Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everything and Nothing

OK, for those of who know me in real life (or IRL as my friend cd likes to say) you'll know that I often talk about everything and nothing, all at the same time. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you also have probably figured it out.

Today, that is what you get, Everything and Nothing. Fasten you seat belts.

Let's start with the fact that I am almost finished with the book Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. If you are familiar with the Mitford books her name will sound familiar, if you're not, log off right now, and run, don't even think about walking, to a library or book store and pick up her Mitford series.

It is very rare that I read during the day, unless I am on an airplane, lounging by the pool in the summer, or on vacation. I usually save my reading for the bedtime routine. This means that I may read a book for almost a month before I finish it. But I like it that way, because if it's a good book, I like to make it last. But I digress...

Home to Holly Springs is such a good story. Oh! It's heart breaking, but it's delicious. So much so that I have been reading in the middle of the day. Afraid to go too fast, and afraid not to.

I must tell you that I was skeptical, Father Tim and the people of Mitford are like friends to me (which I know sounds weird, but it's Everything and Nothing day, so hang with me) and much like a mother, with only one child wonders how she will love the second, I was feeling doubtful that Ms. Karon could improve on such a good thing. She has. Go get it.


Confessions of a Textile Junky

(Is paper considered a textile? Cuz I really enjoy pretty paper too.)

I went to work at my Mom's office today, to make up time for the beautiful three day weekend. Here is the part where I confess to you that I have had covetousness in my heart. A couple years ago when we came to visit I snooped in the guest room/sewing room closet and saw that she had some beautiful Mary Ingelbright fabrics she was planning to use for a quilt. When we moved here almost 11 months ago, I remembered those fabrics, and secretly began to nonchalantly look around her home for a mere peek.

Well, finally I just gave up and came right out and asked her about them because I couldn't find them A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E. She had hid them very, very well. I have a very keen gift for finding things that are not meant to be seen before their time. So I was surprised at how well she hid them. I also have an amazing talent for unwrapping Christmas gifts, without even messing up the tape, but we won't go there today.

Anyway, today we pulled out two boxes full of material and she gave me a huge stash of material, including all the Ingelbright stuff. She also gave me a whole bunch of pale pink flannel (pictured above with my new shiny thimble) and I literally cannot stop thinking about the possibilities for that flannel. I may have trouble sleeping tonight.


No Scrap is Sacred

Last spring, shortly after we moved here, I drove to the Target for a few little items and walked out with this really cute "baby doll" type of dress/shirt. I bought it and wore it once or twice over a pair of jeans, but the real reason I bought it was because I loved the fabric pattern.

Honestly, I am too old to wear anything that is empire waisted. 'Too old' because I did not have babies in the "show your bump and look cute" period. I had babies in the scary time between large tents and empire waists. Secondly, I was too old for this specific top because it had puff sleeves. Which was fine when my mother was making me Laura Ashley jumpers but now, not so much. Plus, I have very broad shoulders and adding cute little puffs made me feel like a linebacker. But anyway...I had been looking at that top hang in my closet for awhile and decided I could make something cute out of it, so I made this.

(Gotta love pics with the head out of frame.)

I think I will be keeping this one for me, however, I am really excited about this. I have all sorts of fun new stuff, so the possibilities are endless!

OK, I think that's it. Well it's actually not, but I am cutting myself off, just like the picture.

(I am kellie coffeegal, of La Vida Dulce, and I approved this craziness)


meh said...

First of all, dear Coffeegal-IRL in person or on blog, you are a blast to hang out with even if it does take a tiny bit of effort to keep up with where you are going next!! Secondly, that shiny thimble on the pink flannel ALMOST makes me want to be a seamstress! Thirdly, I have got to get that book! Fourthly, I think it would be pretty much impossible for you to look like a linebacker, even with the shoulder pads from the 80's! And, lastly, I love the new apron! Good job!!

C D said...

paper.... fabrics.... scraps... it's all the same addiction.


Anonymous said...

Remember the we-are-twins discussion we had yesterday? I LOVE the Jan Karon Mitford series! I own all of those books.

Also? I love love love Mary Engelbright stuff.

We need DNA tests, stat.

Blue Skies said...

You are inspiring me to get after those fabric craft projects I have on my list. Even my dd seems to have the craft with fabric bug recently.

Megan said...

I love love love the Mitford series. I am going to look for this new book of hers.
On a side note, you have amazing arms! I might be coveting them...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could sew. You might just inspire me to take it on.

I LOVED reading this post because I really felt like I sat down at your kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and chatted with you. Not that we ever had that many IRL conversations before, but because it just felt that way :)

dcrmom said...

Love Mitford and Eneglbright too. I love your random posts. :-) Probably b/c I think and talk about like you do, in tangents.

On the other hand, I do NOT do crafts. No sirree.