Wednesday, August 20, 2008

With the Olympics, Everyday is Saturday:

A Very Random Post!

Sometimes, when there isn't anything worth while to watch on TV, I turn the sports on. I don't watch them, because sports on TV (other than basketball) is kind of boring to me. But as background noise, I think sports are GLORIOUS!  

I don't know if it brings back nostalgia from childhood memories, or if the extrovert in me just likes to hear people, but nothing can make me feel like a Saturday more than sports droning on in the back ground.

I realized that NBC was broadcasting the Olympics all day, so I have had it quietly playing while I make lunch or am doing something mundane and it has been quite refreshing. Everyday can be a Saturday during the Olympics!

OK, now I am going to talk about something completely random, but I just finished a small box of Junior Mints so my brain is on over-drive.

When I cleaned out my closet yesterday I did it while watching The Queen.  I had heard that that movie was awesome but I was reluctant. I had no idea it was set in 1997 in the wake of Princess Diana's death. 

It is with a bit of shyness that I tell you that I was a HUGE Diana fan.  My mother woke me up at 3 am to watch her wedding via live satellite.  I think I was nine years old and I remember it like it was yesterday.

The morning she died, almost 11 years ago. I was nine months pregnant and watched the news coverage for days.

Anyway, my love for Diana isn't what it was in those little girl years, but if I had known that The Queen was set in modern day I would have picked it up sooner! It was good! And it totally took my mind off of my dusty, cluttered (although now clean!) closet!

PS: My Mom bought the book pictured below for me after Diana married. I had forgotten I had it, but when I unpacked one of those unpacked boxes I wrote about yesterday, it was in there. 

I thought it was interesting that I found it while watching The Queen. I will admit, I decided not to give it away.

And of course I had to take a picture of it, right there, in the closet, and propped up on my shoes.

La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the sound of things can bring back memories. Every time I hear Monday Night Football (although I can't sit and watch it) brings me back to being a kid and my dad having it on every monday. Nice memories...
I haven't seen "The Queen" yet, but I may get it now that you liked it. I remember Diana's death well. The day after she died was mine and hubby's first date. 11 years this Labor Day Weekend. It was still all over the news...and very sad.

Lindsay said...

We have been watching the olympics like crazy around here. My sleep has been suffering :-P Very interesting you found that book while watching The Queen. So what did you think of the movie?

karla said...

That Saturday sports thing...I'm with you! I forget which station...ABC though I think...who had that poor skier every week memorializing "the agony of defeat" right on the heels of some other more fortunate person experiencing the "thrill of victory." Yup. Memories for this 70's/80's kid, too!

Jolanthe said...

I loved, loved, loved Diana too. :) Still have a bunch of stuff from her too - probably the same book that you have.


Michelle@Life with Three said...

I was a big Diana fan, as well. As a little girl, I remember the day she got married, going up into my bedroom and just drawing pictures of wedding dresses. So romantic!

I enjoyed The Queen. I thought Helen Mirren did a fantastic job in her portrayal.

Anonymous said...

I'm just popping in to say hello and that while I'm not commenting much, I AM reading your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm always reading your posts Kellie and thinking, "me too, me too!" But this is one thing that we don't agree on.

I can't STAND the sports on TV. Now, I'm not talking about the Olymipics because I actually love the Olympics but the one thing I dread about Fall is that Jeff will have dumb football on every chance he gets. I can't stand the sound of those sportscasters. Ugh.

Very interesting that you find it relaxing!

Jackie said...

I love your randomness! :)

Sorry, Darcie...I have to agree with Kellie here. :) I LOVE football, maybe because fall is my favorite season, and I know it's fall when we can sit and watch Sunday afternoon football. I guess it comes with growing up with three sports-crazy brothers.

Unknown said...

I too was pregnant when Diana died.

I too have a Diana book somewhere too! I also have an old scrapbook full of newpaper cuttings from the time of the wedding. Must look it out again.

I must confess, despite being british, I have not yet watched The Queen video - but it is now on my list - thanks :)

Carrie and Jim said...

She was such an icon and I remember feeling so sad when she died. Her life was so public that I felt she was cheated when her life was cut so short. I also think her loveless marriage to Charles made me feel even more sad for her.

Midlife Mom said...

HI! Glad you stopped by to visit the ole hobby farm here in Maine. Yes, it is very beautiful here with the four seasons, each with their own special sights, sounds and colors. We love the coast and we love the mountains and have both. We also love the snow, I even dreamed last night that I was snowmobiling in deep fluffy snow!

I too loved Diana. I think she got a bad deal out of her marriage to what's his name though. It was all rather sad but she got two lovely sons that will carry her name on. Wish she had had more time to spend with them!

C D said...

Yep -- sports in the background is relaxing (golf is a wonderful game to nap to!)... and for the same reasons.

I didn't get up to watch the wedding, but I did stay up all night to watch the funeral.

I was in reservations at American when one of the girls got a call around 11pm our time from a reporter wanting to catch the next plane to London -- he told her all about the accident that had just happened... and a couple hours later we heard that she had died.

I was really sad - big Di fan.

Brian's gran had a button tin that was a commemorative biscuit tin of Charles & Di -- I have it in my MIL's loft in Scotland. Tacky, but probably a collector's item.

jen said...

I checked The Queen out from the library recently, but I didn't get the chance to watch it before it was due back. Guess I'll have to try again!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Diana's wedding too but we didn't have to get up in the middle of the night (another NI chick!!)

I'm sure that book is in my mums house too!


Anonymous said...

I remember watching Diana's wedding too but we didn't have to get up in the middle of the night (another NI chick!!)

I'm sure that book is in my mums house too!


stephanie j. said...

I had the Diana haircut in 8th grade. If I could find my Jr. High graduation picture, I'd prove it to you. I didn't get up to watch the wedding live, but I did watch the entire rerun from beginning to end. Remember how she goofed up Charles' middle names? It was such a to-do. Well, I guess her whole marriage became "such a to-do", huh? Sad circumstances all around, I'd say.

I'm an Olympics nut...ask me a year, I'll tell you the location (at least back to 1968, that is). I was living in Utah during the SLC Winter to see men's figure skating finals, curling and Latvia vs. Austria in men's hockey. I had a humongous crush on Eric Heiden (I think that is kind of like your Diana admission, K! But what can I say? I was in 6th grade!)

Hey, does anyone else fall asleep on Sunday afternoons the during the last half of a football game on the tube? Something about the roar of the crowd.