Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Top Ten: Fave Texas Moments

Other than the company of good friends, lots else happened that either made me very, very happy...or just made me laugh. Here are the Top Ten:

10: Sitting in the jacuzzi and boiling myself under the Texas stars.

9. Sleeping in the most comfortable feather bed.

8. Having a friend in a panic because not one, but two, of her coffee grinders had broken down. (A potential crises when I am in town.)

7. Feeling coffee'd out when I went to a quaint new coffee shop in town...yet feeling very southern when I order iced tea and a lemon square.

6. Drinking more Route 44 Diet Cherry Cokes than one should do in a five day period.

5. Almost peeing in my pants on the way to Dallas.

4. My roomates and I, waking up entirely too early when we had only gone to bed a few hours before, piling together in one bed and talking from the heart...Learning something new. (OK so that''s two for one)

3. Looking around the room at my sweet friends and realizing that time and distance does change somethings...but not really a lot. We can all still talk like we saw each other yesterday.

2. Mexican food...and eating two Hostess Ding Dong Cakes in one day.

And the #1 funny moment of my Texas Vacation;

Having my suitcase exceed the airline weight limit and having to unpack some of my suitcase into a plastic American Airline shopping bag...Apparently 12 packages of tortillas and 2 pounds of coffee are heavier than I thought.