Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ladies Who Lunch...uh, Dinner?

This weekend was really fun. I have had the opportunity to spend time with people I care about; with whom I have enjoyed friendship.  

This week, I will be posting about these gals. 

Today we start with Darcie.

We went to dinner together on Friday night and checked out a new restaurant in our little neighborhood. The food was good, but the best part of evening was when we both got carded! After dinner, we weren't quite ready to go home yet, so we drove over a coffee shop that had live music playing in the parking lot. We were both quite full from our dinner, and hadn't any desire for dessert or hot beverages at eight in the evening so we rolled down the windows of her car and talked in the parking lot, while listening to the music in the background. It was a very happy evening.

I have not known Darcie very long, and yet I feel very comfortable with her. Maybe it's because we are like minded in many ways. Maybe it's because we share a birthday (although she's a spring chick!). Or maybe it's because when it comes to "girls night," we aren't high maintenance; whatever it is, I am so glad that this crazy little blog was able to bring friendship in real and tangible way!

La Vida Dulce!


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening and a great friendship!

Genny said...

Sounds like fun! And there's nothing like still getting carded!

Tiffani said...

oh, how fun!! Our last girls night out, the spring chickens Michele and I went with both got carded, we, however, did NOT.. :( My gray must be more obvious than I suspected...oh well, it was still worth the TONS of laughs and fun we had!!

Carrie and Jim said...

Glad you had a great time. Must feel good to still get carded. ha ha

Anonymous said...

It's always great to meet up with blog friends . . .and to get carded! That's awesome!

I'm not high-maintenance when it comes to a girls night either - if I'm out of the house, it's good. If I get to drive there with no one screaming in the back of the car, I win.

Anonymous said...

Good food, good friends, and a sweet waitress who carded us...does it get any better?

I had a great time too and like I've said before, I will miss you when you go!

Anonymous said...

What great tribute to your friends. You gals had a fun evening.

Jackie said...

You both look amazing...and girls night out is the best. I'm glad you got to get together with her before you move.