Friday, May 02, 2008

Notes to Self: A Pictorial

1. You have an empty cupboard. Food and necessity items will not just magically appear. Things are getting critical. This is the last roll of toilet paper in the entire house. Move directly to Target, Do not pass Go. 2. The Mister keeps forgetting to take these Cream Cheese Brownies to work. Find a happy home for them. If not, proceed to #3.

3. Extra Brownies = Extra mileage.  

4. Towels that are thrown into the laundry basket stink. Remind children to hang them before they hamper them. 

5. Stealing never pays. You stole this (with permission) from your Mother's home. You brought it into your kitchen, and although you had just used it the day before the theft, it is now broken. Dead. Finis. Completely refuses to brew.  Add new tea machine to your Target list.

6. You must mail this to Kim TODAY, without fail.  I know you were trying to complete #7 (and several other mailable projects) to make one big trip to the post office, but it isn't going to happen. (I am mailing it today Kim, I promise!)

7. For goodness sake hurry up and get this monogramming done. These kids aren't going to be babes forever!

8. Empty this, and fill it up again.  Wait three hours. Repeat.

9. Last, but not least, please clean this out. Something in there has died. 

10. Work hard today, tomorrow, as a reward,  you get to spend some time in the salon getting those roots done and having a moment to sit down!

Happy Friday!

La Vida Dulce!


Mom2fur said...

Boy, do I ever need a reminder list like that! (BTW, can you freeze the brownies?)
Thanks for visiting my blog. The package really was nice!

Becky in East Texas said...

Loved the pictorial! Have a great day at the salon tomorrow and a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Chel said...

Um, you could send the brownies to us. We'd eat them in a heartbeat.

I love to go to the salon and get my hair colored. It's the most relaxed I get every six weeks.

meh said...

You are so funny, Kellie!! By the way, I had my own scare with your #1 item this week also. I am amazed at how quickly a Costco size package of t.t. can go in my family.

If you are wondering if you just caught me in a type O, you didn't. If you are curious about why I am calling it t.t., the answer is on my blog (Biding My Time) today.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know what I was going to read when I saw that picture at the top; I was frightened momentarily. :)

That's quite a to-do list you've got there. There goes any hope of lazing away the weekend.

Enjoy it anyway.

Megan O. said...

Hi Kellie-
Just catching up on your last few posts. Boy I didn't realize how addicted I was to reading blogs until I've been without internet for the last couple of days. While I was reading your posts, I really felt like I've missed you these last few days. Sounds like you've been busy and I hope you have a great time relaxing at the salon tomorrow. I'm jealous--my roots are grown out to my ears, I'm getting desperate! :)

Kim said...

Wish I could actually have the time to do a list like that. But then again if I did do a list like that and actually posted it I would feel as though I had to get everything on the list done. No guilt! :)

Don't worry about it....I'll appreciate it when it gets here! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, how many of those things could you have completed in the time it took to take all those pictures and write this post? :)

Thanks for taking one for the team. I loved the post!