Saturday, May 17, 2008

For Lillian

Dear Lillian,

Chances are you don't read my blog, but there's something I want you to know.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Giveaway

You see, I have this little hobby called: Making Stuff, and Giving It Away.

And it's not been limited to the internet. I have done this for a very long time...making things and giving it away. The internet has just opened up my Giving Away options.

I have had many people tell me that I should sell these things.  And I gave it a real good try (actually, I didn't try all THAT hard). But in the end, my heart is not shaped in that way.  Instead I have slowly given away pieces after peice.  

Anyway, I had 130 comments from those who wanted my apron, but none got my attention more than this one from Suzanne:

If I win this, I intend to re-gift it. But with purpose. I have a set of 3 beautiful (boring) Chef's apron that my neighbor looks at while they dry on my clothesline.

She's 90 and she says that she wished she hadn't wasted years in boring aprons. She said she wished she'd had one that made her feel sassy and fun.

So if I win, you're going to knock the socks off my 90 year old neighbor.


I really wanted Suzanne to win this apron for you. I don't know her, but she clearly has a givers heart. 

I was faced with a dilemma. Suzanne and I had an opportunity to grant a could we not find a way to make it work?

However, I also wanted to be fair to those who had entered and expected the drawing to be random.  In the end, I knew the only way to get you an apron is if I made one specifically.

Made with you in mind.

I emailed Suzanne, and she sent me a little info, and when I found out your name was Lillian, I knew that God's providence was at hand. 

You see, my name's Lillian too. My middle name, given to me in honor of my maternal grandmother Maude Lillian, who turned 90 yesterday.

I have always loved the name Lillian. So feminine. So sweet. 

Maybe, just maybe, a bit sassy too?

What a pleasure it is (along with Suzanne!) to give you this apron. 

With love,



SB said...

that is so achingly beautiful. I am in tears now. Lillian is going to LOVE it. I will TRY to get a picture of her in it, but she's 90 and she can still sass like no one's business. I have a zoom lens so I'll catch her in the yard, sporting it soon.

Thank you for being SO amazing and generous. Love you for it.

Kelli said...

That is the sweetest thing! Women in their 80-90's are the best! They have so much to teach us and they can't help but make you smile.

fortyb4forty said...

How thoughtful and kind of you, its an amazing apron and gift.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Amazing. I hope Lillian loves her beautiful new apron. How could she not? It's lovely.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Kellie, this is BEAUTIFUL! :-) You're darling.

mattie said...

So sweet! I bet Lillian won't look a day over 60 wearing such a gorgeous apron.

Anonymous said...

And maybe now she can go by "Lucky Lillian." :)

Beautiful apron Kellie. And a very thoughtful sentiment to boot.

Leslie said...

wow, what a beautiful apron and such a sweet story.

Anonymous said...

I love the story, and the apron is beautiful. Honoring our elders is such a lost idea in our culture. I am so thankful for your example in both this post and the last.

jen said...

Oh, I love the apron...and the reason you made it...and that you are giving her her wish!!! :)

meh said...

Sweet!! And so you!!

Anonymous said...

That is the most touching story! And what a beautiful apron!