Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Why Aren't I Snoring?

It's 5:30 am on Tuesday morning and I was just about to walk out the door to meet Mrs Moofish for a walk. 

But she just called, and it's raining outside. It's a true, honest to goodness rain that is slow and steady. And quiet.

Very quiet. 

So quiet that I have been up for the last half hour, had my first cup of coffee, got dressed, put my contacts in, and sat down to read email to wake up, all while it was raining outside and I didn't even know it!

There is no chance of going back to bed, so this is the perfect time to blog!

Before I tell you about my dinner with girlfriends on Saturday night, I want to tell you about a dream I had...

This should probably be a post all by itself, entitled, "How You Know When The Blog Has Taken Over Your Life."

I had a dream that I had put up a site meter on my bedroom. I was excited to tell The Mister that in one day we had had 84 visits to our bedroom!

When I woke up and told The Mister about my funny dream, he said in his best Soup Nazi voice "No blogging for you, seven days!" 

I still giggle about that crazy dream!

OK. About Saturday night....
These are gals I have known for over twenty years. J is in the black, T is in the pink, and L is in the blue. We were all in church choir together.

It all started out back in the day (before I could drive, when L had preschool aged children). L is THE piano player extraordinaire and she happened to play the piano at the church I grew up in. For many years I went to Thursday night choir practice and she was always at the piano.

Our relationship was born of necessity: She needed a babysitter and I need a good piano player to help prepare for auditions. Along the way we became good friends.

Her two oldest are in college now (yes, I am that old) and she is still playing piano.

T is a newlywed and this was our first dinner in the new home she shares with her hubby. She made some killer Cheesy Mostaccoli and it was fun to be in her home, and see her doing things that married ladies do! Way back in the day T was also my boss, my choir buddy, and when I was in college and had to do a dramatic monologue, she listened to me practice from Antigone about a thousand times! 

J is a single mom to two boys. She entered into single parenting intentionally when her heart was moved to adoption. Sometimes things aren't easy for her, as motherhood often goes, but she is an exceptional mother.  

J and I, both sopranos, sat together at practice. Which wasn't always a good thing, because she enjoys a good laugh. We would often find ourselves in a fit of giggling. Even on Saturday night I said something that caught her funny bone and she giggled throughout the evening.

These gals are great because often long bits of time will pass without any communication, but when we do get together it is like no time has passed at all...kids grow, people marry, one of us keeps moving from place to place, but our friendship is consistent!

J, T and L, I had a great time on Saturday! 

La Vida Dulce!


C D said...

I know T!! :D AND I've worked with L too... small world, eh? "Sweet Misery of Life" in the Cabaret at the Temple of M & A, like, a lifetime ago.

Sounds like a very fun evening. :D

I watched the sunrise (such as it was through the heavy cloud cover) with my coffee after arising at 4:30. ugh.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening :-) Sounds to early to be up for the day.. I was up at 3:30 changed some sheets on the crib, changed some pjs and then went back to sleep :-P

Carrie and Jim said...

Your dream sounded really funny. Your husband sounds equally funny. Blogs sometimes take over my life as well. It's pretty easy to do.

Kate said...

Hello, I'm visitin' you from Adoptic....lovely to meet you! You are so right...nothing to do on a rainy morning but SLEEP IN, well at least that is what I think!! :D Glad you had a great time with your girlfriends...soo good! Love this True Campaign, have never heard of it before but will check it out!! God bless...have a great day! :) Kari

Chel said...

I love, love, love evenings with old friends.

Rae said...

Oooh, I LOVE rainy days. Especially quiet alone rainy times! How fabulous for you to enjoy a wonderful rainy quiet morning!

What a wonderful group of friends you have! Thanks so much for sharing!!

BTW, your dream is hysterical! I love your hubby's response!!

Jackie said...

Your dream totally cracked me up! As did your hubby's comment. :)

I love a gentle, quiet rain...there is nothing else quite like it.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Sounds like a great time together!

Your dream had me laughing out loud, btw. That is too funny!

Tanya said...

Love the dream! That is TOO FUNNY. I'm still laughing! :) Strange tangent: we actually have a soup nazi store here. Did you know you can buy his soups online too? It really is the best soup I've ever had.