Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunrise on a Snowy Day

"As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands.

Instead of the thornbush will grow the pine tree,
and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.
This will be for the LORD's renown,
for an everlasting sign,
which will not be destroyed."

Isaiah 55:10-13
(New International Version)

Friday, January 29, 2010


I know that y'all have just been pining away wondering if I really cut my hair super short.

I did. And I love it. The pic above was from yesterday. I can never get my hair to do what my hairapist can do, so this is what it looked like today.

Still love it.

Here's the back. The poofiness make it look longer than it is. It's short, she had to use the buzzer on my neck! Or maybe I've just always had a hairy neck.

Quick! Let's change the subject.

This afternoon I walked into the school room to see these two reading about the Wright Brothers. Kona the Wondermutt has her chin on the top of the book. Every time The Girl needed to turn a page, Kona would graciously left her head up.

The Girl thinks its because Kona is such a sweet and smart dog (which could be true), but I'm sure the bowl of Nilla Wafer's The Girl is snacking on makes Kona act smarter.

Do you see the way The Girl is sitting? She sits this way all the time. So much so, that she has a little rough patch on the bottom of her chin that gets red and is peeling. I'm trying to break her of the habit but she says she's comfortable.

That Lego magazine in the bottom right corner is magic. It appears on nearly every floor of every room (or bathroom counter) in this house. If I pick it up once a day (or ask someone else to), I pick it up fifteen times. I'm tempted to throw it away, but both kids look through it several times a day. I'm pretty sure they've got it memorized.

On a different note, we are preparing for the big winter storm this weekend, and just between me and you, I hope it snows A LOT.

My kids have never seen A LOT of snow. It would be fun this one time, since its on a weekend and The Mister could be here too.  Its always more fun when he's here. He's such a much better snowman maker and be-out-in-the-cold parent than I am. And I make better cookies when he's home.

Secretly, I hope that we get snowed in all weekend and we have to just read and be inside and drink hot beverages and play games.

Come one snow...I'm waiting.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Love

The kids are asleep.

I have about four posts that are half-written, but I know the kids will wake up and be ready for school before I can while I sit here and eat my Cheerios, with banana and walnuts, lets just chat.

Speaking of Cheerios...they saved my life during my first pregnancy. Well, at least in the first trimester. I literally ate Cheerios breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Love me some Cheerios.

Speaking of things I love...I'm seeing my hairapist today. I will definitely get my roots done, but I'm also probably going to go super-short. I tend to do this a lot. Cut it short, grow it long. Sit in-between for awhile.

Love me some hairapy.

I've GOT to run to the store this morning before all of North Carolinians gets there. Apparently, starting tomorrow, we're gonna have weather around-these-here-parts. There is nothing that makes a southern women more concerned than not being able to provide the four basic food groups to her family, while the world puts on an ice show. So I will certainly be going to the store to get coffee, creamer, hot cocoa, and flour. (To be sure that we can have biscuits, or scones, or cookies to eat with our hot beverages.)

Love me some hot beverages.

I got up this morning and had a great conversation with my dear friend and running partner. We both woke up feeling not-so-ready-to-run-in-the-early-morning-cold, but we did, and it was worth it. The conversation was encouraging, the exercise was invigorating, and her friendship is precious to me.

Love me some happy endorphins shared with a friend.

Speaking of friends, I have one coming to visit me in just 19 days and 3 hours. Not that I'm counting or anything. 

Love me some sweet visitors.

When I visited her last summer on Whidbey Island, WA, we saw huge eagles nests and the Puget Sound  while sitting in her back yard.

I can't wait to show her the beautiful North Carolina piney woods in my back yard, especially since its winter and there are absolutely no leaves on the tree's. It will be easier to see the gigantic squirrels nests we have in our tree tops. However, the daffodil bulbs are already starting to push themselves out of the ground, and I can't wait to show her.

I love me some new life springing from a hard and frozen ground...the promise that spring will come. It will come.

All right, its your turn, what do you love?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every One Needs a Little

Last week The Girl went rock climbing with her Girl Scout Troop.

Having never done any rock climbing myself, I didn't know what to expect, or how the equipment worked.

We learned about the figure eight knot, and how to get harnessed in the gear. We learned what it meant to be a belayer.

The Girl was very nervous.

