Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'll Take "Random" For $1.50

Its lunchtime. Thought I would eat and type.

In anticipation of this frigid weather I bought Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup in bulk at my local Buy It In Bulk store.

Typically the bulk combo is Chicken Noodle/Beef Stew combo, which I have bought although I am not a fan of the Beef Stew. This time I noticed they had the Tuscany Chicken/Chicken Vegetable with High Fiber, combo pack.

I was a bit skeptical.

Or maybe I should say: i was little concerned with how they made it "high fiber". I don't enjoy Metamucil in my soup.

I threw caution to the wind and bought it.

Afterall, Metamucil Soup seemed a far better option than four cans of Beef Stew taking up space in my pantry.

Turns out, its good.

The fiber culprit?

White beans.

I can live with that.

On another topic....

I have a cold weather piece of advice for you:

Don't get up and start two loads of laundry, and decide to do the first cycles in warm water (even though you nearly ALWAYS wash everything in cold).....because after you work out and get all sweaty (but before breakfast with the kiddos) you may want a shower.

A hot shower.

On a very brisk morn.

And the hot water heater may not actually be able to keep up with all your productiveness.

In other news...

We studied about the Fourth Dimension this morning in school: Time.

If you want some serious laughter, come on over around 11:30p. That's when we close the Grammer/Lang. Arts books and open the science texts. Its in this part of my day when I learn about wormholes, and buckyballs, and nanoassemblers.

This artsy-crafty, right-brained gal is quite comical when teaching concepts like the spacetime continuum and the theories of Einstein.

When my children ask me questions I give them two answers: 1. Look it up. or, 2. Ask your Dad when he gets home.

The best part about Science?

Its right before lunch. I'm learning a lot.

Last but not least....

I've really been thinking a lot about my news years resolution regarding beauty.

If you haven't yet read my New Years resolution post. I invite you to click here.

I'm working on a post for Monday. Without giving too many details, I've decided that when i see beauty in a way that is counter-cultural and God honoring, I'm going to write about it. It may not be once a week...or have any rhyme or reason to it, but when I see it, I want to appreciate it!

All right, lunch is over, thanks for sharing it with I have to go fold the laundry that stole my shower.


Anonymous said...

I like random.

That soup sounds good.

That science sounds like it would make my head hurt. (By the way, did I tell you there's a reallyl good chance I'm homeschooling again next year? HELP ME, OBI WAN KEKELLIE!!)

I can't wait to read your beauty posts. You're always so passionate about that subject.

Rebecca Marchbanks said...

That's funny...I say the exact same thing to my 10 year old when we do science.

Also, the Progresso tomato soup with high fiber is pretty good... :)

Carpool Queen said...

White beans in soup are my favorite kind- I do not care for canned beef stew.

It makes me twitchy.

I've started showering at the gym. It takes longer to run out their hot water than it does mine.

Amber said...

Look it up.
Ask your dad.

The two things that are the keys to surviving homeschooling.

Can't wait for your beauty posts.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hmmm... I might have to try the soup. Normally, I don't like canned soup, but I am too lazy to make my own. So unless my glorious neighbor brings some homemade soup over to me, I'm soupless.


O Mom said...

eewww Science. The one big downside to homeschoolng! :)

His Girl said...

so fun to lunch with you, friend.

will brave up to try the soup... pretending there are no beans. *shudder*

Gretchen said...

This was all kinds of good, and I didn't find it random at all. Perhaps it wasn't or we think the same. Or whatever.

Lurve to hear your beauty ideas. You're one of the most elegant women I know.

Unfortunately, especially in the realm of math, I'm using a lot of "ask your dad" passes lately.

If you haven't read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle, you might like it (based on your science).

Such The Spot said...

Metamucil soup? Yum. Thanks for *that*. I'll never be able to stomach canned soup again. :)

Anonymous said...

hehe I would love to sit in on a little science class with you. It was always my 2nd favorite.. right behind math.. I'm serious.. stop laughing ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I'll make you a deal: You come teach me and my kids arts and crafts and I'll teach yours Science. This left-brained girl needs to think outside the box!

Sometimes productivity bites us in the rear, huh? I totally understand!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love random posts.

Wish I could have a bowl of soup with you...

C D said...

RE: Buckyballs

Dr. Don Huffman goes to my church... read about what he did with/for Buckyballs ;-)

I love when a Godly man does amazing science! :D