Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Of Brownies and Birds

Two weeks ago I bought some cream cheese. Yesterday I decided to make Warm Cream Cheese Brownies from this cookbook. I have made them before, and although the recipe makes an enormous batch, I decided to make them again.

The recipe calls for two batters: the brownie bottom, and the cream cheese top. Unfortunately I didn't realize that I had forgotten to put the butter in the brownie mix until it was already in the oven. Rats!

I also had to make another batch of brownies because the other three brownie eaters in this house are "purists", requiring that nothing get in the way of the chocolate brownie experience. Translation? They hate it when I "mess up" the brownies by adding cream cheese (or nuts, or peppermint patties, etc.). It was to their advantage that I already had 6 tsp of butter cut up, just waiting to be made into brownie goodness.

I remembered to put it in the second, non-cheesy, batch. 

I did manage to use the 5 very ripe bananas sitting on my counter (and making my house smell like a den of gorillas), and made two loaves of banana bread. My parents have company rolling into town today so I will take some of my bread and botched brownies to them.  The brownies are good.  I think the Cream cheese top saved them.

On to other things...

Here is a bird update: She is still there, even though I open the door 1000 times a day to let the dog out. When I grill (3-4 times a week) I try to be very quiet. And you cannot know the restraint I have held, since I am dying to try to get closer to see her eggs.  But I have heeded the warning of a couple of you bird-lovin' readers, and have done a pretty good job at leaving her alone to tend to her eggs!

La Vida Dulce!


Mom2fur said...

Your little bird is so sweet! I hope you are there to see the babies when they first start to fly.

Anonymous said...

okay, lady. I need a recipe from you for the summer foods "cookbook"!

Musings of a Housewife said...

You're a'killin' me with those brownies.

Kim said...

Those brownies looks and sound so good! Wish this computer was "smell-o-vision"! Then again...maybe not.

Love your bird too!

Becky said...

mmmmmmm I am on my way over for brownies you know they are my favorite...We also have a momma birdie her nest is above the door that goes into the study She also gets annoyed when we go in and out and on the weekends that is a lot so she decided to make her fly path(aka poop path) over our drive way hence hitting at least one of our four vehicles each time she flies off. i didn't realize one bird could do so much damage
PS your birdie nest is prettier ours didn't use flowers but she does have cottonwood in it :) It will be a race to see who has baby birdies first

jen said...

Oh, once those babies hatch, go have a good look - have a lot of good looks. She won't leave them then; probably she won't leave them now that the eggs have been sat on a while. Glad your birdie friend is still around.

On the other hand - hand over the brownies. Can't tell you how much I want those...and how much I don't need them! Ug!