Her first climb wasn't very high.

I asked if it was because her arms and legs got tired.

She said it wasn't that...she said when she looked down, she became afraid.

There was another mom who was belaying (that's the person who has control of the rope so the climber doesn't plummet to the ground). She is a very quiet kind of gal. She doesn't say much...

But, when she had The Girl climbing that wall she would speak in quiet tones meant for only The Girl to hear, "That's it, G, keep your weight in your feet... Yes...That's it....You are doing a great job....There is a foothold just to your left...Can you reach it?....Yes, you have it!....Keep going...Your doing great....Look up, there's a perfect place for you right hand...You got it....Good job."

Whispers meant only for The Girl...

Whispers... of quiet encouragement help to set her eyes on what is important. Words to help make her climb  successful. Counsel that gave motivation to pull herself up when her legs were shaking from fatigue and her hands were stinging with blisters.

It reminded me to be aware of those around me who may be climbing the walls of life, who hang, mid-wall, without a belayer, shaking legs and bloodied hands.

Lord, help me to remember that quiet whispers of encouragement can be a life-line to someone else...give me wisdom to use them gently and lavishly.

Encouragement. Every one needs a little.

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement
because you, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.

Philemon 1:7

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Big Reveal: My New Office

I'm all moved (back)!!

That old book shelf (actually, a TV center that I turned on its side or more space!) is out and the bookshelves, made by The Mister are in:

For those who Twitter with me, you know that I was second guessing my choice of bright blue.

No regrets now.

I love how they look with both the yellow walls and the red stained desk and shelves.

The paintings above  the shelves were done by my children and will be framed soon.

Above the desk will be my favorite print given to me by the daughter of this artist .

She gave it to me as a goodbye gift when we moved from Texas, five years ago. At the time, I didn't have the funds to have it matted and framed, so as we speak this is being framed:

I swiped this pic from the net...I wish it was better because L. Carter Holman's art is way more vibrant, rich, and beautiful, than the colors of this photo!

Since this room was originally purposed to be a formal living room (I had the door installed) there isn't any storage. I'm gonna make space under the work table by making a very long table skirt using this fabric:

I may switch the ironing board and shelf to the other side of the room and move the treadmill and elliptical to the other side...

... but for now, this will work. I do hope to eventually find a different lamp than that old one on the shelf. Actually I need to get more than one lamp, at night this room is fairly dark!

I have room for all my sewing and embroidery stuff, a desk for the kids to do thier math assignments, a place to sit and watch movies with The Girl on Friday nights, and enough space to work out (or when I am working on big projects!).

I moved the table from the east wall to the south, so that when I am sewing, I can have a nice view of the front yard:

 This table is often used as a place to fold laundry while I watch the news or a movie so I like that its directly across from the desk:

I LOVE my new space. I think I'll log off and go make something!

Happy Weekend!

Read With Me: Week 3

I missed posting on week 3 of the Read With Me (1 year bible reading plan)...but I'm still reading.

I am enjoying it so- very- much.

We cover quite a bit in a week - entirely too much to write about it all in this post, so I want to share one thing I took away from the last seven days.

Psalm 22 was part of the reading for this week.

Reading it was timely.

Especially in light of a conversation I had with my twelve year old son.

"I know you say that God is with me, but sometimes, Mom, I feel like God isn't with me."

He's in good company. There are many men (and women) in the bible who have felt the same way.

King David penned these words:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me?
So far from the words of my groaning?
O my God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
by night, and am not silent.
Psalm: 22:1-2

But then, in verse 4, he says something interesting:

In you our fathers put their trust;
They trusted and you delivered them.
They cried to you and were saved.
In you they trusted and were not disappointed.

I love David's honesty.

I love that he's say's what's on his mind: Lord where are you? I am desperately alone.

But he also remembers the TRUTH: Lord, I know I can trust you, because you have faithfully answered the prayers of those I live my life with...with those who have walked before me.

But then....

In spite of his doubt, He chooses to set his heart on Truth, he sets his heart on the Lord.

In verse 22 he declares:

...I will praise you.

And encourages us to do the same:

You who fear the Lord praise him!

It is very difficult to explain why a Holy God does what He does. 

In many ways we aren't meant to know.

