Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Picked a Bad Week To Quit...

Do you remember that line in those really bad Airplane movies of the 70's when the flight operator would say "I picked a really bad week to stop sniffin' glue." ?

Well, I picked the wrong week to stop drinking Diet Coke.

Those of you who know me IRL (i feel like I say that in every post), know that I have had a small Diet Coke habit. There was a day, a few years back, when my daily bread consisted of a pot of coffee for breakfast, and Diet Cokes all afternoon. 

I have quit the Diet Coke habit three times in my life: both times I was pregnant, and three years ago when I started having anxiety attacks during random moments in my life. 

One afternoon I had a panic attack right after I had had a couple Diet Coke's, and afterward I didn't want them anymore. Kind of like when you get sick with the stomach flu after you eat something, and it ruins that last thing you ingested, for life.

Well, sometime last summer I got back on my diet drink bandwagon. I switched to Pepsi Jazz (which is delicious, and coming from a die hard Coke product girl, that's saying something). 

But, a couple months ago I went into my local grocery store and their wasn't any Jazz to be found. So I picked up a case of Diet Cherry Coke and now I am hooked. Again.

So, this week, I am chain drinking Tazo Passion Tea (which is what they brew at Starbucks, but can be purchased by the box at health food stores and Target).  

I just realized that this is not a calorie free beverage, which sort of irritates me since  it is not my preference to drink my calories when there are hot fudge sundaes to enjoy...but I digress.

Anyway, Today I went as a chaperone to a ranch with the second grade. As in 150 eight year olds, in spring, at the end of the year, on a bus.  I really hate to ride the bus. It's hot, and bumpy and so very noisy.  I always forget how much I like quiet, until I ride a school bus with 150 children. 

I have said it before. I will say it again: If you are a teacher or a bus driver, you deserve a pay raise and a trip to the islands, because your job? It is hard. But you already know that.

All I could think about on the return bus ride was how I would just love to go home and slam down a cold, Diet Coke. Then chase it down with another. 

Good Times....

Do want to know the sad part? It's not even been 48 hours. 

On Tuesday, my parents called me and said that they were in the neighborhood and wanted to take me to lunch. I hopped in the car and was at the restaurant drinking a Diet Coke within 5 minutes, and didn't even realize what I had done until last night when I laid my weary body on the bed and thought to myself, "Why am I so dang-nab tired all the time?"

Which is why I am cutting out the fake sugar. I feel bone tired by 7:30 each night and there isn't any reason for it. I'm just curious to see if fake sugar is the culprit. (Not to mention that I have only had one panic attack in the 14 months! Which should be motivation enough to lay off the fake sugar/caffeine laden soda products!)

So there you have it. I have had a full day and I can't even get my fix.  

Oh, my goodness, i need help!  ;)

La Vida Dulce!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yay for wanting to quit! The first few days are the worst...but YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Hey, I picked up some Passion tea tonight at my natural grocery story. It was $3.45 box. Is that good?

Anyway, as soon as it warms up here, I'm going to brew some.

So, how many calories does it have? I was expecting -0- too! :(

Anonymous said...

I don't drink caffeine or soda and I too am bone tired by 7:30. Maybe it's something in the water. :)

Oh, and you keep on keepin' on. Pretty soon you'll be saying, "Diet What?"

Becky said...

OMG so I am not the only one out there that has a difficult time breaking addictions At least I lasted longr that 2 days you silly girl ....u must check your week before you embark on such an adventure I am afraid a bus trip with 150 8 yr olds would cause me to do worse than diet coke.............

Blue Skies said...

I've never had a taste for diet coke.....but could the fact that you get up at 5 AM have anything to do with why you are tired at 7:30 PM?!! I'm trying your 5 AM habit this week and have only been successful ONE day!!! Next week is a new week though.........

Chel said...

No offense, hon, but it's not the Diet Cokes that are making you tired. It's grown-up life. It's being a mom. Did you look at your to-do list from today? Craaaazy. Do you honestly have any grown-up mom friends who aren't worn out? I don't.

And I'm pretty sure I'd say that even if I wasn't completely addicted to the DC myself.

C D said...

Blue Skies hit it... bone tired at 7:30 because that is a 14 hour day running at pretty much full speed ahead.

himself is giving up smoking as we speak... came home Wednesday night and he told me.

A fine time for the van to try and get stolen... eh? I'll post the story soon -- way busy at TGC.