHING...if you change. Your dashboard/everything stays the same.

Enjoy your unplugged day.

Tiffani said...

okay..can't help you w/ the techie stuff, BUT:

Sally Clarkson is ONE OF MY FAVE AUTHORS EVER!!!! I am REELING with envy ;) she encouraged me SOOOO much my first year of homeschooling!! (and continues to)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the red/worn cabinets...very cool, very out of the ordinary...

I am so tempted to color my own hair...I am completely natural and have been I guess a year or two now and I love my brown BUT the grays are REALLY shining! I can't believe it! You're happy w/ at home coloring???

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

I too have a blogspot blog and was wondering the same thing - will be watching this with interest :)

Jewel said...

Under your blog "settings" click on "publishing" and there is an option to switch to a custom domain. It costs $10 for a year and I'm not sure where you go from there, but I'm assuming you can still use blogger format. I think it registers your name with

I like the clean look of white cabinets. In our house we have 70's cabinets and I first painted them white but with white chair rail and shadow box and white appliances it was too much white. Plus I have little ones who were constantly wiping smudges along the cabinets in the walkway of the kitchen and it was hard to keep clean (for me anyway). We painted them a dark charcoal gray and I love it. It feels kind of shabby shiek but not too much:) They do still show smudges but are easier to wipe clean.

Anonymous said...

I love the cabinets you linked to. Love them. Not sure that I'd go that route for your kitchen though...

The kitchen you linked to has white countertops, white appliances, and lots of light coming in. You have dark countertops, and dark appliances. Can't tell from the picture how much light you have coming in. I'd be concerned that the red might be sort of overpowering...but then again I could be way off.

Do you remember my kitchen? I was concerned to go with the dark countertop/cabinet combo because I thought it might close it in. I think it worked out okay because the kitchen is so open to the family room area. Not sure that I'd want to go so dark if it was more closed in, kwim?

Anyway. Getting your own domain name isn't that tough. Lots of peeps are making the switch from Blogger to WP right now. GoDaddy has plans that are like 5 bucks a month and you could switch over to a WP blog.

Blue Skies said...

1. Dunno
2. Dunno about the vitamins either. I'm not regular enough with taking them to notice.
3. Funny!
4. OOh - have fun! I could use one of those myself.
5. I love red and think those are pretty, but I think I'd get tired of them pretty quickly. And doesn't red stimulate some fight or flight response? Check out some color psychology! Something similar might be the aged look over black - still casual but chic. I DO NOT like shiny white cabinets. You are a comfy clean lined kind of girl - I say black.
6. Still praying for Leah.
7. Brave girl - home hair coloring. I am too chicken. Besides - its my excuse every 6 weeks to spend 2 hours getting pampered and reading magazines!

Anonymous said...

I love the red cabinets. I think you should go for it if you like them. White would also be pretty though. Its hard trying to decide waht to do. It would be nice if there was a program where you could upload a pic of your cabinets and then show them red and then show them white. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you do.

Oh, and I love the whole coffee/hair color thing.

The Buntens said...

I overeat when I exercise more. I just cannot seem to satisfy the hunger. But exercise is good, just like vitamins, so what are ya gonna do?

I LOVE the red but am thinking it might chip and show more wear than the white.

It costs me $10 a year to have my blog name. Pretty reasonable, I think.