Thursday, May 08, 2008

Meet May

Can you see her? This is May, my sweet little hatchling. I have been watching that nest for so long!

I love her already. If you can't see her clearly, it's because it has been very hard to get a good shot when the nest sits in a space that is only 6 inches high, and the nest is quite deep.  Plus I don't want to scare Momma away.  Anyway, in the picture you can see May's triangular yellow/orangey beak, two little black feather spots where the eyes would be, and a little bit of her downy head. Isn't she so cute?

Do you want to know what is even more exciting?

She has a brother that is still waiting to hatch.

I have already decided to name the brother June. Since he seems to be taking his sweet time coming out. And also, in honor of June, one of my favorite bloggers, who loves birds and nests, and animals, more than I do.

I like animals, but my love for this bird is not because of her species. It's because I am a lover of babies.  I love babies (of all kinds) the most. 

I am including this last picture even though it is very hard to see May. Her little pink, fuzzy body is there. I am posting this one because I am amazed at the industriousness of the little feathered Momma.

While I was yelling at my kids, several months ago, for leaving their popsicles sticks laying on the table outside, she didn't see it as a problem, but as a solution.

She used what was available to her, and turned it into something beautiful. There is a lesson in there. I am sure of it.

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meh said...

She looks JUST like YOU!! She is so cute!!! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, little baby birds are so sweet!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How sweet! What do your kids think of your new addition??

Unknown said...

They think she is so cute. Especially when she is raising her little wobbly head to get food.

HOenstly, I can't watch Momma feed for very long.

I get queasy. And very grateful that I could breastfeed when my babes were hatched!

Anonymous said...

I am so honored!! Thank you!

I can see May's cute little beak and head and I just want to kiss it up!

Congratulations on your new addition, and do let me know when my namesake arrives.

Isn't this exciting?!?

Anonymous said...

So much fun. I was equally excited when some baby birds hatched in their nest. And in the same way as the Popsicle sticks, that mama bird was very resourceful with our old Christmas tree still hanging out in our backyard. :)

The Buntens said...

Congratulations! She is just precious.
I love the popsicle stick part of the story, too.
Very very sweet!

jen said...

Oh, they're just too cute! We've been busy watching our own little babies in our back yards; I'll be posting our pictures later this week!

I love the names you picked to! :)