Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful: The Story of One Earring

Last week I had a ministry meeting with my friends, K2 and LR.

As we were discussing the details of our new semester of Ladies Bible Study, LR's blue earring fell out of her left ear.

While she was putting it back in, I noticed that her other ear was nekkid as well. I said, "Oh! You lost the other one too."

She said something to me I never expected: I only have one ear pierced.

Upon further inspection I realized it was true.

Her right earlobe was completely devoid of the puncture of piercing.

She told the story of being a teenager with a desire for adornment, but a serious lack of funds held her back.

She did have a sweet friend, who had a little cash and a willingness to help a girl in need.

They headed for the mall, with just enough coin for the job.

Upon piercing of the left ear, her friend realized that the posted piercing price was actually per ear, and unfortunately, LR's friend was now tapped.

Embarrassed and apologetic, her friend offered to bring LR back to the store after the next pay day, to complete the matched set.

However, as often happens with time and money, the days marched on and they never went back for that second ear.

And here she sat with me at a tiny table in the corner of Starbucks...and my mind began to turn.

Before I had the chance to respond, she said "Here's the fun part-- I have the most beautiful earrings, because for years now whenever a friend or those who know this story lose an earring, they give me the lonely one. You wouldn't believe how many really nice earrings I have."

I can tell you, she wears them proudly.

And Beautifully.

I love her attitude. Her heart. Her willingness to see the bright side of an uncommon situation.

She's not willing to conform to what might be deemed a "normal" standard (if you can call having matched ear piercing normal).

I didn't ask if she ever plans on getting her right ear pierced. I got the feeling she's not planning it anytime soon.

As this point in LR's life her piercing decisions are not limited by funds, but my hunch is that she isn't willing to pay the high price of what a second earring might cost-- such as conversations missed. Or the opportunity to tell a good story and to laugh with someone else.

Why do I think this story is beautiful?

Because LR is beautiful. Outside and in. With or without her one pierced ear.

But more importantly, LR is willing to walk the "be you" of beauty, and when a gal is willing to be herself, that encourages others to do the same.

And that is beautiful.

What matters is not the outer appearance...the jewelry you wear...but your inner disposition.
1 Peter 3: 3 (MSG)

This year I have decided to keep my  eyes and heart open to seeing beauty in a way that is counter-cultural and God honoring. When I see it, I hope to write about it. This is the first post...for more info on why I've chosen to do this go to this post.


Elizabeth said...

That IS beautiful, and fascinating, and lovely. I have to admit, the OCD in me would have a hard time having only one ear pierced, but you're so right about the opportunities it creates for your friend and those around her.

It's always the things that are different about us that make us beautiful, I think.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love it - what a great story.

p.s. the link at the end of your post isn't connected :-)

Gretchen said...

Wow! What a fantastic story, Kellie! What an object lesson for our daughters, too. Be u tiful, indeed.

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful story!! Thanks for passing along another side of beauty :-)

whimzie said...

Being okay with things the way they are....that is beauty....and an area I struggle. It's hard to put away the picture of perfection and "what should be" that I keep at the forefront of my brain. But it's an unattainable goal because it's a picture that's always changing.

I'm going to love these posts.

Rachel said...

A great story...thanks for sharing this morning. Happy Monday! :)

Deena said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Wow. Okay, I have to tell you why I think this story is beautiful but first I have to tell you that my Mother in Law has only one ear pierced, too! She wears only one earring all the time! I've always thought it was so odd, but the way she wears her hair you really never notice. Honestly, I am not sure why she only has one ear pierced - she will not share a reason but it works for her.

My MIL is a woman with a very unique sense of who she is. It reminds me of your friend - she just is comfortable being herself. Not something everyone can be but a good lesson to reflect on for sure.

Amber said...

That is amazing.

What a precious story. I'm so glad that you shared it.

mimi said...

That was a really unique and inspiring story....what a neat women she is.

I struggle with not wanting to stand out...wanting to blend in. That story encourages me to break free from that :)

Candace Chaney said...

I love this and I'm excited for more future coffee gal beauty posts! Glad we're on this journey together, my friend. :)

Michele said...

Wow Kellie, what a special friend you have! I love her story and I'm so glad you shared!

Tiffani said...

Truly. Beautiful.

New Every Morning said...

What a NEAT story! So much to learn from her...

Weeksie50 said...

your right..
Beautiful. TFS.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing this neat story!

His Girl said...

you have such a gift of finding beauty in others... thanks for passing it on to us...

very, very inspirational :)

lisasmith said...

i love the be u in beautiful!!
can't wait to get to know beautiful you better on this Daniel Safari!!

Amy said...

I love the story and echo the other comments. Really, though, what establishment advertises ear piercing pricing BY THE EAR??? I'm assuming that this was a number of years ago.

C D said...

Thank you for sharing... nothing unusual or particularly perceptive to say -- it has been said already. So I'll just say what a great story and I'm so glad you blogged about it!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Loving who you are--especially loving your unbalaced self is BEAUTIFUL! My eyes are a little leaky right now. I wish for LR's confidence in my own life.