Tuesday, May 09, 2006

OK! I Give Up!

I really tried to put my foot down. I had moved ahead.

But today I surrendered.

I pulled a sweatshirt out of the winter clothes pile.

I had taken a stand against the cold. I had announced to those within shouting distance that I was officially finished with winter....But it seems winter wasn't finished with me.

So as I type it is 50 degrees outside, with a high only to get in the upper 60's, and I will humbly , yet comfortably, wear my favorite sweatshirt and will allow nature to do it's thing without complaint or whining...cuz quite frankly...it doesn't work.

Although, maybe pulling out the winter items will make summer come sooner!


blaw said...

OK well maybe you could call your Texas friends (unless you have forgotten their numbers) and we could tell you how hot and humid it is here. I just had to crank the air in my office down to 60.(no I don't need another patch) it really is hot here!