But, we can and must remember that God does love us. He does hear us. He never leaves us. He alone is sufficient. We can come to Him with all of our feelings and thoughts and misunderstandings, because He knows them anyway.

When we feel alone, we praise the God who is always with us, even when our feelings tell us He isn't there!

All right, Read with Me Gals, let press forward into another week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

La Vida Lunch

Wanna join me for a bloggers lunch today?

This is what I'm serving:

That would be a chicken salad and homemade wheat bread, fresh from the oven.

I'm sipping a piping-hot cup of blueberry-green tea...with a splash of honey.


Glad you asked.

I haven't been talking about it here on the net, but {{looking over my shoulders}} I'm trying to cut back on caffeine.

I've been feeling run down, and tired, and just a little "off". At first I thought it was sugar. Cuz sometimes if I get crazy with sugar consumption it can make me feel super tired and run-down.

But it wasn't that.

The truth is that its cold outside and I like be warm. Drinking coffee is such a warm, wonderful, thing.

Anyway, instead of drinking coffee all morning, then again with my lunch, and yet again with my afternoon snack (yes, I snack like a toddler in the afternoon) I decided to try to drink other hot beverages.

My first hot beverage of choice was to pull out the amazing recipe my dear friend Tracy sent me at Christmas. (Hi Tracy, my best friend from high school!) Its hot chocolate with some butterscotch schnapps and whipped cream added for a  delightful afternoon warmth.

Obviously, being a light-weight I wouldn't want to risk getting schnockered in the middle of the afternoon wasting all those calories just to keep warm, so I have been trying to drink herbal or green teas (along with decaf).

Once I got over the initial lack-of-caffeine period (I hate to use the word withdrawal since it has that whole "addiction" connotation) I'm feeling a lot better!

Ok, this is not where I intended this post to go....let's steer this ship around.

How's your lunch....more bread?

Its a rainy day here in the Carolina's and my part of school is finished.

Along with teaching I made the kids Sweet Biscuits for breakfast, and bread for lunch.

I have made my bed, and straightened the living room.

I washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry, with two more whirring as we type.

I've helped the kids get their chores done for the day, including the dishes, the sweeping of the kitchen floors and the vacuuming of the school room and the upstairs.

I am seriously considering cleaning the master bathroom, although the cleaning schedule says it doesn't need to be done until tomorrow.

Do you know why I am so very productive today?

I'm procrastinating. Big time.

My new shelves are painted and ready. And while the rest of the house is fairly tidy, my office has been neglected. To say the least.

I must organize and clean all of this....

Before I can get to this:

It's in moments like these when I wish I could twitch my nose like Tabitha and make everything magically go in place.

All right, my lunch is gone and since I have managed to encourage mid-afternoon drinking and witchcraft all in one post...I should probably sign off...

Can we blame it on a lack of caffeine?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feeling Blue

Robin's Egg Blue to be exact.

Last week was such a nice time of rest.

With The Mister home we did some school, some building:

 (OK, The Mister did all the building, but I made sure he was well stocked in Mt. Dew!),

Some hiking:

Some cleaning, some reading, and some playing.

Not too much.

But not too little.

We took advantage of the warmer days to check out a new hiking trail (we have many within a 10 mile radius of our house). The river in many places was frozen. But the sky was blue and the sun was warm.

We had a picnic, and the kids played with ice.

Unfortunately, The Mister had to go back to work.

In the hopes of making this day go quickly until he comes home, we have a busy day planned.

I plan to have my shelves primed, painted, dried and ready for move-in by this evening.

Life is good.

I always have a hard time after vacation is over, but today I am grateful...and amazingly rested after some good family time.

What are you up to this week?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fear Not! (A late post is better than never...)

Last week I started an online bible study with my friend (and fellow Island Girl) Amber, from Still His Girl.

Our topic, based on Daniel 1 was Exploring: Courage, Conquering: Fear

One of the "assignments" (all of which are graciously *optional*) was to write about what scriptures spoke the most to the face of fear.

What do I fear?

I guess the first stanza of Psalm 27: 5 explains it all:

For in the day of trouble....

That's the part I fear...

Like most of you, I've seen some trouble in my past.

Some very painful trouble.

I fear that trouble will find me again...sneak up upon me... or my children, or my loved ones.

Fear is a thief that steals hope and robs joy.

