Thursday, January 21, 2010

La Vida Lunch

Wanna join me for a bloggers lunch today?

This is what I'm serving:

That would be a chicken salad and homemade wheat bread, fresh from the oven.

I'm sipping a piping-hot cup of blueberry-green tea...with a splash of honey.


Glad you asked.

I haven't been talking about it here on the net, but {{looking over my shoulders}} I'm trying to cut back on caffeine.

I've been feeling run down, and tired, and just a little "off". At first I thought it was sugar. Cuz sometimes if I get crazy with sugar consumption it can make me feel super tired and run-down.

But it wasn't that.

The truth is that its cold outside and I like be warm. Drinking coffee is such a warm, wonderful, thing.

Anyway, instead of drinking coffee all morning, then again with my lunch, and yet again with my afternoon snack (yes, I snack like a toddler in the afternoon) I decided to try to drink other hot beverages.

My first hot beverage of choice was to pull out the amazing recipe my dear friend Tracy sent me at Christmas. (Hi Tracy, my best friend from high school!) Its hot chocolate with some butterscotch schnapps and whipped cream added for a  delightful afternoon warmth.

Obviously, being a light-weight I wouldn't want to risk getting schnockered in the middle of the afternoon wasting all those calories just to keep warm, so I have been trying to drink herbal or green teas (along with decaf).

Once I got over the initial lack-of-caffeine period (I hate to use the word withdrawal since it has that whole "addiction" connotation) I'm feeling a lot better!

Ok, this is not where I intended this post to go....let's steer this ship around.

How's your lunch....more bread?

Its a rainy day here in the Carolina's and my part of school is finished.

Along with teaching I made the kids Sweet Biscuits for breakfast, and bread for lunch.

I have made my bed, and straightened the living room.

I washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry, with two more whirring as we type.

I've helped the kids get their chores done for the day, including the dishes, the sweeping of the kitchen floors and the vacuuming of the school room and the upstairs.

I am seriously considering cleaning the master bathroom, although the cleaning schedule says it doesn't need to be done until tomorrow.

Do you know why I am so very productive today?

I'm procrastinating. Big time.

My new shelves are painted and ready. And while the rest of the house is fairly tidy, my office has been neglected. To say the least.

I must organize and clean all of this....

Before I can get to this:

It's in moments like these when I wish I could twitch my nose like Tabitha and make everything magically go in place.

All right, my lunch is gone and since I have managed to encourage mid-afternoon drinking and witchcraft all in one post...I should probably sign off...

Can we blame it on a lack of caffeine?


Lindsay said...

Your lunch looks delicious! Tomorrow is grocery day. I can't wait I am out of all my fresh veggies.. and that is totally what I am craving! Great job on cutting back on the coffee! Glad there weren't any withdraws ;-)

Rachel said...

One of my FAVORITE things to eat (from a restaurant) is the Salad Basket Sandwich at Hot Point Cafe, at North Hills. It is sooooo yummy, but it costs 10 big ones, which is a bit too high for me to shell out frequently. So, today I made my own at home! It wasn't quite as flavorful as the real one, but a good imitation none the less, which satisfied the craving. Cause I'm all about saving money these days! Your salad looks pretty good too! Hope it was delish!

Elizabeth said...

Your lunch makes my lunch look pretty lame. I'll be over in a bit!

Surely you're still having your coffee in the morning?!

What are sweet biscuits? They are calling my name.

Kellie said...

Oh Sweet Elizabeth,

Rest assured, I still consume what amounts to 32 oz of coffee before my breakfast.

I couldn't give it up entirely. I mean that would just be ridiculous! ;)

Kristin said...

Hmm, you've still got me beat today on productiveness! I managed to wash dishes, shower, bathe the boy, and go out for a sushi lunch with a friend! The unfolded laundry upstairs is shouting out to me...doesn't seem like much fun a this cold rainy day! Hope we can catch up soon!

The Lord Family said...

Lunch today was rather uninspiring. I tried out the "Alton Brown Power Smoothie." And while it was good, it was, well...a smoothie. Sigh. I'm trying to eat a little more fresh (and I mean in the not in a box way, not the sassy way). But a smoothie can be rather unfulfilling. Tonight is Chicken Orzo pasta salad. I'm looking forward to that.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yes, I want to have lunch with you.

And wow, at the decrease in caffeine consumption. I had three coffee dates yesterday morning and I was literally TWITCHING (just not my nose, like Tabitha) by lunchtime. It kinda scared me. Proud of you, though!!!

Rebecca Marchbanks said...

Love it! You inspired me to make egg salad sandwiches...(I was out of chicken). I too am trying to drink less coffee throughout the day but the fact that I got a new french press from the Mister is not making it any easier. It's the homeschooling! It makes us NEED coffee. :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

You are just too funny, Kellie! Your lunch looked divine!

I cannot believe how much you go done today. Makes me tired. Love the new shelf!!! Can't wait to see the finished office. ;)

Tiffani said...

ohmygoodness, I'm coming for lunch but we are NOT leaving out the butterscotch schnapps!!!! ;)


OK, Mrs. La Vida No Mayo...what does your chicken salad consist of?!

I have a lot of organizing to do myself..along with dusting, straightening, folding and so on...

Your lunch looks delish, btw!!

Megan O. said...

Man, you've accomplished a lot in one day and on LESS caffeine! I'm impressed.

JVS said...

Hey, so not sure you can do it with decaf, but have you tried cafe con leche?

Candace Chaney said...

I seriously wish I could have come over for lunch today.

And butterscotch schnapps sounds so warm and tingly and good.


Carpool Queen said...

As long as you keep a K-cup handy for me when I visit, all is well.

I had a sandwich for lunch, too. Chicken and Asiago on wheat bread. I was trying to recreate Panera's version, but sadly, missed it entirely.

Laura said...

Isn't it funny how it's easier to clean the whole house then tackle a room/closet that needs it the most...I totally get that!

Also, love that little chair in your craft room LOL....

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hm... Butterscotch schnapps in hot chocolate? Really? I might have to try some of that.

It's horribly chilly here in Tucson... you know, with our blizzard/tornado warning and all...

Gretchen said...

Hmph. Even your procrastination is productive.

I'll over-look it.

Thanks for the lunch, my less-than-she-wants-but-still-Coffee-Gal.

And that craft explosion? Mirrored in my office/scrap-quiltland in WA.

I'll get to it.


Cathy said...

It's such a shame we don't live closer, because I'm certain we could be great friends....

Butterscotch Scnapps drinking procrastinaters UNITE!!

Anonymous said...

I want to eat lunch with you!!!!

I'm with Gretchen. I wish I accomplished as much on my procrastination days.