Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Buy the Bag

Maybe it was trying to multi-task while the sugar boiled.

I was talking to my mom.

Maybe its because I added more powdered sugar because the butter was seeping from the dough.

I mean, like completely separating from the sugar.

Maybe its because I should have done exactly as the recipe said: wear disposable gloves to protect hands when rolling dough.

I thought it was too keep my hands from turning orange. Apparently its to keep your hands from 3rd degree burns.

Unfortunately, the dough was boiling hot (and I didn't have gloves in the house not made of worsted weight yarn) I let it cool for about five minutes before rolling, but the cooled dough became crumbly quite quickly.

By the time I got to the stems, which I had to scrounge around for in my sprinkles jar, they wouldn't stay secure in the hardened candy.

Whatever the reason, trying my hand at Homemade Mallow Creams was an epic fail.

Honestly, they tasted OK, they were buttery-salty and super sweet... but the dry milk the recipe called for didn't properly disintegrate, so there were little white chunks of dry-milk in the finished product. Yuck.

Normally I wouldn't give a recipe a one-time-try before giving up, but I can't say they tasted any better than the package you can buy for $2.00/bag. So I am going to save my butter and sugar for another afternoon.


Amy said...

but they are so cute!!!

whimzie said...

I'm with Amy. They sure are cute. And did you make the ones on the right, too? How in the world?!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

They turned out so cute! But I'm heading to the store later and have them on my list so I'll take your advice (and save myself some time and frustration) and pick some up to eat while I marvel at your attempt. May I call you Martha? :)

Gretchen said...

Yes, let's call her Martha. Is there nothing she can't do??? You are my new craft superheroine.