Thursday, August 21, 2008

This...and That

I feel completely behind in my blog reading.  

If I haven't commented on your blogs, but you know I have been there, please don't take it personally!  I have your blogs saved in my reader and plan to spend a couple hours this weekend to "visit". 

Among our preparation to move across the country, the school situation has changed for The Boy and The Girl, and last week I started them in a homeschooling program. 

Uh, meaning that I am now a homeschooling mom. 

I never, in a million years, thought I would be doing this.  As a matter of fact 6 years ago when we started in this whole School Aged Children stage, I said, "I will never home school.... I am just too "social" for home school...Homeschooling is a lifestyle"...blah, blah, blah.

Well, sometimes (more often than not for me) we find ourselves doing things we thought we would never do. 

And here I am.

To make a very long and stressful story short and sweet, we were unable to get the kids into the same school they attended last time we lived in NC. The other choices we had were either not ones we could live with, or weren't accepting new students, so homeschooling became our answer for this year. In the spring we will re-evaluate and see what the next year will bring.

After much research and reading (and prayer!) I found a literature based curriculum called Sonlight, and after two weeks of schooling we are all enjoying it. We are studying American History and looking forward to living in a state where so much of our early history took place (or is very close!).

To keep in compliance with NC laws I pulled the kids out of school here in the desert so that I could get an early start to the homeschool year. This not only lends extra time with extended family here, but will give us some breathing room as we make our way across the country in the days to come. 

So, this is the reason why I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front.  I am busy teaching The Boy and The Girl all about Native Americans and Christopher Columbus and reading about Pocahontas and remembering what a predicate is...

Fractions anyone? Oy!

I do want to take a second to tell you a few things that I am so excited about:

First, I'm a button!!!!
Jo-Lynne whipped up this adorable little button for me so that you can have have a little piece of La Vida Dulce of your very own.

Just what you have always wanted, huh?

Second, I'm international!!!

I was so excited when JanMary made not one, but two comments this week!  Hi JanMary!  As a matter of fact, it's her birthday. Click on over and wish her a good one won't ya?

OK, I should run. We have "P.E." today at Grannie and Paws swimming pool this afternoon. I am secretly hoping that they will also be serving lunch today. 

La Vida Dulce!


stephanie j. said...

Ingy is only sorta liking pre-k. We've wanted to homeschool all along; I've felt pressure from both "camps". I'm still not sure what we are going to do ultimately, but one of the huge things that homeschooling has going for it (among many great things) is contuinity for those like us who move a lot. There is so little continuity in this nomadic lifestyle that our hubbies have chosen...schooling might be able to serve as that one constant for your Boy and Girl.

Sonlight is great curriculum (so I'm told...) We've looked at it and it was definitely on our short list! I like their global view. I think kids nowadays need to see the world as a whole, if they are going to have compassion for a hurting world.

Rae said...

Many blessings to you and your sweet children as you begin this new adventure! Homeschooling is continually on my heart, in my mind and in my prayers. I take each year as it comes not knowing what the future may hold!!

I love your button and am adding it to my blog right after I hit the publish your comment button!

Mrs. Moofish said...

Right now, I'm especially excited about that more time with extended family part!! ;)

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I've heard such great things about homeschooling -- and you'll probably find that it leaves your kids with a lot more time to pursue outside interests (sports and hobbies). It will certainly be an interesting year for y'all -- but the opportunity to be with your kids at this time in their lives and play such a role in their education is exciting (and probably a little daunting, too!).

Anonymous said...

Oh Kellie, these last two weeks must have been so crazy in your house. Can't wait to hear about it all tomorrow night.

Wow. Just when you thought you had everything under control. I guess you never really know do you?

Jackie said...

I'd say you have a pretty darn good excuse for being slightly quieter around the blogosphere lately. Sounds like you all are going to have lots of fun this season!

Beth said...

I will be praying for your school year!

Loved reading about this; it's something I've thought about off and on for the past year or so, but like you, I've always thought, "there is no way I could homeschool. i just don't think i'm cut out for it. . . i don't have the patience, etc. etc."

Looking forward to hearing updates about it all!

Carrie and Jim said...

What a journey you are on right now! No worries about blogging or keeping up you have the ultimate excuse. I hope that goes well and I'm sure you will do a wonderful job teaching your kids. Just make sure you let us know your still alive, when you can. :)

Michele said...

Congrats on homeschooling. Like you, I never pictured myself homeschooling my children, being too social and all (I also have a selfish streak in me, but it is something that I know with great confidence the Lord has called me to do). You will soon find out that you are actually more social when you homeschool once you get involved in a homeschool group. Starting in Sept with 3 children in 3 different sports, on top of church and homeschool activities we have something to do everyday of the week. I've heard great things about Sonlight.

I like your button - very cool!!! If I can somehow muster up some computer knowledge I will put it on my blog.

Now, I need to quit reading blogs and go start homeschooling my kiddos:)

Tiffani said...

I'm so excited for you guys...I just know you'll grow to love homeschooling and will see that when you have a desire...the person who thought they couldn't homeschool has brought me unmeasureable joy...just today, my son began studying ancient Rome and once we were finished with school, turned his room into Rome, dressed as a Roman, and conquered the living room (taking my money with him that was on the table) much fun!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, Kellie!! Hope the parents pulled through with lunch ;)! I love it when that happens!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear an update on the school situation, and sounds like the decision is well-suited to a variety of needs.

And I'm with you on the being behind feeling. I've been skimming through blogs, but haven't stopped to comment much lately. I'm blaming it on the vacation. . .

Anonymous said...

I am very social also and homeschooling has made me more so. I'm so tired from all the activities we do sometimes that I need a break from the socialization. ;) I would love to see you blog about some of the history you'll be learning in your area. I'd love to hear your perspective from what we may not find in books. Have fun! Enjoy!

jen said...

We're using Sonlight too! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention on your blog :)

I admire your decision to home-school. I don't know anyone here who does it, but it does seem quite big in US, or maybe just with mums who blog!

I pray it will go well for you and your kids. Will be reading with interest to see how it goes.

Just working with my eldest daughter over the summer for the Transfer Test she will take at the end of October is more than enough for both of us!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


I think about homeschooling ALL the time, and I pray about it as well. So far, the Lord has had other plans for us. I'm excited for you as you venture into this new terrain. I'll be praying for you!

Lori said...

I just read this post and think it's great because I'm planning on using Sonlight when we start homeschooling! If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them. :) Take care!