Friday, May 12, 2006


As I type this I still am shaking my head.

As many of you know I got this amazing job teaching pre-schoolers music in February. There isn't one thing about this 10 hours a week that I don't love. It's a creative outlet with a group of people I am totally comfortable with...and not everyone is within the ages of 18 months and 4 years old!

This last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at the school. Being new, and "just the music teacher", I thought that perhaps a few parent's (mostly staff with kids in the school) would be kind. Not that the non-staff parents aren't's just with most of them I have never even had a conversation...nor would I even know which parent belonged to which kid...all this to say I had no expectations.

The picture above is what I brought home this morning after my last class. So many gifts and notes of appreciation that it took three trips to load it up. I could barely fit it all on to the kitchen table.

The truth is I would do it even with out Teacher Appreciation Week, but today I felt genuinely appreciated... and that is such a treat.



blaw said...

Can I have the M&M's????? (not the yellowones of course)