It distracts from the most important part of Psalm 27:5:

He will hide me safe in His dwelling.
He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle.
And set me high upon a rock.

Certainly, in the face of trouble, God does not leave us.

He protects us. He hides us. He sets us in high places where the storm will not wash us away.

Sometimes this happens in ways we cannot see until the trouble has passed.

Hind-sight is almost always 20/20.

Charles Fulton Oursler said this:

Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves- regret for our past and fear of tomorrow.

I pray that is never said of me....

Christ hung on that cross so that I wouldn't have to be afraid of trouble.

Will trouble come?



Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, 
for the Lord your God goes with you.; he will never leave you or forsake you....

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 
For I am convinced that neither angel nor demons, 
neither the present nor the future, 
nor any powers, 
neither height nor depth, 
nor anything else in all creation 
will be able to separate us from the 
love of God 
that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Duet 31:6 & Romans 8:38)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Baby CoffeeGal

I'm feeling a bit scattered with all the fun stuff going on in the La Vida House today. So I am going to copy  the CarpoolQueen and post a picture of myself from back in the day.

On the back of the picture it says "6 mos" in blurry blue pen. However on the side of the photo is a printed date that says: AUG 73. Which would make me 10 months I must be somewhere in between.

As you can see, I still wear those cheeks. Its my trade-mark-- as is evidenced here (at 13 months) and here (at four years old). And, of course, today.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mostly 'Bout Nothin'

The Mister has been home this week and it has been so nice.

He had some time off during the holidays, and that was good too. But this time, when there aren't a thousand and one activities, or things that have to be done, its better.

Not that he's been idle.

Cuz, I sort of capitalized on his being here,and had an eensy-weensy, little, project for him.

He's building these for my office.

He has spent the last two days working in the garage while I taught school.

Let me tell you what I love about him being home.... I love moments like the one that happened at 3:30 yesterday afternoon-- I made a pot of coffee and heated up two leftover banana chocolate chip scones, and invited him to come in for awhile.

He happily obliged.

And for 30 minutes we sat at the kitchen table and talked about everything-- and nothing. Love that.

Of all the people I enjoy sipping coffee with, he's my favorite.

Back to those shelves he's building...

The unfortunate part of getting new shelves is that I need to clean and organize my craft room, which has been a perpetual state of chaos since Thanksgiving.

You see the problem is that I have this big basket of wool yarn that I bought and in my attempt to ignore winter I have become a chronic flower maker, in hopes of making spring come early.

I tried my hand at a headband and it turned out all right.

The Girl considered using it as a neck warmer, but it seems that wool is a bit scratchy.

In my knitting craze, I decided to try to felt some knit wool and make flowers out it.

This is when I realized I might be allergic to wool.

But I'm having fun, so what's a few hives?

Hmmm.....what else can I tell you?

This morning i'm feeling a little queasy because last night I got 4 tweets/emails/texts, from four different moms (in four different states!) asking for prayer because the stomach virus had viciously hit their homes.

This makes me scared. I despise stomach bugs. Maybe its because for some odd reason, every emotion I feel is connected to my stomach. I get queasy if I'm nervous, sad, angry, excited, bitter, happy or any emotion in between...but nothing makes me more nervous than a stomach bug.

Let's change the subject....

Today we are taking a break from (written) school work and will go on a field trip. We aren't exactly sure where we are going, but we know that getting out of the house would be good today, while the weather is supposed to warm up a few degrees (before it plummets again!).

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful: The Story of One Earring

Last week I had a ministry meeting with my friends, K2 and LR.

As we were discussing the details of our new semester of Ladies Bible Study, LR's blue earring fell out of her left ear.

While she was putting it back in, I noticed that her other ear was nekkid as well. I said, "Oh! You lost the other one too."

She said something to me I never expected: I only have one ear pierced.

Upon further inspection I realized it was true.

Her right earlobe was completely devoid of the puncture of piercing.

She told the story of being a teenager with a desire for adornment, but a serious lack of funds held her back.

She did have a sweet friend, who had a little cash and a willingness to help a girl in need.

They headed for the mall, with just enough coin for the job.

Upon piercing of the left ear, her friend realized that the posted piercing price was actually per ear, and unfortunately, LR's friend was now tapped.

Embarrassed and apologetic, her friend offered to bring LR back to the store after the next pay day, to complete the matched set.

