Monday, May 29, 2006

It's The Thought That Counts

One of the great things about having moved all over the country is that you have the opportunity to gather friends.

One friend I cherish is a gal I met while living in South Texas. We'll call her CSG.

She was, and is, a dear friend to me. Although we don't have the opportunity to see or talk to each other very often, we have "marathon" conversations about once a year where we fill each other up on our families in a phone conversation that usually lasts 4 (or so) hours. We always easily pick up our friendship as if no time had passed at all.

Recently she sent me the little gift pictured above. I love it and it now hangs proudly on my computer desk.

However the funniest part is this...She mailed it to me with a note attached entitled: It's the Thought That Counts. She explained that she had bought the gift but the family pet had gotten a hold of it. She had contemplated not sending it since the puppy had definitely left his dental imprint upon the blue caribou feathers.

I loved this story, because CSG is very organized and very thoughtful and very "all together". But one of my favorite parts about her is that on those rare occasions when she isn't "all together" she readily admits it and usually will tell about it with a good (and very funny) story. I laughed out loud as I imagined her reaction to the canine caper.

When I got the pillow in the mail I thought that I would get my glue gun out and fix the bit of feather that had become detached, but then I decided against it. The pillow is fun, but the story that comes with it is priceless and makes it even more valuable. So it stays as it is!

Thank you, CSG! We need some chocolate chip cookie dough and a marathon conversation this summer!