Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decorating, Served Enchilada Style

Here is the fruit of my scrapped material.  

Listen, if you are not the least bit crafty, but you really want to be, this is the craft for you!  It was super easy and although the Nester said it took a lot of time, it wasn't as much as I thought it would be.  

I am the Queen of Finished Product. I like me a project that you can do in one afternoon. That's probably why I like to make aprons and pillows and things of that nature, because you canget started, get finished, and get on with your life.  It's instant gratification, crafting style!  

Would you believe that patience it not really one of my gifts? 

I digress...

This is the Ragamuffin Garland I made, inspired by Nester. If you haven't read her blog, go do it. Today. Your home will never be the same! 

When I hung the garland this morning I asked The Girl if I could move her art work (drawn in her own hand of her two favorite things: The Eiffel Tower and her friends) in hopes that I might hang my work of art in that coveted wall space above the bed.

I was denied. 

Kids are so funny. Who knew they would grow up and have opinions?  If I was a good mother I should have squashed that "You have a mind of your own, so use it" theory.  Teaching our kids to think?  Who thought that up?

She did say I could put the garland below her pictures. So I took it. Before she changed her mind. 

Speaking of kids, and things you never thought you would hear them say...we were speaking of that weren't we?

Last night I was making dinner and the kids were sitting contentedly and discussing the beauty of a quiet and peaceful home wrestling (which is far from quiet, and requires the furniture in my family room to be pushed to the corners.)

I am not sure what they were playing, but there were mock karate punches and light sabers and lots of action as they were jumping over couch cushions and yelling out commands.

Every once in awhile there would be a pause in the play as they discussed what was to come next in the game.  Imagine my shock when I heard The Girl say to The Boy, "But you said yesterday that I could be the Evil Burrito!"

Many things can be said about my children, but lack of imagination is not one of them.

Although, I have to say...I have met an evil burrito more than once in my lifetime.  And let me tell you, it's best to avoid them. 


Becky in East Texas said...

That's adorable! I love the pink and green. Now, if I only had some scraps!

Megan O. said...

That looks so cute!! I love it above her bed. And I love the evil burrito story. That's one to write down and remember.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love your garland.

And yes, kids come up with the cutest, most imaginative stuff. I love it!

meh said...

Very nice job on the swag thingy! It looks perfect below her beautiful art.

Occasionally, one of our tranquil kids will become angry. Shocking, isn't it? And then we do what we probably shouldn't, yet do anyways. We call them our Angry Taco. Perhaps someday we could get your evil burritos together with our angry tacos!!

The Buntens said...

Evil Burrito! That is awesome.

I love the garland. I need to head over to the Nester. I love her blog so much.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the Evil Burrito versus the Angry Taco. That's definitely one for YouTube!