Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Learning Never Ends

Or...Our Idea of "Normal"!

It is with great excitement that I announce that everyone in our little family will again all be in school starting January 2007. The kids at their elementary school, myself teaching music at the day school and that sweet Always Hungry For Knowledge man of mine will officially be in Graduate school...Again.

We received his letter of acceptance to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and with it the knowledge that we are back in the (school) saddle again!

When we met over 13 years ago, he was in school. Then we moved so he could continue to go to school. Then we had a short break where he again, went back to school. So it is only fitting that he should be in school again...Otherwise I might not know what to do with him!

So I have exactly 8 months to have him to myself (and to get him to finish that honey-do list...Hey, I have dreams of my own you know) then it will be back to the late nights of hearing his computer type like crazy and finding heavy books, that could kill a small animal, lying all over his desk. Back to Saturday afternoons of his being behind a closed door studying and me trying hard to not bug him (because he looks so darn cute when he is thinking). Back to a way of life that, for the most part, always seems to work for us.

I guess we could say we will be back to "normal".

La Vida Dulce!