However, as often happens with time and money, the days marched on and they never went back for that second ear.

And here she sat with me at a tiny table in the corner of Starbucks...and my mind began to turn.

Before I had the chance to respond, she said "Here's the fun part-- I have the most beautiful earrings, because for years now whenever a friend or those who know this story lose an earring, they give me the lonely one. You wouldn't believe how many really nice earrings I have."

I can tell you, she wears them proudly.

And Beautifully.

I love her attitude. Her heart. Her willingness to see the bright side of an uncommon situation.

She's not willing to conform to what might be deemed a "normal" standard (if you can call having matched ear piercing normal).

I didn't ask if she ever plans on getting her right ear pierced. I got the feeling she's not planning it anytime soon.

As this point in LR's life her piercing decisions are not limited by funds, but my hunch is that she isn't willing to pay the high price of what a second earring might cost-- such as conversations missed. Or the opportunity to tell a good story and to laugh with someone else.

Why do I think this story is beautiful?

Because LR is beautiful. Outside and in. With or without her one pierced ear.

But more importantly, LR is willing to walk the "be you" of beauty, and when a gal is willing to be herself, that encourages others to do the same.

And that is beautiful.

What matters is not the outer appearance...the jewelry you wear...but your inner disposition.
1 Peter 3: 3 (MSG)

This year I have decided to keep my  eyes and heart open to seeing beauty in a way that is counter-cultural and God honoring. When I see it, I hope to write about it. This is the first post...for more info on why I've chosen to do this go to this post.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Read with Me: Week 1

Whew! I made it through the first week of the Read with Me challenge.

I'm loving the format of reading a bit of OT, a bit of poetry (Psalm), a small portion from the Gospels, and then a bit of NT.

Today I thought I would give you a glimpse of where my quiet time is happening...

I've changed my venue....instead of reading in my office (which also serves as the math class, the gym, the ironing room and the craft explosion) I'm staying in my room.

Once I head downstairs its really hard to not switch into lets-plow-through-the-day-and-get-things-checked-off-my-list mode. Staying in my room will help keep my heart and mind relaxed, and to enjoy this time. So far its working. What helped was a gift I received last weekend.

The (amazingly talented and handsome) Mister built that lap desk for me, and I drink my coffee in my bed and read.

Can we spell s-p-o-i-l-e-d  r-o-t-t-e-n?

If you are interested in joining me and the other Read with Me Girls....its not too late! Click here, sign up, and start reading!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'll Take "Random" For $1.50

Its lunchtime. Thought I would eat and type.

In anticipation of this frigid weather I bought Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup in bulk at my local Buy It In Bulk store.

Typically the bulk combo is Chicken Noodle/Beef Stew combo, which I have bought although I am not a fan of the Beef Stew. This time I noticed they had the Tuscany Chicken/Chicken Vegetable with High Fiber, combo pack.

I was a bit skeptical.

Or maybe I should say: i was little concerned with how they made it "high fiber". I don't enjoy Metamucil in my soup.

I threw caution to the wind and bought it.

Afterall, Metamucil Soup seemed a far better option than four cans of Beef Stew taking up space in my pantry.

Turns out, its good.

The fiber culprit?

White beans.

I can live with that.

On another topic....

I have a cold weather piece of advice for you:

Don't get up and start two loads of laundry, and decide to do the first cycles in warm water (even though you nearly ALWAYS wash everything in cold).....because after you work out and get all sweaty (but before breakfast with the kiddos) you may want a shower.

A hot shower.

On a very brisk morn.

And the hot water heater may not actually be able to keep up with all your productiveness.

In other news...

We studied about the Fourth Dimension this morning in school: Time.

If you want some serious laughter, come on over around 11:30p. That's when we close the Grammer/Lang. Arts books and open the science texts. Its in this part of my day when I learn about wormholes, and buckyballs, and nanoassemblers.

This artsy-crafty, right-brained gal is quite comical when teaching concepts like the spacetime continuum and the theories of Einstein.

When my children ask me questions I give them two answers: 1. Look it up. or, 2. Ask your Dad when he gets home.

The best part about Science?

Its right before lunch. I'm learning a lot.

Last but not least....

I've really been thinking a lot about my news years resolution regarding beauty.

