Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Going Without

Nothing feels better than appreciating some "thing" when you have had to go without. I am not talking days at the spa or coffee from Starbucks. I am talking about things in life that aren't exactly required but make things a whole lot less stressful.
For instance:

Yesterday we expereinced the 4th paid government holiday that we have had since the Bread Winner went back to active duty. A big change from 18 months ago when he was working like a dog and hadn't had a day off in over a year.

Last week I picked up a prescription and paid $9.oo for a brand name drug that without insurance cost $92.67. Compared to that time when we were waiting to see if the kids fever would go away on it's own or if we were going to have to pay on credit for Urgent Care.

Last month I had my teeth cleaned...with dental insurance. I paid my 20 dollars with such glee that the receptionist probably thought I had had a bit too much nitrous.

Three (or so) years ago I took all of this for granted. But after 18 months without it, I don't feel entitled anymore. I feel grateful.

Yesterday, as we watched our kids swim in the "kiddie" pool, that sweet man of mine and I raised our diet Coke and Mountain Dew in the air and toasted to a good insurance and paid holidays.

They may not seem like a lot, but to us they are a joy.

La Vida Dulce


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Hey, we just got that same pool :)