Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Poll

I just finished reading a book called What a Girl Wants by Kristin Hillerbeck. This is a book under the new genre of "Chik Lit" and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoy that it is written with a Christian perspective...but without being cheesy.

The story takes place in today's time and the main character is a successful, smart and single female named Ashley who is my age. She also believes in the three C's: Coffee, Chocolate, and Clothes. To which I shout: Amen!

I love that Ashley's just a normal girl trying to make the right choices and sometimes not doing so well...maybe that's why I like her...she's just like me! In this book she realizes that all the things she thought were important aren't the things she wants to be remembered for.

In the book, Ashley has an epiphany, that "success" isn't exactly what she thought it is.

So that is my question for the month.

How would you define "Success" in ten words or less?

Happy writing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Healthy Productive children and grandchildren-
six words that was easy!!
Guess who?

Lara said...

OH THE PRESSURE...I'm still thinking! But after Vegas it could take me a while...I think I left some brain cells in the slot machine!