Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The More You Have, The More You Have....

The more you have to have to take care of the things you have...

I sing this little song from Jungle Jams when I am tempted to buy things that will clutter up my home. Especially since we are a moving military family.  Moving is hard enough when you don't have lots of stuff.

Still, even with that "livin' light" attitude, how is it we manage to accumulate so much junk?

On Memorial Day the kids and I cleaned out their bedrooms in preparation for the summer. 

I do this cleaning purge twice a year: usually in November, in preparation for new toys that always come at Christmas; and the first week of summer vacation, in preparation for the summer and having a relaxing, clean place to play.

This Monday, I was perplexed.

If you have been reading for awhile you'll know that we moved from NC in March of 2007. We knew that we were leaving a significantly larger east coast home to a slightly smaller desert dwelling. So we got rid of LOTS of stuff.  But it wasn't nearly enough.

When we finally bought this house last June, and our household goods were delivered, we realized that we still needed to get rid of furniture and junk.  So we did.

In November I did my deep cleaning and purging-of-all-things-unused-and un-useful. Toys, clothes, furniture, name it, I got rid of it. 

The people at Salvation Army know me by name.

I may have mentioned a time or two how I really don't like clutter. So this getting rid of stuff really makes me swoon.  It gives me little "getting rid of the junk" endorphins that are almost as powerful as the endorphins I get from running... or coffee.

But I digress...

I knew the kids rooms were a mess, but I didn't think that we would be getting rid of as much stuff we did. After all, in the last year I have cleaned out twice already.

Not only did we get rid of FIVE bags of trash (tall kitchen garbage bags), but we bagged four bags of toys and clothes to give away.

How in the world did we collect all this stuff? 

Speaking of more stuff...

The Mister and I did a little shopping over the holiday weekend and our goods should arrive today.  

After 13 years (and two used couches,) we bought a sofa and love seat. Brand NEW! Like from a real! live! furniture store.  We have been looking for a set for a long time and found something we both liked. I can't wait for it to arrive!

I'll post a picture later on when they arrive.

Until then I think I will sign off and see what else I can gather before the Salvation Army truck arrives.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Girl, we are cut from the same cloth. I've been cleaning/purging this week too! I like to start summer with things in it helps my kids keep their rooms cleaned up if they start clean!

Congrats on buying new furniture! You'll have to post some pics soon!

Off to finish up my morning tasks!

Beth said...

Your post inspires me to clean out and purge our home, too--my "picking up" of our house often consists of moving things from one room to another. . . said...

I wonder if it's the time of year...I've currently got four garbage bags of "stuff" behind my couch to take to salvation army.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. We seem to fill up whatever space we have. I feel like I'm constantly purging stuff and never finished! Good for you to stay on top of it!