Saturday, May 13, 2006


It was 11 years today that I tied the knot.

I was told I was the most calm bride they ever saw...little did they know the doctor had me on a low dose of valium. I highly recommend it...because without the anxiety I had the greatest day.

We married on a Saturday evening, the night before Mother's Day. The next Morning my Mom planned a Sunday brunch for all the out of town visitors and the Groom and I opened our gifts...She, doing what Mom's often do, sacrificing her day for her daughter and new son.

I look at our wedding picture and we look like babies. Being only 22 years old, I couldn't even drive the rental car on our had to be 25. Today we have gray hairs...I cover up mine in an attempt to look like I did, and that handsome Groom becomes more distinguished by the day.

Eleven years ago we thought we could never love each other more. Yet with each passing day my heart expands with love for this man...Constantly it stretches...making room for more.

Eleven years ago we were more like the Lion Couple who thought we were the King and Queen of our jungle. Of course we never napped because back then we didn't know how illusive sleep would become.

But the reality is that today we are more like this couple...just happy to have a minute or two to ourselves.

It is a jungle out there...but there isn't another in this world I would rather live life with...

Happy Anniversay my's to decades more!