If you haven't yet read my New Years resolution post. I invite you to click here.

I'm working on a post for Monday. Without giving too many details, I've decided that when i see beauty in a way that is counter-cultural and God honoring, I'm going to write about it. It may not be once a week...or have any rhyme or reason to it, but when I see it, I want to appreciate it!

All right, lunch is over, thanks for sharing it with I have to go fold the laundry that stole my shower.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Is It Summer Yet?

It seems that my mind is completely blank this morning-- I am resorting to talk of the weather.

Actually, I think the problem is that my brain is frozen.

Some of you may remember that I was born and raised in the middle of the Sonoran Desert--among cacti and roadrunners, and mid-summer temps of 113.

I like me some heat.

This morning the weather people were giving tips on how to dress appropriate for the sub-freezing temps. Apparently, the whole country is going to receive some sort of arctic blast this week, and layered dress would be appropriate.


May I remind everyone that I live in the south. I am southern in the truest meaning of the word...and that word would be: It's supposed to be warm in the south. Birds actually FLY here to be WARM. And I don't dress in layers.

I'm thinking about starting a protest over winter. I believe I've had enough.

I can hear my friends in the Great Big North laughing. out. loud. 

Do you like winter? Do you like to dress in layers? What do you do to keep warm?

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year Ramblings

Each morning when I wake up I try to find music that will motivate my troops to get up and get moving.

In my early morning haste, I grabbed the first CD I could reach and put it in the player. Avalons New Day started with a burst. I love thee.

Yes, its a new day, its a new time.....

I love new beginnings.

Of course this is a time when most are wont to make resolutions and new commitments. I am no excpetion, except.....

I don't really make resolutions, because that supposes that that list of things will be resolved--meaning  settled, or that a specific solution will fix the problem.

Let me tell you, if there is one place where I remain consistent it's in this: I am a continual (and not always in a forward motion) work-in-progress.

With that said, I desire to always be learning, creating and striving to be who God has created me to be.....and let's be honest here, there is nothing I like more than a list at the beginning of a new year.

So I make goals. Goals feel more do-able than resolutions. Goals put more emphasis on the journey than the destination.  I like that.

Am I sounding like the adults on a Peanuts cartoon? - whaa whaa whaa whaaaa......

Then let's move on.

This year I made three goals: A spiritual goal, a creative/relational goal, and a personal goal.

Spiritual: To read through the bible in a year.

I've read through the bible in a year 18 months before, but I am looking forward to having some accountability and some dialogue with Tanya and the other gals.

Creative/Relational: Last year I joined a tap class, and that was fun, but it didn't open the relational doors that I hoped it would. I am fairly sure that was because we were too busy concentrating and feel self-conscious about getting the steps right to actually look each other in the eye and make a friend.

This year I am considering a knitting class at my local library, or something creative that lends to more interaction with others.

Personal: Finally, one of the things that I really want to focus on this year is not to allow culture to dictate and influence my perception of beauty.

God has created each of us uniquely, and He is happy with what he has perfectly created.

How sad it must be to Him when he sees how critical we are; when we compare ourselves with others; when we don't appreciate the gifts, and talents, and bodies, and lives he has given to us.

I saw this design of "beautiful" on a t-shirt at the True Campaign store. They didn't have any in stock when I wanted to order one, so I embroidered/knitted the one in the picture above. I plan to frame it in my office; a reminder that to "Be you" is the most beautiful (and God honoring) part of beauty.

Its my creative interpretation of the Psam 139:13-16 and Psalm 45:11--

Psalm 139:13-16

For you created my inmost being;
       you knit me together in my mother's womb I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you

       when I was made in the secret place.

       When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
your eyes saw my unformed body.
 All the days ordained for me

       were written in your book

       before one of them came to be.

Psalm 45:11 -
The King is enthralled with your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.

I want you to know that this, above all things, is a daily battle for me. There are days the war is full scale combat, and on others the white flag is raised. I know I'm not alone. I also know that we fight the good fight knowing that in Christ, the battle is already won.

So those are my goals for 2010.

If you would like to join the Read with Me gang. Follow this link to Tanya's site and let her know! Its certainly is not to late to join and the bible schedule we are reading is NOT DIFFICULT or even gives you five days a month to catch up if needed. You can do it!

Happy New Year!