Friday, May 26, 2006

Opossum Among Us

When I got engaged my parents sat my fiance down and said: You have our blessing but there are three things you ought to know...

1. She will steal your socks, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

2. She's expensive.

3. She is a keeper of all strays. She has brought home everything from kittens to strange Japanese exchange students.

This week we had a baby opossum in our garage and it proved to me that ALL babies are cute...Even when they look like large rats. At first I didn't think it was doing too good...When the Hubby gently reminded me that that's what opossums do: play dead.

The next night however he came back and somehow got back into the garage and managed to make it up the steps to our back garage door. Where he was patiently waiting to be found. We again gently pushed him into the recycle bin and then transported him to the woods across the street from our house.

However there was a slight hesitation on my part, he was afterall, just a baby, and his mother wasn't anywhere to be found. And, with the exception of his baring his razor sharp teeth in one brief moment, he was so cute and fuzzy. When I said this out loud the hubby gave me that "don't even think about it" look.

After 11 years he's gotten very good at it.

So we can add opossum to the ever growing creatures that we share this part of the woods.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that's not a carrot or food next to him??!!!
If I were you I would be looking for his siblings--maybe Mom is in the garage?
Tell my sweet son-in-law to be careful --your also sneaky-maybe food has been left out (stray cats? remember)or dropped Hansel and Gretal style leading him to his new home.

Lara said...

They also carry out Ol' Kona!

Lisa said...

Ok, I would want to take it in too, how cute.