Monday, September 26, 2011


Fourteen years.

Its gone so quickly.

He mentioned once that he'd love a whole box of Twinkies. I never buy them because I am uncertain of what they are made of - they are chemically-engineered for sure. But I bought them... just for him. And quite frankly, I'd've paid big-money to see him smile like that.

Lucky for me, a box of Twinkies cost $2.87, and he's always generous with that grin.

Happy Birthday Fuzila! You are such a fun, compassionate, smart guy. 
I wouldn't want any other boy but you... Happy Birthday!

In between celebrations and soccer games, I had a moment of inspiration... or should I say courage?

I actually finished a quilt that I started six-weeks ago.

My favorite part of quilting (making the top) is smack-dab in the middle of the things I don't like about quilting (cutting fabric and the actual quilting part: sewing the three layers together.)

I was given a free-form quilting attachment for my machine last Christmas. Fear kept me from trying to sew with it. After some internet research (AKA- reading blogs and watchin' YouTube vids... sounds official, doesn't it?) I decided that perhaps I should give free-form quilting a whirl.

I'm hooked! Its like drawing with needle and thread. I was so enamored I ran out of thread before I was finished, but in the end, it was enough. So I finished up, and then decided to do more research on fabric to see what I might start next!

The only snafu with this project is that it is quite small.  As a matter of fact it should be called a mini-quilt. The finished measurements are 37x32 when I hoped it would be 36x54. I always forget my quilt pieces, laid on the floor, will actually be smaller sewn up.  And since I didn't exactly have a recipe that gave me exact-directions and measurements, (not to mention my phobia of math) I made things up as I went along...

All right, must close up for now. Our fall-break begins in just three days! And there is much to be done in between.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to The Boy! Love that grin of his! I love the quilt!