Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dear Mom...

Thank you for sleeping on the couch while holding my hand after I had a nightmare.

Thank you for filling my bedroom FULL of flowers after I had had a particularly bad day.

Thank you for riding the train all the way to San Antonio so I could come home from the hospital with my first baby, and eat my favorite mashed potatoes that you made sure where warm and fresh when we arrived. (Thank you for extending that trip for one more week because I wasn't ready to let you go)

Thank you for paying for guitar lessons when I was old enough to pay for them myself.

Thank you for loving my children as if they lived next door...For being intentional in knowing them.

Thank you for loving my husband as if he were your own.

Thank you for the un-countable boxes of chocolate you have sent me.

Thank you for driving me around town to ballet and auditions and all sorts of things...Thank you for making me learn to drive even though I was content to let you do it.

Thank you for helping me to pursue those things in which I had some talent...I still use those things today.

Thank you for believing me...And believing in me.

Thank you for loving me well.

Happy Mother's Day...

your Kellianne


Anonymous said...

i cant type i am crying
i love you

Lisa said...

I don't know you super well, just basically what Lara tells me about and what I remember the back of your head looking like :) (how we hairdressers remember people). But you are the sweetest lady and what a way with words. I feel like Iknow you so well just from reading your stories. I love them! :)